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Master the Fish'em All Challenges Video

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Here's a few good tricks for beating the game's many challenges!

In preparation for the North American release of their Fish'em All WiiWare title today, Abylight have sent us a rather humorous instructional video to give players a little insight into how to master all of the Fish'em All challenges in the game.

Yukari-san takes you through the many game play tips on how to snatch all of the fish and even uses a real kitchen utensil to illustrate her point. How's that for making use of props that are just laying around the house?

And don't forget to check out our full review of Fish'em All to see what we thought of the game.

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Corbs said:

I can't wait to play this game. It looks hilarious. Yukari-san seemed to be enjoying herself. Cute video!



PALgamer said:

Curious this Spanish developer chose a Japanese co-worker (??) to demo the game.



Machu said:

Are you trying to tell me, that people are gonna buy this?




Machu said:

Well yeah, it looks awesome. The graphics are sweet, that pond looks great. The characters are lovable and the music is infectious and catchy. The game play is where its at though., really deep waggle system.

Go find a ball, throw it at a wall, catch it, and you shall have more fun.



Sean_Aaron said:

I enjoy it just fine; I do wish it had a non-waggle option because the challenges really work your right forearm moreso than other, ahem, activities, do.

I did mail them about that and was told that for a Japanese release they may do that, but they cannot upload a new version just because of control schemes, so NA/JPN could get a motion-free alternative; in Europe I just suggest playing in 10min. chunks to save yourself from RSI.

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