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Nintendo's E3 Conference: Predictions

Posted by Damien McFerran

What we think the Japanese giant will announce

Nintendo's E3 conference is due to take place today at 9am PST (5pm GMT) and after the pretty amazing show that Microsoft put on yesterday, it's going to take something truly special to astonish the assembled throng.

We've already heard pretty solid rumours that a new Mario game is due to be announced, with the signs pointing to it being on the Wii. However, could Nintendo be lining up an instalment for the DSiWare service, or maybe even a new DS game?

Elsewhere, rumours are also floating around that a new Zelda is on the cards, although the recent confirmation of Spirit Tracks on the DS might suggest otherwise. However, the Wii is surely due a 'proper' Zelda adventure (not one build for the GameCube and then upgraded with motion control at the last minute) so who knows?

We'd like to think that Nintendo has some other surprises up its sleeve, too. Could the company be about to win back the hardcore masses with a new F-Zero? Perhaps we'll see the Kid Icarus game that was hinted at all those months ago? Or will Fox McCloud come out of retirement, hop into his Arwing and take off in another Star Fox episode?

With less than an hour to go, all will be revealed soon. In the meantime, why not post up your own predictions in the comments form below?

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Philip_J_Reed said:

The chicken's got the inside track on this! (Not really.) I know everything that will be announced. (I don't.) Iwata stopped by the house yesterday. (That is true.)

  • DSi VC
  • Pikmin 3
  • Announcement/tease of the new direction for Metroid
  • Portable Doc Louis that follows you around coaching you through daily life tasks.


Knux said:

I say we will get a new 2.5D Mario game on the Wii and a new Zelda game for the Wii. We will definetly see Wii Fit Plus and we might see a new Kid Icarus game. We will also get NA release dates for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Mario & Luigi RPG 3!
It's the final countdown,WOOT!!




A new Zelda game for the wii, or at least a new Kid Icarus. If neither of those happen i will be dissapointed.



Golgo said:

New Super Mario Bros 2 for WiiWare, downloadable immediately after conference.



thewiirocks said:

  • Wave Race
  • Pilot Wings

^ Those will be big announcements. Also some third party motion plus games. (Though I think we might have heard them all.) Cross your fingers for some DSi love! Maybe a VHC (Virtual Handheld Console)? One can hope.



RevolverLink said:

A playable Pikmin 3 is what I most want to see. Everything else would just be gravy for me.



get2sammyb said:

Pikmin 3. Wii Fit +. All other Wii Motion Plus games. New Mario. 15 second Zelda teaser.



Gavin_Rozee said:

I'm not fussed about Pikmin 3, unless it's on DS.

2 Pikmin games have already been released this year. That's enough Wii Pikmin for now, despite them both being re-releases.



RevolverLink said:

Alas, the game I most wanted to see was nowhere to be found. I can't help but be a tad let down.

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