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A Whole New Meaning To The Term Shovelware

Posted by Damien McFerran

Bet you didn't know your Wiimote could handle such power

What do you get if you mix 15 tonnes of steel, 200 bar of hydraulic pressure and a Wiimote?

The answer: a totally awesome industrial grappler.

The chaps behind these two grapplers - which use a control system written in Python software language - have tinkered around with them so that you can operate them using a Wiimote.

Check out the results:

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antdickens said:

Haha, that's impressive idea, however I'm not 100% convinced they are actually controlling it with the Wiimote I'm sure it's doable though.



Egg_miester said:

i want my wii mote to activate heavy machinery, i'd invite over people i dislike to play my wii then smash them with a busted car or dig a big hole and throw them in it, or outfit my wii with a little gun that would spray acid on someone so much fun i could have



pixelman said:

OMG! It's written in PYTHON! Python is my favorite language ever. These dudes rock!



jangonov said:

I once saw a mechanical arm with a sword attached to it being controlled by a wiimote on youtube. Imagine what wiimotion plus could do!!!



Lady_Gryphon said:

I always thought it was cool that the wiimote used bluetooth so could be hooked up to any bluetooth compatible device.

@opeter - You only need the sensor bar to to use the IR camera on the front of the wiimote not for the motion sensing.



Metang said:

When I saw the title of this news, I thought this was about an incredibly crappy game. Lol.

This looks very interesting.



StarDust4Ever said:

That's ludicrus! I can't see how this could meet industry regulations or pass safety regulations. Sure it's cool and badass, but what happens if he drops the Wiimote, or the batteries fail, or there's some error with the wireless connection? Have they factored in liability? He's swinging that thing around in circles like it's a a discus throw. I'd bet he could throw a car at least a good 500 feet if he released it with that much swing action going on. Oops, I didn't mean to wreck your building

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