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Miyamoto Unconcerned By Rival Motion Control Systems

Posted by Damien McFerran

Sony and Microsoft's attempts 'lack depth', says Mario's dad

This year's E3 was an interesting one for fans of motion-controlled gaming. Not only did Sony unveil it's PS3 'wand' controller, Microsoft went one better with Natal, which doesn't use a controller at all.

Naturally, one might wonder what Nintendo - the company that started this particular revoluition - is thinking right now. The BBC recently got the chance to sit down with Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto and posed the question we're all dying to ask: Is Nintendo worried about these rival systems?

And the great man replied:

Not worried at all. The fact that both of those companies are looking at finding ways to get the gamer off the couch, taking advantage of MC, and really getting the gamer to control the game by moving their body, shows that No. 1 they've looked at what we've done with Wii, and seen the value in that. And now they're moving in the same direction that we have already established. ... We've been experimenting with motion control for over five years now. Based on the announcements we've seen here at E3, it seems these other two companies have really only been experimenting with this only very recently. ... It looks like they're still in their initial stages and are trying to create experiences that at this point don't have the type of depth that we're able to provide with Wii Motion Plus.

You can check out the interview via the BBC iPlayer here.


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WiX said:

WiiMote was FIRST of them all and with Motion Plus it is the best!



metakirbyknight said:

I wouldn't be because they could just run commercials and compare Sony's to theirs and ask "Who's came first?" Plus most people interested in motion control already have Wiis. And nobody is going to buy the expensive PS3 for a concept they can get cheaper elsewhere. If there's a price war, YES!



nitro_rev said:

it's sad that the argument that Sony/Microsoft fanboys always love to use is "Ugh, I don't want to be standing up while playing games, I want to be sitting and not moving my arms" but when these knew accessories come out for their consoles, their going to love it. Hypocrisy much!



Machu said:

Machu Unconcerned By Rival Motion Control Systems.

They're in the dev stage, where as the wii-mote has been around for 5 yrs now. S&M playing catch up again. Again. AGAIN.



warioswoods said:

Seeing Sony and MS up there trying to out-motion-control one another was just confirmation of how unbelievably successful the Wii has been.

Miyamoto is right that these efforts are a bit late and underdeveloped thus far: when the Wii was first revealed, Nintendo already had Wii Sports prepared to showcase it, and the fun, social, intuitive software was just as crucial to its success as the hardware. Sony and MS have nothing similar to show yet, and most likely won't anytime soon.



Kirk said:

I really don't like how sites keep using titles for their articles that supposedly quote what the likes of Miyamoto and Iwata have said but often the way the titles are written is not quite in the same context and tone as the original statement.

It kinda bugs me because it often comes across like Miyamoto and Iwata are being quite arrogant whereas when you read the full statements that's not quite the case.

Anyway, regardless of that, the PS3 solution is clearly superior technology offering a more precise and versatile motion control solution and I think Nintendo would be wise to pay attention.

Sony's solution as it stands is not only more precise, it also has no visible lag, can track not only the controllers full position and movement in 3D space (dual controllers) but it can also track basic full body motion too.

Anyone with eyes and half a brain can see there is a lot more potential with the solution Sony is offering and the only points to consider here are how close the finally product will come to that potential when it is released and when indeed it will be available.



Chunky_Droid said:

You don't have to play half of these games standing up, I can swing my arm perfectly fine while sitting, lol.

I haven't seen much of Natal, but it sounds like an advanced eye-toy if I'm not mistaken.

It'd sure be hard to play a game like Halo with something like that, unless they want you running around the room to make your character run, lol.



aaronsullivan said:

PS3 solution has problems. First of all, the Wii Motion Plus does essentially the same thing, with the same small amount of lag. The PS3 uses the camera and light for actual 3D space, BUT if something gets between the controller and the camera that goes away. So 4 player tennis with 3D body placement won't be practical... and 2 player will have issues as well.

I'm glad to see these new developments and look forward to the cool stuff coming from all three companies. Each has their strengths and I bet they'll each have games that rock. Interesting times.

Where Nintendo should be worried is that their graphics inferiority was somewhat excused by the innovative gameplay peripherals, but in a year or so that advantage is going away.

Games are certainly getting more interesting, though!



JohnshiBRPG said:

I have seen demos, and I think Milo is just a scripted game unless he can really wear something else like a tutu!!!! XD THE ULTIMATE TEST!!!!



timp29 said:

I don't know about the rest of you, but I can't wait to try wii motion plus on EA sports grand slam tennis or whatever it's called. Being able to impart slice and top spin purely via motion controls is astounding, and really demonstrates exactly what shigeru is saying. Too bad EA came up with it first. Of course Wii Sports Resort will take some aspects to the next level, especially archery which will be fantastic in a (distant) future zelda game.

