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Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver "PokeWalker" unveiled

Posted by Christopher Clark

Pedometer accessory to ship with copies of upcoming Pokémon DS games in Japan.

Today's episode of the Japanese Pokémon Sunday officially revealed the "PokeWalker", a pedometer-like accessory that will come bundled with copies of the upcoming Pokémon remakes, Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver

The Poke Ball-shaped device allows you to wirelessly transfer a Pokémon from the DS games into the real world and train it via the PokeWalker's pedometer function. For every step you take while wearing the PokeWalker the transferred Pokémon will gain experience and happiness, eventually leveling up when a certain amount of steps are reached. The Pokémon can also uncover items via mini-games and battle wirelessly against other Pokémon. Neat.
Watch the Japanese TV announcement here:

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In many ways the PokeWalker is reminiscent of the successful Pokémon Pikachu device released worldwide several years back. The international Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Green remakes for the Game Boy Advance came packaged with a wireless Link Cable so we can only hope that the PokeWalker receives the same treatment.

Expect an announcement here at Nintendo Life if and when the PokeWalker is made available worldwide.


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SeniorDingDong said:

Unlike eating chips all day while leveling your pokemans (like I do ;-P ) that might be the most stupid yet awesome alternative to get your ass outside.

Ask myself if it would also work while riding your bike...



Rockbandmonkey said:

In fact, shaking it will probably be faster than walking actually. Great job Nintendo, on creating a new way for gamers to cheat without a gameshark.



Moai_Head said:

@Rockbandmonkey - you do realise it takes hundreds of experience point to level up past level 10 or so and thousands beyond that? Unless you want Popeye-esque forearms there's no way anyone will be using the PokeWalker as a primary training method or even to cheat.



SeniorDingDong said:

Sure, we might be very skilled in "wanking it up" - and lots of Wii Fit games can be fooled easily too - but where is the reason to cheat on yourselfs training stats ?



Bass_X0 said:

All I want from this remake is some brand new Pokemon evoutions. Okay so it may be unlikely but every game in the past has featured a chance to get Pokemon you wouldn't have been able to catch in the previous game. Fire Red and Leaf Green offered the chance to get the original Pokemon for the GBA/DS generation and all of Gold/Silver Pokemon have been able to be caught in some way or other recently.

So all you're doing is catching them all... AGAIN!



MrPinguy said:

Haha Bandai ripped off Nintendo.
And now Nintendo do the same to Bandai XD



Alexei123 said:

Check out her fingernails! Haha! They are awesome!
I hope we get the pedometer too, although I don't think I'd like to take it out in public...



Cheezy said:

This reminds me of Chao Adventure on the Dreamcast that could be transfered to the VMU from Sonic Adventure.



KoKoO_Psy said:

This is almost as good as The World Ends With You, giving Experience points for not playing.

Personally i think it is a great idea, because i can evolve say Chancy by just doing my daily thing. And maybe after a week, I have a Blissy. Getting it with the game also makes it more of a good thing.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Heh, cool. Unless PT: Walking this gives you incentive to walk.

@Rockbandmonkey: At later levels, it would take forever to level up. The pedometer would give you "bonus" exp pretty much.

EDIT: Why does the @ make the name bolded now?



theguitarhero said:

Awesome, I was just thinking about my Pokemon Pikachu, too.

I wonder though, how is Nintendo going to work around the fact that the DSi doesn't have a GBA port, in regards to getting Pokemon from Hoenn and Kanto into the game? Am I expected to transfer them over from Diamond/Pearl or will Hoenn be a place we can travel to ala Kanto in the original Gold/Silver?



SeniorDingDong said:

@ zana: yeah, he actually does wear a (slightly smaller) Hitler moustache o_O"

I watched the video the first time now, and damn was it strange...



James said:

"The Poke Ball-shaped device allows you to wirelessly transfer a Pokémon from the DS games into the real world"




Toon_Link said:

If that same bundle comes out in the US, I am getting it!
That sounds really cool!

