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UK Club Nintendo Offering Speedy Icarian Incentive

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

First 100 registered users to buy the game will also receive the soundtrack.

Mythologically themed WiiWare title Icarian: Kindred Spirits may still have a TBD release date, but those UK'ers that dig the soundtrack may want to keep their eyes extra open.

Over at the game's Nintendo UK page, a contest of sorts has been revealed: the first 100 registered Club Nintendo users to download the Greeky platformer will receive a copy of the game's soundtrack to boot.

There's a sample track available on the page too to whet those aural appetites as well as some general information about the music and its composer.

Keep your eyes pointed to Nintendo Life to find out more about a release date, although with this promotion in place it can't be too far off, right? Happy hunting!


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Tails said:

Thats what i thought when SSBB was coming out japan got the soundtrack in america at my gamestop they said will give you 15% off our Mario Plushes :Me going like...: Oh Nice _!



Sean_Aaron said:

I really hope this game turns out to be good, but the promotion is quite a clever way to get some day one sales. Maybe Friday is the date?



WolfRamHeart said:

Man, I would love to have this soundtrack! The music sounds really cool! I wish I was British!



accc said:

No fair, didn't you UKers get an exclusive Madworld Soundtrack too?



Wiiloveit said:

AWESOME... although I presume this means that I need to get it straight away at 11pm, right? That's a bit of a pain in the arse, since I don't like to buy Wii Points until I know that I definitely need them, and this week, I'm particularly short o' cash. Darn.

EDIT: Oh, and here's the sample song you can download from the website. It sounds ace, and might well be one of the things that sets itself apart from LostWinds.



Starwolf_UK said:

I can win a download? Why do I get the feeling the developers might put the whole soundtrack up for download in the future (it has happened to a number of WiiWare games).

Thing is if it was something sent in the post I would have gone mad so it could well...join my Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure promotional soundtrack



Vendetta said:

Why make it exclusive to the first 100? That's quite a low threshold to entice buyers to whom the soundtrack makes a difference. Some will feel like they're too late to try. Make it 1000, or even go Toki Tori on their ass and release it FREE to anyone.

I don't care actually, as long as I get a copy.



Objection said:

@Vendetta, very true, but I think they expect more than those 100 people to quickly download it for the CHANCE at getting the soundtrack.
Is the soundtrack a download or a CD? If its the latter, then we know why quantities are limited.



Pj1 said:

Super Smash Bros Coming to VC for Europe this Friday!!!!!!!



Crazed said:

Is this offer going to be true for US? Since it wouldn't be fair if we get this next monday and all the soundtracks are given away.



Machu said:

Does anybody know (Sean), EXACTLY what time wii-ware games are released on a Friday, is it Thursday midnight or what?
Thanks in advance.



-TR said:

We're getting Icarian (This) and Let's Catch. Possibly something else...



Gh0sTiE5 said:

I got mine just now...
The link sends me to a song that's roughly 3 seconds long...

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