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Monster Hunter 3 Gets A Black Bundle In Japan

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Capcom and Nintendo sure do like money.

There's no doubt that the newfangled black Wii will light up the charts when it hits Japan. And it wouldn't be much of a stretch to predict that Monster Hunter 3 will print money, too.

Capcom's planned bundle must surely be some kind of impending supernova then, because this much star power is sure to light up the charts. Out on August 1, the bundle will include a black Wii, a black Classic Controller Pro and of course a copy of the game for 33,000 yen, or about $342 American money. Bundles with a copy of the game and a Classic Controller Pro are also planned for that day.

It'll be interesting to see the sales of this bundle versus only the hardware when they drop. Which one do you think will come out on top?


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WolfRamHeart said:

Wow, this is really cool! I'm going to pretend I never saw this because I know I'll never be able to have it and that makes me sad!



Nanaki said:

Oh dear, this might be incentive to finally get a Wii from each region - add it to my UK and US Wiis. I've always wanted a black Wii.



Jockolantern said:

I'm still awestruck by how gorgeous this game looks for a Wii title. Capcom has truly found some incredible ways to push Nintendo's lastest piece of hardware to its limits in providing a visually exceptionally game. Might be the best use of pixel-pushing yet seen on the Wii. How the framerate holds up under it all though... remains to be seen, I suppose.



MrPinguy said:

Nice Marketing
Black Stuff and Pro Classic, for Sony players to feel at home ;P



Machu said:

PAL release please! I will buy this, immediately!

One of the most alluring bundles ever, up there with the WindWaker silver gc, and the metroid black gc, and that Pikachu N64!?!



Objection said:

Very nice looking Wii...but I dont have the money for another one. As for MH3, any idea on its NA release?



hamispink said:

I just want the bundle with the controller and the game
I doubt the bundles will be coming to the U.S. monster hunter just isn't that popular over here.



St3b0 said:

lol there slow i case moded my wii and its clear and glows baby blue with a green dvd gate



Crazed said:

I wonder if it is just going to come with the game or with the controller and the game, since I'm perfectly happy with my white Wii. The black wii does look cool though...

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