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Animal Crossing CD Album Coming Soon

Posted by Jamie Giggs

Available via the European Stars Catalogue in the autumn

Nintendo are releasing a special Animal Crossing CD for the European Stars Catalogue in the Autumn which will feature 39 tracks. As of June fans have been voting for their favorite songs in the series.

As a result 23 tracks have been selected by the fans for the CD. All these tracks feature K.K Slider, the guitar-playing dog in the series. Listed below are the 23 songs chosen by the fans for the fans.

  • K.K. March
  • K.K. Waltz
  • K.K. Jazz
  • K.K. Fusion
  • K.K. Samba
  • K.K. Bossa
  • K.K. Calypso
  • Lucky K.K.
  • K.K. Condor
  • K.K. Rock
  • Rockin' K.K.
  • K.K. Love Song
  • K.K. Technopop
  • DJ K.K.
  • Only Me
  • Surfin' K.K.
  • Go K.K. Rider!
  • K.K. Western
  • K.K. Rockabilly
  • Agent K.K.
  • K.K. Metal
  • K.K. House
  • K.K. Sonata

So how do you like the track line up?


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nagareboshi said:

That whole voting website was messed up. I tried it many times without success. When I was voting for e.g. K.K. Condor, the check mark jumped to another song. They never fixed it until the end.



Machu said:

You could sit him in the corner, put the CD on, and pretend you're in the coffee house enjoying a cup of the world famous Pigeon Blend.



NeoRausch said:

ha cool many of the songs i voted for are in!

how many stars will it be?!?!

@nagareboshi: yup that's true! qite messed up..but i figuered out the pattern still quite a bad programming there for a big company like nintendo.



Incognito_D said:

KK looks absolutely stoned in that picture! (the eyes!)

I guess it fits in with his whole 'guitar strummin' dude' persona

Now we know how he's so chilled out the whole time. I like him even more now



Giggsy said:

@NeoRausch: Not sure of the pricing yet mate, but take into consideration that an Animal Crossing T shirt is 3500 Stars.



Egg_miester said:

i am very jealous of eu players i would love a ac soundtrack. but this is why i hate nintendo of america are club of nintendo been out over a year and no updates but eu/japan ones get new items and have so many great items that it makes me mad



Rapadash6 said:

I wish NOA would add soundtrack albums to their version of Club Nintendo. I mean playing cards and DS cases are nice and all but to me, soundtracks are among the coolest kinds of collectables. I remember back in the N64 days I ordered tons of soundtracks from the Nintendo Power Super Power Supplies catalog. Now my only option is the very pricey auctions on ebay, and I'm tired of paying $30 or more for things people in other countries can get for free. The Platinum Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack was well worth it though.



Swiket said:

@:12: Actually, Club Nintendo has only been out for about seven months in NA.



maka said:

Are these the same "recordings" featured in the game or new ones? BTW, don't complain so much, we haven't gotten the Game&Watch collections yet...



Cthuloops said:

"Nintendo are"? Sorry couldn't tame my Grammar Nazi intuitions.

Anyway, AC is def not my thing. So even if I lived in Europe, I still wouldn't pick this up.



SmaMan said:

I've seen the Japanese version of this album on Play-Asia for a pretty long time. I guess that's all us Americans can do for now.



Outrunner said:

Hmm, by the time this is available I might have finally received my Galaxy CD. Seriously, I ordered it from them a month ago. Does it usually take this long?



Xkhaoz said:

1. I want that
2. WHERE'S STEEP HILL?!?!?!?!?!!?!!?!?!
3. Darn you Europe
4. I wish that Ni9ntendo would have music downloads on their website

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