Tingle Gets a New DS Adventure, and a Surprise DSiWare Game

The Zelda series's unsung hero gets not one, but two new games!

The last two editions of weekly Japanese magazine Famitsu had mysterious teasers hinting at a sequel to 2006/2007's Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland for the DS. This week's edition has finally spilled the beans!

Today just so happens to be the day of Japan's weekly Wii and DSi update - And from out of nowhere, Nintendo has released Too Good to be True: Tingle Pack, a set of 6 Tingle-themed applications, on DSiWare! It apparently includes a calculator - That alone makes the previous calculator apps even more pointless! For 500 DSi Points it seems like quite a good deal if you'd like to have some applications on your DSi.

What's much bigger news however is that Tingle is in fact also getting a sequel to his previous DS game. Seemingly similar in gameplay style, Color-Changing Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love has gone for a 3D look while keeping 2D characters and apparently seems to be about Tingle's search for a wife - After all, he's 35 and still single! Judging by the Famitsu scans we can expect the game to be even crazier than the first. The Japanese release date is, for now, unknown, but if we had to make a guess we'd say it's coming out at the start of next year.

You can view the Famitsu scans (Which have both the DS game and the DSiWare game) below: