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Tales Of Monkey Island coming to WiiWare

Posted by Christopher Clark

Telltale Games revives LucasArts's classic graphic adventure series for WiiWare and PC.

Californian development studio Telltale Games today announced plans to reignite LucasArt's seminal Monkey Island franchise with two projects - a high-definition remake of the classic Secret Of Monkey Island game for PC and Xbox Live Arcade and an all-new episodic series called Tales Of Monkey Island for PC and WiiWare.

You can read the official press release below:

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif – June 1, 2009 – LucasArts today announced that the original hilarious pirate adventure is back, with two new projects underway based on the classic Monkey Island franchise. Beginning in just a few short weeks, Telltale will premiere the Tales of Monkey Island™ game series, delivering a completely new epic storyline and swashbuckling flair that will unfold across five monthly episodes on PC and WiiWare™. The Monkey Island celebration continues later in the summer when LucasArts publishes The Secret of Monkey Island™: Special Edition, a completely re-imagined version of the first game in the series that adds updated high definition graphics, a re-mastered musical score, and full voiceover to the classic adventure game originally launched in 1990. The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition will be made available on Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, and PC.

Today's announcement represents a new partnership between LucasArts and digital entertainment pioneers Telltale who are crafting new experiences for today's audiences with engaging stories delivered through regular monthly episodes. Tales of Monkey Island is developed by Telltale, whose team includes designers and artists who worked on all of the previous Monkey Island games. The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition is being developed internally by LucasArts, the company that started it all with the original Monkey Island games.

“We couldn’t be any more excited about bringing Monkey Island to today's gamers -- both in our special edition of the original classic, and through our collaboration with Telltale on the episodic series,” said LucasArts’ President Darrell Rodriguez. “We can’t wait for Guybrush Threepwood and LeChuck to return to gamers’ screens.”

Telltale Games was formed in late 2004 by ex-LucasArts employees and is responsible for such games as Sam and Max: Season One for Wii, Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventure for XBLA and the Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People series on WiiWare. Telltale will be joined by several members of the original Monkey Island development team for Tales Of Monkey Island, including director Dave Grossman, composer Michael Land and the voice of Guybrush himself Dominic Armato. (Click here for a full list of Monkey Island alum involved in the project.)

The first episode of the series is dated for a PC release on July 7, with no scheduled release dates for Tales Of Monkey Island on the WiiWare service. Considering the somewhat erratic release schedule of the Strong Bad series on WiiWare one can imagine why Telltale might be reluctant to announce anything at this point. Oh, Nintendo.

Stay tuned to NintendoLife for more updates on the status of Tales Of Monkey Island as it comes to hand.


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Terra said:

Glad to see we're the ones getting the new stuff. This should be good.



zane said:

@CB HA! Oh monkeys on wii must be good. It has the original voices, me so happy. And btw NICE CROWBAR!



RGVEDA said:

Michael Land will do the Music again

I hope they translate the Text and Sub the Voices again very professionell like Sam&Max with the same german Voice of Guybrush. That would be cool. I think i will play it on PC then with all Episodes complete.



MickEiA said:

Yes,except they should revive Lucasarts rogue squadron and shadow of the empire



I've heard about that series....long time ago! are they good? is it worth save for buy them?



Philip_J_Reed said:

The original two games are classic, Buffalo Bob. I also enjoyed the third game, but I don't think it was as well-received. Anything after that I haven't played.

It'll be worth keeping an eye on them, I'll put it that way.



jp-30 said:

This is amazing. Telltale rock. Also, I hope LucvasARts Monkey Island 1 remake ends up on Wii too, seems such a waste to only have it on PC/XBLA.



CuzinMike said:

I hope this means LucasArts will eventually release Maniac Mansion for the NES on the VC.



ToneDeath said:

Cool, but what I REALLY want is the Amiga version of SOMI, or failing that I guess the Sega CD version will do.

"I got this scar on my face during a mighty struggle"



earl_wickrue said:

AWESOME!!!!!!! I feel kinda bad for complaining about the lack of official SCUMMVM support on wii. With this stuff coming out, I don;t know why there isn't a Scumm section in the VC. Why God Why..........



Kelvin said:

"How appropriate; you fight like a cow!"

