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Wii Sports Resort: Now With Online Features!

Posted by James Newton

But don't get your hopes too high...

Let's face it - even if Wii Sports Resort was just a half-baked version of pétanque it'd still sell amazingly well based on the Wii Sports name alone. Still, those of you who are planning to pick this one up for its MotionPlus ability might be interested to know that the game is set to feature WiiConnect24 capabilities.

Browsing the Nintendo Channel and seeking out Wii Sports Resort comes up with the game's fact sheet, and the addition of "works with WiiConnect24". There's no further information, but if the game doesn't feature the ability to download your friends' scores and medals in the background then I'll be a monkey's uncle. There's also an outside possibility of it featuring downloadable missions in a similar vein to Mario Kart Wii, although only if Nintendo are particularly over-staffed during development.

What other features might Wii Sports Resort include by the time it's launched in just a few short weeks? We'll let you know as soon as we find out.


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Corbs said:

I'll pick it up. I hope it features a bit more depth than the original.



y2josh said:

It let's you know when you're frisbee dog has poo'd in game via Wii Mail.



Starwolf_UK said:

It could be dynamic weather (though I'd prefer to see real time lighting). Or maybe sending photos to and from friends.



Eclipse_Dj said:

Hopefully it will have leaderboards to add further challenge and depth to the title. It's a shame it doesn't include online multiplayer though, playing golf, bowling, jet ski races, cycle races, cannoing races, archery contests online would have gave it further re-playability. Especially if they let you all chat via WiiSpeak too.




Not bothered about on-line. But WiiSports and Resort are very much my kind of thang. I've been eargerly waiting for this since its announcement. It can't come soon enough for me and my household!



colmtheperson said:

Can't wait to see what motion+ will be like... I'm getting this game out of pure curiosity for that



Objection said:

I really have to be convinced with WSR since Red Steel 2 comes with WM+ now. Unlike Wii Play, gamers have far more choices to getting the peripheral.



motang said:

Going to be getting this game but not for it's online features. I am more counting this as an introduction to the Motion Plus as Wii Sports was an introduction to the whole Wii motion control.



Terra said:

Unlike Wii Play, gamers have far more choices to getting the peripheral.
Sure you don't mean Wii Fit?



Lotice-Paladin said:

This game looks good to purchase for the activities alone! Online only makes it even better, even if it was only for leaderboards.

Extra features will only be minor I think. Let's say medal based missions at most .



vherub said:

damn, my hopes were really high. This would have been a great chance for nintendo to get more extreme casual users online.



wiiplayer_415 said:

I got the tiger woods game and the wii motionplus works great. Your golfer actually follows your movements when you swing the club.



Ho11oWxxMaN said:

I know I am going to order a stand-alone Wii Motion Plus in the next week or so (for my girlfriend), and then reserve Wii Sports Resort for my second WM+, because I am not interested in either Tiger Woods or Grand Slam Tennis. I guess it is good to be prepared, because I am not sure, it may be really hard to find (much like Wii Fit had been for a while).



LinktotheFuture said:

Nintendo really should have included online play with Wii Sports, it is the one game everyone has, hopefully it will be on Resort, but I am doubting it at this point.



Vendetta said:

I agree with LinktotheFuture. But Wii Sports was the first game, so I'm not sure if Nintendo's online play infrastructure was fully in place to support it. In that case it wouldn't be a missed opportunity so much as an unexecuted one. For Wii Sports Resort, if they don't include online play (and I'm not expecting them to), then that can only be called an epic missed opportunity. You KNOW this title will sell huge numbers, and getting users online presents Nintendo with a huge upside potential for Wii Shop customers, purchases of additional Wi-Fi supporting games, etc. Who's running product management over there, anyway? :/



Kid_A said:

I'm actually really excited for Wii Sports Resort. I'll buy it regardless or whether it has online or not.



bbb7002004 said:

Nintendo of Japan simply does not believe online play is a big deal, and isn't going to waste money developing it in most of their titles. I'm shocked to see even Wii connect 24 support.



Pegasus said:

I wouldn't expect much more than seeing your and your buddies statistics as far as online features are concerned. That said, I'm really looking forward to this one. I'm glad they included bowling again, since that was the only part of Wii Sports which had staying power for me - with the added benefit of WMP it should be even better. There are definitely plenty more activities to keep one engaged this time around. I would be surprised if this one didn't become yet another Nintendo chart-buster.



Jockolantern said:

Very much looking forward to this game. Sounds like there's a lot of games in the package this time and judging by how much I love Motion Plus already (Tiger Woods & Grand Slam Tennis are absolutely fantastic), I'm even more excited to experience some Wii Sports action in 1:1 fashion. Love the look of sword fighting, ping pong, and archery in particular.



Vendetta said:

I can't be the only one that wanted to bowl a game against friends and family over Wi-Fi. Throw in Wii Speak support, and it's the complete package. If they're going to essentially call a mulligan on Wii Sports and re-do it, why would they leave these basics out? This isn't exactly cutting-edge stuff any more, fellas.



Chatham said:

Online lay would be awesome... But if I know Nintendo, this will be a worthless feature. Still getting this game regardless though, I have tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 and I have to say that Motion+ is AMAZING!

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