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New Endless Ocean 2 Videos and Screens Surface

Posted by James Newton

The sequel to 2007's swim 'em up looking mighty fine.

With all the excitement of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M, you may well need a bit of a sitdown and some relaxation, which is handy really as Nintendo have just released a batch of new screenshots and a freshly caught video of Endless Ocean 2: Beautiful Ocean.

The sequel to Arika's 2007 oceanic opus, Endless Ocean 2 promises brand new sights and sounds in your oceanic adventures, with dangerous alligators and sharks even threatening to attack you. There also looks to be a new element of marine medicine as you mark the underwater life several times before it's cured of its ailments.

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We're big fans of the original Endless Ocean here at Nintendo Life, and we're already getting a slight touch of the bends from watching this new video. Expect plenty more news and updates on this one as we gear up for its release early next year.

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James said:

Made a quick edit - sadly the release date is early 2010, not late 2009 as I first thought. Disaster!



Machu said:

I spent so much time rubbin fishies in the last one!

Loved it, exploration, recording species and just chillin big time. This looks like they've improved the game more than i was expecting. I look forward to this.

Any word on SD music support? After Excitebots dropped the feature I was worried they'd drop it for this too, which would suck, hard. I've still got the SD card with about 6 1-hour chilled mixes, mmmmm.



Egg_miester said:

i love the frist game with my love for the ocean and fish but living in a desert
i can't wait for part 2 with hidden treasures to find and now hostile fish



Hardy83 said:

Yeah, I loved the first, but I'm hoping the surface isn't as butt ugly. lol
One of my favorite parts of the game was showing people how pretty it looked, then get near a short and pop my head up and watch everyone go "Ewwww!"



Chatham said:

@Egg miester
the first one had hidden treasures to find...

Stoked about hostile fish though!
Worried that co-op was not featured in the trailer at all. In the first EO trailer we saw 2 divers at once!

Me and my GF solve all of our arguments by just getting on our Wiis and playing EO with eachother... it's the one game she is "better" than me at. She can name almost everycreature before she highlights it now!



Pegasus said:

The original was quite nice, although I unfortunately didn't touch it that often, so I sold it. I'm probably going to pass on the second iteration.

As for co-op, from what I've read about the game it's still there, and it'll support WiiSpeak as well.



James said:

SuperSonic1990 - a fantastic game where you explore the ocean, learning about fish and discovering buried treasures. It's one of the most relaxing games I've ever played, and well worth searching out.

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