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Rumor: Nintendo Prepping More Non-Games For DSiWare

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Maps and dictionary wares may be in the works.

Thanks to the DSiWare service, Nintendo has tried to expand the portable's functionality from just a games machine to an integral part of your web-browsing, time checking, number crunching life.

According to Nintendomain (via GoNintendo), two more non-games are headed to the portable download service: Maps and Dictionary. No word on Mario or Animal Crossing skins.

Without a built-in GPS or non-WiFi Internet connection, the Maps program could face some issues as to how useful it would actually be (unless the maps are of the Mushroom Kingdom, which would be super useful). A dictionary probably wouldn't face any hardware restrictions and could actually be pretty useful if you don't have a paper version around and need to look up the definition of decalcomania.

Maybe they should just release that Mushroom Kingdom map. Or a Pokedex!


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Buster13 said:

If the dictionary is appropriately priced, as in free or maybe 200, I may get it. I always hate the small font in those pocket dictionaries.

That, and it's be the perfect little "Strategy Guide" for Scribblenauts.



LorD_SyN_DracuL said:

isn't there already a map service for Disney World using the DS?
I wondered how that worked...

anyways, PokeDex could be interesting, using the DSi camera. dunno how they would distinguish one thing from another though.

and btw, Decalcomania is the process of transferring designs from prepared paper on to glass or porcelain. just in case anybody else cared to know, I've saved you the trouble of looking it up.



CanisWolfred said:

I would not be surprised at all by this. In fact, I would be more surprised if they didn't make anymore DSiware Non-games.



jhuhn said:

Well there will be a six-in-one translator which is perfect for foreign travel, or for Canadians that travel to Quebec or Americans crossing into Mexico since no passport is needed for Mexican travel.



Hardy83 said:

Give me useful apps like a video player, or flash for Opera browser... OR VIRTUAL CONSOLE!



Knux said:

@Token Girl-Darn,you have beaten me to it!
Yes,Tingle has invaded DSiWare in Japan,North America is next!



WarioFan63 said:

Hey doesn't Japan's DSiWare have some kinda Nintendo made Map app? If its anything like that I'm all for it.

Hell I'm all for whatever they make out of these. I'm cool with non-games.



wanderlustwarrior said:

I really don't understand why Nintendo was as stongly anti-App as they had been. Really, why wouldn't you want to increase functionality and hope to fragment the base of Apple's product?



Stuffgamer1 said:

@ LorD SyN DracuL: Thanks! Your post is the sole reason I read through the comments before looking the word up.

I think the dictionary app might be worth a download if properly priced, and maybe properly themed (don't want it too stark and straight-forward, y'know?).

The maps could be good too, for some people. It sure beats paper fold-up maps!



sirgrim said:

I would like another clock. Thanks!

would only like it to torture Corbie with another review



KDR_11k said:

"non-games"... You know, not long ago we used to call those applications.



Stuffgamer1 said:

For all the crap they're releasing on DSiWare, I still don't regret upgrading to a DSi. It has benefits, I think. I certainly understand your viewpoint as well, though, JJosh.



y2josh said:

I want one more and more. But then I see news like this and change my mind again. I won't get one unless they start a DSiVC



Darknyht said:

I still cling to the hope that a DSiVirtual Console is on the way since DSiWare has been somewhat disappointing.



TheEmulationZones said:

Japan already has that map applycation! Realy looks awesome, thought it was only for japan cus it only showed japan streets and stuff. I heard it automaticly pick the map of you country you selected on your dsi



Bankai said:

If you don't want any apps on your DS, then don't buy and download them. The horror of the thought!

For some people (me included), certain apps appeal. I could make use of a Map app, and I could see myself downloading a dictionary when needed.

I also bought 100 classic book collection. Even though it didn't appeal to everyone, I saw the value in it.

All this complaining about something you don't have to buy is just silly.



NuevoVida said:

This is exciting. I hope the Mapping application will be a cross between Google Maps and shall we say a GPS type of thing. I hope that along with the Dictionary there will also be a Thesaurus application for DSiWare and I hope it will run for about 200 points. BTW I hope the Moving Memo Pad will be free.



theblackdragon said:

the map application would only really be useful if it were updateable. Otherwise, you'd have to buy a new one every year or so in order for it to be useful, just like atlases and street maps. the dictionary sounds interesting, though, especially if it's like Jhuhn said -- something for multiple languages would be useful. :3



metakirbyknight said:

I would buy this, maybe. I would get the dictionary, just 'cause I need one. If they came out with a GPS cartridge that worked with the map app, I could sell my GPS and get this.



TourianTourist said:

Both WiiWare and DSiWare are really misunderstood services. They are to test new game concepts on the market, it's too risky to experiment with 50$ or 60$ titles. Plus the DSiWare service with its applications is there to defend the DSi from the iPhone.

So, if you say, "I don't like those clocks and calculators, so I won't download them", then you're exactly doing, what Nintendo wants you to do. Those are marketing tests, if they fail, Nintendo does make nearly no loss from those, but if they succeed, the next big hit might spawn from one of those DSiWare minigames.



LinktotheFuture said:

I am complaining because there isn't much coming out that I want to download. I blame myself for thinking the DSi was going to be cooler then it turned out to be.



LGamer said:

I love Nintendo because of their cool and populair games... But sometimes I think they wanna rip us...



IAmNotWill said:

The map will suck unless its updatable. But the dictionary should be usefull. (should be updatable too.)



Darknyht said:

@TourianTourist: I understand that the concept is to try things out, but they need to work on getting games on there. All this stuff they are putting out I have access to already with the web browser they provided.

So far DSiWare has mainly been stripped (or modified) versions of DS games, puzzle games, and pointless applications (unless you don't own a cell phone). There really hasn't been a product that was a must-have purchase so far for me. The few games I've heard of that sounded interesting were shot down or not appearing (Virtual Console Game Boy Games and the Intellivision Lives game).

I wouldn't be so annoyed if they didn't follow a release schedule of one application/game a week, but when you are looking at 4 releases a month (a few more if you're lucky) it gets very frustrating very fast.



TourianTourist said:

Well, I agree. I didn't want to say, that I find the DSiWare service appealing either and I'm still waiting for a reason to buy a DSi. Currently there is no exclusive feature, I'm interested in, so I stay with my DSLite for now. While I understand, what Nintendo wants to achieve with the DSiWare system, I too think it would be time to step it up...

However, about the "Virtual Handheld", I'm not so sure anymore, if Nintendo will this pull off or not. Thanks to license issues and ESRB rating the Virtual Console became quite a problem and isn't as profitable, as you may think. Plus, if those DSi applications would be outsold by 2-bit grayscale color games, it would be a huge disaster. So, I believe, Nintendo has decided against a Virtual Handheld for the moment, though it would probably be the coolest thing on the DSi... oh well.



JNoodles said:

People really need to stop complaining about apps. Even if they're 'overpriced' you don't have to buy them, and then you have to wait just ONE WEEK for the next batch of games/apps to come out...



geek-master said:

a youtube app and a video player app that played movies off your SD card would be very nice and a update to record video on the camra app. also we havent had a DSi firmware update yet! so lets make this first one good!



Sylverstone said:

Now this is the time for a DSi VC because DSiWare is screwing us all over....... Wasn't the calculator/clock hybrid worse enough?



Grumble said:

A dictionary would be well received

And so would some kind of note taking app (shopping lists, etc) and the 100 book collection that's in Europe but not the U.S.



cagool said:

I hate to break it to you people but mankind managed to use maps for a very long time without them auto-updating or being attached to a phone.

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