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Brand New Chronos Twins DX Screenshots

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Check out the upcoming WiiWare title in action!

The good folks over at EnjoyUp just sent us a fresh batch of Chronos Twins DX screenshots for you to enjoy.

The more we see screenshots of the game in action, the more we want to try it out for ourselves. Maybe the wait won't be too much longer. Until then you can check out the ten brand new screenshots below for a taste of what's to come with this WiiWare release.

Chronos Twins DX offers an amazing space-time travel on which our tireless character Nec will find adventure, action, platforms and ingenious time puzzles.

Do you dare to control Nec on two parallel times at the same time?. Coming soon on WiiWare.

We'll have more information on Chronos Twins DX as it becomes available, as well as a full review of the game when it hits the WiiWare service.

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pixelman said:

These are the first shots I've seen! Looks pretty cool, though the levels look a bit barren.



Corbs said:

I believe we had 5 up before, but I took them down and replaced them with these new ones they sent over.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I'm really looking forward to this game but I'm with pixelman on this one: I'm hoping there are a few more enemies because the levels do seem a tad empty in certain areas but maybe these are puzzle-focused than combat-focused areas. Looking forward to hearing a release date on this one.



Objection said:

Looks pretty cool. I, like the others who have posted, hope the platforming is equally mixed with some good ol' action.



Objection said:

@pixelman-A stealth firstie only works if it is still a true, complete sentence. While complete, Corbie seems to have caught you on that "true" part, what with the previous screenshots. Ah, the complicated game of "FIRST."



pixelman said:

"These are the first shots I've seen!"

That's true statement. I haven't seen any other shots.



Objection said:

Ah. I guess I was counting on you having read the previous articles on this game, where you would have seen said screenshots. Very well, you have been conceited this "first." Take heed in the future to be careful with your stealthies.
*Do we have any kind of release date for this game?



Popyman said:

Looks pretty neat. I can't really tell what it is, but the main character(s?) sprite is really cool looking.



Linkuini said:

This sounds like a pretty neat game concept. Man, those fourth and sixth screenshots (left to right, from top left) either have a cool background or an awesome boss. Does anyone know?

Oh, and you guys go ahead and keep overthinking this whole "first post" concept. Meanwhile, I'm gonna devise a way to convince you philosophers that THIS is the first post!



accc said:

I remember anticipating the DS version, too bad it wasn't released in the US. I'll definitely keep an eye out for this one!



guardian42 said:

I heard in the past that the DS version is quite the challenge.
Hopefully, it will stand true here as well!

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