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Capcom Ships 1 Million Copies of Monster Hunter 3

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

High demand wagered for Saturday's Japan release.

Monster Hunter 3 Tri isn't even out yet, but Capcom is already bracing itself for massive sales figures.

So massive, they've already shipped 1 million copies of the game in Japan According to the publisher, that's the highest pre-release shipment for a third-party Wii game in Japan.

Considering the monstrous success of the series in Japan, its black Wii bundle and people already lining up to pick up the latest entry, maybe 1,000,000 copies shipped is conservative?


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This series has always been popular in Japan hasn't it?

I'd like to see it come over here. Its been previewed by UK games magazines. Hopefully that suggests it is actually coming over to the EU (?)



Shantrix said:

Wow this like capcom is really sure of themselves, I hope they actually will sell that number .



Egg_miester said:

i am not shocked with how huge monster hunter is in japan. maybe this will help it get localized for na



Pegasus said:

It's not a matter of if but when we'll see Monster Hunter 3 here in the west. Capcom has already stated that it'll be released here.



wow! I doubt it will sell as much as DQ9 <.< but that's a lot anyhoo..



CanisWolfred said:

I hope it sells well, simply because...well, if they only sell like, 10 units, that'd be a lot of money down the tube.

I might give this one a rent when it comes out in the States. I never liked the Monster Hunters series, but I'll admit, the sloppy controls played a rather part in hindering my enjoyment of them. Who knows, maybe the move to a new console might do this series some good, eh?



Objection said:

Hopefully its anticipated success in Japan will make CAPCOM speed up its release to other regions.



motang said:

Wow...that's a lot of units, hopefully this will come stateside soon.

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