Good news I suppose, but I'd still much rather have the original Amiga version of SoMI on Wii.



y2josh said:

i know it would take up too much space for 1 download, but i hate it when they release games in more than one download, like this one being a 5 parter like strong bad



Lady_Gryphon said:

Oh, how neat. Just listening to the music on the trailer made me feel all nostalgic and happy

I don't think I like the fact it'll be in 5 parts though.



Ho11oWxxMaN said:

I never really cared for episodic content, but I will make an exception for this great series.



AquaDan88 said:

Oh how I pumped for this AMAZING game series. The old ones for DOS are classic! Can't Wait!!



vherub said:

if it's 800 points an ep, I will get it on the wii, if it is more I will wait for reviews and probably get the season on pc



Homer_Simpson said:

Just to let you guys know, the link to the staff members who were involved in previous Monkey Island games is broken....



Pegasus said:

The first episodic title I ever really cared for. Could be quite fun, even with dumbed down gameplay.



MrPinguy said:

Sweet i never got the chance to finish the 1º one as a kid, (i didn't know too much english at the time).
Looks like thats going to change.



MuljoStpho said:

I never got a chance to play anything from this series. I'll have to keep an eye out for that. (Wait, by PC do they mean retail or Steam? (I only have Steam on my computer at all because Portal forced me to install it, and I'm not really interested in launching it again since I finished Portal... though Plants Vs Zombies is tempting... (How about a WiiWare release for THAT?)))

Anyway, yeah... I'll be looking forward to the new episodic game as well.

Am I overlooking something or do they not say how many episodes it is?



Aardvark_Soup said:

Awesoooooooooooooooooooome! I'm a big fan of the Monkey Island series and of Telltale, so this is going to be fantastic. I'm still downloading the PC version though, because it is going to be much cheaper.



Chipmunk777 said:

Oh man this is awesome! I love monkey island, and point-n-click adventures in general! And Telltale! This is great news!



Sean_Aaron said:

I never played the original one and the wife likes the point-and-click adventures so this should be good for us to play together (for a change).

Hopefully we'll see some classic Lucasfilm Games 8-bit stuff on the C-64!



Golgo said:

Terrific news. Although the 'Curse' of Monkey Island is my fave.

But since when did Threepwood have a goatee?! This won't do, unless they make some gags out of it...



Golgo said:

Damn, you're right! Still, it doesn't suit him. Looks like an emo-pirate, now.



Philip_J_Reed said:


Yeah, I admit, the beard looked a lot better on his 2D sprite than this one. I actually really liked it then. Now it just looks...

...well, if I can't say anything nice, I won't say anything at all.



SKTTR said:

It will be 5 episodes, that's official. And seeing the 5 episodes of Strongbad are 1000 points each, I can see the same coming for Tales of Monkey Island. But that won't keep me from getting this. I want it!

I don't expect a new classic, but the development team is amazing, and they're likely to expand the Monkey Island storyline and bring us fun puzzles and dialogues, worthwile our time and blowing some fresh air through my old rotten pirate sails.

"Geh mich aus'm Wech oder ich schneid dir durch!"



Crazed said:

I have never heard of the series before, but the video from Awsome 5 has me excited. If it's similar to Strong Bad in terms of points, count me in!



Ricardo91 said:

Definitely looking forward to this. I love point-and-click adventure games, and I've been wanting to play some of early classic ones.



Rexy said:

I absolutely LOVE Monkey Island
Plus, Telltale did a good opening impression on me with SBCG4AP, so this new MI saga should be sweet to take a look into. I do agree there, with Nintendo's funky release schedules I see their reluctancy in announcing it late, though in my case, I don't care

(and now, I'm off to wondering whether they're refer to the rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle or not...!)



Trikeboy said:

I really hope they get all cast members back especially Dominic Armato. He helped sell CMI. I am also hoping for Murray the skull to reappear. An interview from E3 suggests that another season could be made after this one is finished. On a different note: I pirate I was meant to be, trim the sales and roam the sea.



PsychoFish said:

Awesome!! ... I love Monkey Island, period! Actually I'm playing through the series and now THIS. Really great news. The only thing is that they want to set the price to 1.000 Nin-points (like Strong Bad). 5x1.000 = 5.000 = 50,€/$ Compared to 35,$ for the whole PC Version i have to say NO to WiiWare. I hope they reconsider.

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