EDIT: I wonder if it will be compatible with Platinum? I hope so!



XD375 said:

It's called the PokéWalk, actually. And yes, it will be bundled with the games.

And it is very Digimon-like. Just look at that Sentret battle.

I wonder if it will take eggs so kids can hatch them while at school?



Pikamander2 said:

This is so cool!

I'll reserve it and pick it up the moment Gamestop opens, just like I did with Diamond and Platinum.



mjc0961 said:

They can bundle it with the game if they want, but I'll leave it in the box.



Noire said:

It's a cool concept, but I don't think this will ever get much use out of me. I'll train my Pokemon the normal way, thanks very much Nintendo.



Adam said:

If you're just going to leave it in the box, give it to me.
I don't really want the games, but this sounds funny. I hope there's a way to get it separate with a Pokemon preloaded.



TwilightV said:

@SSBF1999: I'm pretty sure they had this listed with the game on a pre-order list from GameStop, so I wouldn't worry about it not coming over. I wonder... would P.E. coaches allow children to have this? It is an incentive for physical activity.



Objection said:

Actually a semi-interesting peripheral. Though I don't know if I'm game (Pun intended.) for another Pokemon game to start with.



theblackdragon said:

i remember the time i spent with my Pocket Pikachu... this sounds interesting, if it can actually level up and stuff.



Starwolf_UK said:

If Walk With Me is anything to go by (you knowe that DS "game" with 2 pedomiters packed in and a ridiculously high asking price) this'll drive up the cost of the game massively.

That said I shouldn't assume if it'll exist outside of Japan. I mean the Japanese version of Pokemon Crystal could link up to cellphones...



Kirigirisu said:

Awesome idea I like it! Though I might be a little embarrassed to walk around with the pokéball pedometer!



Kirk said:

So if you are a working adult you could put it on while at work and build up your Pokemon during the day then upload it back into the game and nigh all toughened up.

Sounds kind of cool.



Adam said:

@ Kirk
I agree. I ride my bike to work and go running whenever I wake up early enough to, but I definitely don't have the patience to level up the old-fashioned way. This could put a much more positive spin on grinding. I really hope this sees light in the West.



melvin2898 said:

Umm what if this thing breaks and get wet or something like the batteries die,something like that.Are your pokemon gone forever?Can you get them back?This could be bad.It should make a copy of your Pokemon and then downloads the data into the game and power ups the pokemon from there.



Starwolf_UK said:

That said I shouldn't assume if it'll exist outside of Japan. I mean the Japanese version of Pokemon Crystal could link up to cellphones...
I mention that but then forget completely about Pocket Pikachu 2. Which this is basically a new version of...

It would be awesome if you could transfer it into egg steps then you could outside and ride your bike up and down the street in real life



Marvelousmoo said:

I remember the old pokemon pikachu. I had a yellow one that I took with me everywhere. My pikachu ran away alot though...



Worenx said:

Oh my god, Pokemon have turned into Digimon! o. o The minigames and battling thing is so much like the old Digimon Digi-pets and that is so many levels of awesome. xD I'm definitely looking forward to this.



GreenBanana said:

I didn't even realize they were making new Pokemon games already. Huh. Well, at least Gold and Silver was a good generation, back when it came out.



Altkey said:

It won't work on Platinum because it uses IR light to communicate and the game has an IR port on the top. It also has mini games that let you catch Pokemon or get Items and send them back to your game. I just hope it doesn't have sound or you can turn it off because if my teacher catches me with this I'm screwed



Pokemon-Soulsilver said:

Ok, Just letting everybody know about this. It does not cost a ton of money just because of the pokewalker, it is still the regular price, about $40, and the pokewalker will be very good, because i have seen it already from my friend that got it in Japan. The pokewalker is not meant to be the only way to level up, it is just meant to help you little by little everyday while you do oyour regular activities. It is not supposed to be an alternate to battling pokemon. So everybody who thinks otherwise, just lay off. Don't knock it till you try it.

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