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Beat the Aussies from August 7th!

Posted by Anthony Dickens

No-one takes Cricket more seriously than the English and Australians, decide the outcome of the Ashes with Codemasters Ashes Cricket 2009 set for release on August 7th.

Set to deliver all the drama of the nPower Ashes Series at the five official grounds, Ashes Cricket 2009 will also feature Test matches, One Day Internationals and 20 over games to give a complete recreation of the sport. The high definition editions will feature full online multiplayer, while the Wii edition will have players using the Wii Remote to perform batting and bowling motions in single player or local multiplayer games.

Wii fans in the UK have been asking for a Cricket game for many many years now, the first one is finally here.. but will it live up to expectation?


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Machu said:

No online! Why? That sucks!

Still, really looking forward to this, haven't used my Wii-mote as a cricket bat yet. Bowling will be tough i bet. Come on England, 31-2 have 'em!

Btw I've cricket on one telly, golf on the other, NL on 1 monitor, TMNF on the other. Happy day!



Machu said:

No Hawk-Eye either on the Wii version! Grrr! But you can shine the ball with some waggle, wooh.



skywake said:

this is a game screaming for Wii Motion Plus support.... doubt it will happen in this version but



Corbs said:

I was just saying to my friend the other day, "Man the Wii is just a cricket and stamp collecting game away from being the perfect console!"



timp29 said:

I am suspect at how they will re-enact bowling with the wii-remote. Also, stick cricket is already out on the net...
EDIT: Wiiloveit, england is going to win the second test, and maybe the series. Chin up guvna



BulbasaurusRex said:

Forget cricket. As Raphael said in the first TMNT movie, "You've gotta know what a crumpet is to understand cricket."

What the Wii really needs is a really good hardcore baseball game (the ones that exist don't have that kind of quality), the superior sport that involves swinging a long wooden stick at a ball.



Linkuini said:

Careful there, Bulbasaurus, I wouldn't want to start anything if I were you.

But yeah, I'd be surprised (and kinda nauseated) if the States got a Wii game where cricket was a flippin' minigame.



skywake said:

@Bulbasaurus Rex
You should try crumpets they are pretty awesome. They are basically an edible sponge that you toast and it soaks up whatever you spread on it. Your country is TOTALLY missing out.



Machu said:

Come on the lads. Force that follow-on, wooh!

Gonna spend another day watching that flamin' Ponting sweat!

@skywake: I had marmalade on 1 crumpet this morn, then chocolate spread on the other. Awesome!



Ren said:

I too, am one of the 4 or 5 Americans who loves cricket, and I'd kill for a good cricket game. Too bad it'll never see daylight here, and I'm not enough of a hacker to bother unlocking my Wii.



edofthe209 said:

Okay, this a a question only a dumb yank would ask, but... Is it true that the pitcher (I think bowler in cricket) is allowed to hit the guy holding the bat with the ball? I mean, that gives up a base for baseball, but as I'm clueless on Cricket(other than knowing a cricket bat is fantastic as a zombie killing device) I just was wondering. Seems like a cool sport though.




The Indians take cricket more seriously than anyone!

Anyway, I'd have prefered al cricket game featuring teams from all over the world. A Brian Lara one for instance.

Also, we need a wiimotionplus one surely?!

BTW, why aren't the EU getting Mario Super Sluggers ffs!?

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