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Brand New Infinite Space Trailer

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Storyline details galore revealed in this newest trailer.

We just got in a brand new official trailer from Sega for their upcoming DS RPG space simulation Infinite Space.

The video is mostly just cutscene footage taken from the game, but it gives a good amount of actual storyline from the localized version of the game.

Below is a snippet from the press release, along with the brand new gameplay trailer showing the game in action.

Infinite Space, a role playing game exclusively for the Nintendo DS™ portable handheld system, takes place in outer space and gives players the ability to control, build, outfit and customize more than 150 spaceships. Infinite Space stretches the DS hardware to the limit, offering over 200 characters and the ability to control multiple spaceships at any one time.

Releasing in 2010 and currently being produced by Atsushi Inaba and directed by Hifumi Kouno (from developer Nude Maker), Infinite Space is one of the most complex RPG titles developed for the DS to date, and shows PlatinumGames commitment to teaming up with the most creative minds in gaming.

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We'll have more information on Infinite Space as it becomes available, as well as a full review of the game when it's released on the Nintendo DS system.


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timp29 said:

Ummm same preview as before. Still not quite anatomically correct either



Odnetnin said:

Yawn... It'll take more than that woman's fashion sense to get me interested in this cliche and poorly acted game, judging from its premier trailer.



FantasiaWHT said:

Does this NOT make any sense to anybody else? Sure, let's just build this random person a ship. And you open up the cockpit of a ship and the first thing you say is "Help me get out of here!" (or whatever it was)? Weird.



Ricardo91 said:

Can we have some gameplay footage now? So far I'm not impressed with the convoluted, terrible script and even more terrible acting. This is even the exact same trailer they posted yesterday!



Corbs said:

Yeah they re-labeled it as a "Trailer" so I put it up. Should have checked to make sure it wasn't the same anime piece from yesterday. I was trying to do too many things at one time.



Wolfcoyote said:

Need to see some gameplay footage before any of us can voice any decent opinion. It IS coming out in 2010 after all. Then again, it is Sega publishing it. Hmm...




it looks OK and the girl is pretty good looking but i think i need to see gameplay before i can really say anything. Although if sega is doing it and they liked it enough in japan to bring here it must be pretty good!



cagool said:

I agree Fantasia. If a girl like that crash-landed a space-ship at my feet I think it would be common courtesy to enquire about any injuries that she may have sustained before I demanded that she take me away.



SiO said:

I was expecting big things from this game but after playing some of the Japanese version it has been a big disappointment.

The biggest letdown was the “Real time” combat; this is reminiscent of Final Fantasy IV DS remake:
1) The game flies you directly towards an opponent’s ship(s) (you can’t strafe, it is on rails and you can only control the speed at which at which time passes/ship travels)
2) Wait for an opponent to get into range.
3) Fire a weapon (If you choose a big weapon it will take you ship longer to reload), like any RPG the weapon can miss or have a big/little effect. Later in the game you can probably put shields up or something like that.
4) Wait for you ship to reload
5) Repeat steps 3-4 until all the opponents are destroyed.



TLOZfreak said:

obviously you idiots hating on the cinematic dont know the difference between excellent production values and cutscenes composed of a couple of artwork shots

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