EDIT: It's kinda harsh but I hope XBox and PS3's attempts suck as bad as the power glove.



naut said:

You tell 'em Mr. Miyamoto! Too bad the vid doesn't work for me.



TwilightV said:

Yeah, he's awesome like that. Of course, Microsoft is denying that the Wii had any kind of influence on Natal (yeah right). Of course, they could be right. They could have been looking at the EyeToy.



bbb7002004 said:

I think the main difference between the Wii's motion controls and the other two is console focus. 360 and PS3 have both focused on classic controls, and established an audience around those types of controls, while Nintendo established their console based on motion controls. While developers just about have to use motion controls on Wii, the motion controllers on the other systems are basically just peripherals, and are much less likely to receive support from developers.

A better comparison to draw is between the 360 and PS3 motion controls and Nintendo's balance board. Even though Wii Fit has sold exceptionally well, most developers are not using the balance board for their games, unless they are making a Wii Fit ripoff. Even if both Natal and PS3 Wand sell, I doubt developers will be willing to invest much effort towards them when they can easily make a classically controlled game that will sell better.



Wesbert said:

The biggest difference is the absence of a nunchuck-equivalent. How are you supposed to move around with Project Natal or Sony's Magic Wand? Standing or sitting around waving your arms is fine for mini-game collections and the odd sports title, but for strategy or shooting-gallery games you need a precise pointer (which Microsoft's gimmick does not supply, and while you could achieve that with Sony's idea, it would be technological overkill), and for everything else (1st and 3rd person shooters, etc.) you need a control stick to move around.
Of course, you COULD move around using Project Natal, if you don't mind recreating the end of Monty Python's mountaineer sketch



Kawaiipikachu said:

Well Microsoft with Project Natal is really a beefed up EyeToy.
While it can sense deph which EyeToy can't pickup but unfortunally I can imagine tons of 3Dised Eyetoy clones.

Meanwhile Sony's silly controller nothing more than a Wii Remote with the Motion plus attached.
It's got the multicoloured ball which acts as an ehanced Wii pointer in reverse & a gyro simaluar to what's built in the Motion plus.
While the pointer ball may just be a touch better than the Wii Remote in terms of on screen because of a wider rainge of pickup.

So all in all Sony's controller is really a slightly beefed up Wii Remote & motion plus combo.



hamispink said:

I do wonder what sony will do to let you move around while playing a game,
but with sony behind the wheel, we might actually see A GOOD GAME COME OUT MORE THAN ONCE A YEAR.
I love my wii but as for software, it is generally absolute crap.
there are not 10 retail games that I would buy on my wii.
I don't know if the sony wand will be any good, but I definately have very high expectations.



Objection said:

Why is everything suddenly in bold?^
As for Sony and Microsoft, stick to what you know.



astarisborn94 said:

@Objection Blaster: It's because of aaronsulivan. Blame him.

Anyway, the members at Video-Game-Info Forums said that once Sony's Magic Wand and Microsoft's Natal comes out, they will push the Wii out of the market. Yeah right, like that's going to happen. More like they'll lose money for trying to be better then Nintendo. Idiots I call them. If they've shown one game, ONE GAME for their system, maybe it would make a little sense. Nintendo did it, why not Microsoft or Sony?

I got a good slogan for Nintendo:

"Nintendoes what Sony and Microsoft don't do."



blackknight77 said:

I enjoy playing some motion controlled games from time to time, but sometimes I like to sit down and play games too. I think Wii Sports Resort looks promising. I think Sony and Microsoft are 3 years behind in this area and it will be hard to wrestle the casual market away from Nintendo. I actually was not impressed with the NATAL demo at E3. The technology is great but the promo videos were embarassing. I am not sure it will translate to great games.



Vendetta said:

First of all, it'll be a LOT easier for Nintendo to penetrate the Hi-Res/HD space than it will be for Sony and Microsoft to successfully penetrate the motion-control space. If Nintendo goes HD, they may bite into Sony and Microsoft marketshare to a degree. Contrarily, if Sony and Microsoft go motion control, I don't see them winning over many existing Wii owners.

