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Magnetis WiiWare Trailer

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Check out Magnetis in action.

The folks at Yullaby were kind enough to send over the official trailer for their upcoming WiiWare puzzler Magnetis along with a press release for the game below.

Yullaby is proud to introduce a video trailer and three new images for its new game, Magnetis, which demonstrates combo mechanics for advanced players. Magnetis is a multiplayer arcade puzzler with a very simple goal: connect magnets facing opposite directions together. When you do, they contract and explode, making everything in between disappear. Score more points for longer lines, score much more for chain reactions.

Statement of intent
The price has not yet been finalized. Magnetis will be as widely accessible as possible.

Development status
Magnetis is currently complete and will be submitted to Nintendo in July 2009.

As you can see in the video, the competitive intensity can really heat up when you get four players going at it onscreen at once. You can take a look at the official trailer below for a taste of what the game has to offer.

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We'll have more information on Magnetis as it becomes available, as well as a full review of the game when it hits the WiiWare service.


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darkmagi_82 said:

WOOOO First!

Edit: Yes! I got my first first. Now, onto the game. I think it could turn out to be quite an excellent puzzler, with the four player split screen and interesting gameplay, but I could already see the LEVEL UP! thing getting old. Maybe buy for me, have to wait for one of the always-quality reviews that Nintendolife will provide.



Starwolf_UK said:

Why do I get the feeling the flashing ARCADE PUZZLE was a subliminal message...nah thats just a load of Rich Creamery Butter...

Looks good but then again I was someone interested in the puzzlers. Hope it comes to Europe though as that genre doesn't have a particularly great track record...



TeMPO said:

I'm always looking for more worthwhile puzzlers. Gonna keep my eye on this one.



BrazCanaMan said:

I don't understand why ppl won't buy a puzzle game because they got too many of them. I would understand if they were all Tetris clones but puzzlers usually are the most innovative gaming genre and have a huge variety. I will definately pick this one up if it's any good even though I have sooooooo many puzzlers.



Corbs said:

This one does look interesting, that's for sure. I wasn't sure what the expect looking at the early screenshots, but this video has piqued my curiosity.



Twilight_Crow said:

I don't care to get another puzzle if it's good, and this one looks plain awesome!, insta-buy for me (if I have the money that is ).



Haze4peace said:

I love puzzle games, my favorite genre to play by myself. This game looks really good and pretty unique too. I'm interested.



opeter said:

I really ike it. Finally something similar to Tetris, but with original twist. Cannot wait.




looks good ill wait 4 some more the review b4 i get this when it comes out



Machu said:

If it was called Art Style: Magnetis I'd be all over this, but it isn't so...



Crazed said:

This looks polished and nice, and I'm always interested in something fun, so count me as interested.

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