Here's another thing, Sony and Microsoft HAD to demo something as yet unseen by the public, or else they'd be playing a "me too" game more than they already are. But Nintendo could have been (I'd be surprised if they weren't) working on next-gen motion controls like this or perhaps even better for some years now. They just had no compelling reason to tip their hands as to what they're working on because up to this point, they were the only game in town - so to speak, .




Umm, the wii remote still has buttons and the nunchuck has an analougue stick. Plus it has motion plus (no pun intended), so you can still move around and use buttons for certain actions while moving around with 1:1 sword slashing motion. Red Steel 2 anyone, that is probably not ever happening on xbox or ps, niether will anything similar come.



Wesbert said:

@ BlueFlameBat: During an interview about his experience with WiiMotion+, a developer (of EA, I think; it was from one of the tennis games released with WiiMotion+) mentioned that it was almost too precise for his liking, so he had to tone it down a little. So, what use would it be if Sony's wand was even more precise/accurate? Besides, the wand was a prototype only presented at a demo, not playable, so the question should be: Can Sony's new wand match WiiMotion+, if it (EDIT: the wand) ever comes out?



Mach-X said:

I get so tired of the 'if the wii were HD' arguments. It's already been proven time and again that screen definition doesn't sell consoles. For the 10% of people who actually know, and are distressed by the 'mere' ED screen of the wii, don't buy one. And quit calling the PS2 the greatest console ever because the first Xbox is HD, yet few games utilized it and fewer still HD packs were sold. For the general populace, HD is not a selling point.




The PS3 and the Xbox current way of controlling a game is very backward though. Its in the dark ages really despite the ultra high res graphics.

They'll probably charge the earth for their particular new consoles as well knowing them




The PS3 and the Xbox current way of controlling a game is very backward though. Its in the dark ages really despite the ultra high res graphics.

They'll probably charge the earth for their particular new consoles as well knowing them



Pahvi said:

If the wand and Natal can tell also the coordinates of the "controllers", then I'd expect them to work better with games such as Samba de Amigo where the dead reckoning approach or reading the pose of the Wiimote isn't enough (I assume this is what Wiimotes and M+ are mostly limited to) for tracking the coordinates of the Wiimote in 3D space when it isn't pointing at the screen (the sensor bar). Of course, I might be wrong about the technical limitations of the Wiimote/wand/Natal.

But Sony and MS still need the killer apps to sell their controller systems.



Danglybits said:

The thing every one is missing out hear is if Sony & MS get their new toys out for this gens console that can only be good news for the Wii.

It might stop some of the multi platform games being released with a completely different version for the Wii or the same game with "extra" (normally unnecessary) motion controls & tone down graphics.

I am sure we would see some of the bigger developers release more game on the Wii if they only had to drop the graphics, & when people say it cant be done as a quick example didn't everyone say Resident evil 2 would make it to N64? (i may b wrong there sorry but u get the idea)



shogunhitokiri said:

It is not about who has the better technology. All throughout video game history and you will see the console or portable with the better technology has never been the sales leader. Just ask Nintendo (N64, GCN). Besides Nintendo has nothing to worry about anyway. They are going to be looking for another blue ocean to explore while Sony and Microsoft will be a step behind.



Supermarioman said:

I don't know how Project Natal would work for the majority of 360 titles, cause aren't they all pretty much FPS, gosh think of how hard it would be to play Halo with your body!!! Also Project Natal will probably cost way too much for its own good, with that kind of advanced tech it would probably at least cost $100 and I wounder how much Microsoft will charge you to use it for chatting with friends.



super-nintendo said:

Sony's looks 1:1. PS3 has outsold Wii in Japan overall 2009. Competition will result in better games for Wii. Sony is dropping price this year with their controller arriving spring 2010. Natal is a Eye Toy at heart, and Nintendo actually rejected natal. Look up Eye Toy Kinetic on youtube. It's a motion controlled fitness game for ps2. Sony has been doing this for years. Nintendo has their momentum so they should make a Wii HD to 1up rivals.



SergeOfArniVillage said:

Shigeru Miyamoto really hit the nail on the head. Also notice how reasonable his reply is. He thinks he is right, but he gives reasonable, tactful answers as to why he believes he and Nintendo are doing better than Sony and Microsoft. His modesty and reasonableness is a testament to his maturity... but it's funny, he really is a mature person, I think, but he has absolutely no problem striking goofy poses with a sword and such, and acting basically like a little kid, lol...



retro_player_22 said:

Miyamoto had the right mind to not be concern since he was the guy that came up with the idea of making motion control the main function in videogame, the other two are using it as an option, not a default unless they really want to replace button mashing gameplay with motion control.

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