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Luc Bernard's Mecho Wars out now on iPhone

Posted by Darren Calvert

WiiWare or DSiWare coming soon (perhaps!)

We don’t normally pay too much attention to iPhone apps here at Nintendo Life for obvious reasons, but as Luc Bernard’s Mecho Wars is out now for download on iTunes we thought we would give it a mention. Under the banner of his new company Oyaji Games, Luc intends to release Mecho Wars on WiiWare or DSiWare eventually he tells us.

If you are not sure what to expect from Mecho Wars, think Advance Wars with a side ordering of gruesome looking art from the talented monsieur Luc. Of course there are numerous gameplay changes we are sure!

Here’s the official game blurb:

Jump into an exciting advanced war between the Winged Crusade and the Landians! Mecho Wars is a turn-based strategy game where you command your troops to expand control and conquer your enemies. Strategically position your troops because each type has its strengths and weaknesses.

Command your troops to conquer structures for your team's benefit. Capture factories to expand maximum army support. To pay for this large army, take-over cities to earn gold from the rich economic hubs. Finally, defeat the enemy by capturing their H.Q. structures.

Included in the game is a rich story-driven single player campaign, a special set of individual challenge maps, and remarkable multi-player support with a single device.

The single player campaign is a story about the rise of the Winged Crusade. The story takes place in a distant land known as the Divination Deserts. This is not your typical desert since there is plenty of water separating land masses. Mecho Wars features a unique day-night cycle where water will freeze overnight. Once inaccessible areas by land troops can be reached in the early hours of the morning.

The day-night cycle isn't used only in the single player campaign. Try facing off against a friend in multi-player. Be amused when you place your troops in the right spots for an overnight ambush!

Of course we are still waiting for Luc’s first project Eternity’s Child to hit WiiWare, but that is all in the hands of British based company, Alten8 now. The last we heard about this was in May – it looks like development is still going ahead, albeit slowly.

If you are a iPhone or iPod Touch gamer why not take a chance and download Mecho Wars and let us know what you think below?


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Corbs said:

Mecho Wars has gotten some good reviews. Now I need to grab an iPhone for sure as there are getting to be more and more games I want to try out.



LucBernard said:

I am looking after those versions directly

So trust me they will be coming faster than EC



Gizmo said:

@ Corbie: "Mecho Wars has gotten some good reviews."

Do you have some links? Because I searched through metacritics, gamerankings and google and find nothing.



Corbs said:

I just love that art style. I can't wait to try the game out. I think I'll grab an iPod Touch this week.



TheScarletWolf said:

Well, Herro thar Luc! Fun to see you hop about the intertubs from D-toid to here. It sure is cool to see the fathers of the games being discussed join in. And by the looks of the comments by those who have played this new game, they all seem to agree that it is pretty solid, good and quite fun to boot. Glad to hear and wish I had an iPod touch so I could try it out!



Kim_Jong-Il said:

Hey Luc, can I borrow your iPhone?
Anyway, I'll tell my friends about this. How much is it?



Kim_Jong-Il said:

LOL, "Jump into an exciting advanced war."
OK, me wants nao!! When does the WiiWare port come out? I refuse to pay for anything with an Apple logo on it.



Kawaiipikachu said:

You won't regret getting an iPod touch is got good games great music player & a pretty good web browser to take advantage of those hotspots
I'm even using my touch to type this right now



Kim_Jong-Il said:

@ Kawaii:
You won't regret getting a DSi is got good games great music player & a pretty good web browser to take advantage of those hotspots
I'm even using my DSi to type this right now



Yossarian said:

@Kim Jong-Il:
I thought about getting a DSi, but those crap DSi ads with has-been Aussie "celebrities" give me the poops. I can't justify the purchase on principle.



TwilightV said:

@ Post #9: I know right! That was exactly what I was thinking when I first looked at the pictures.



Adam said:

Yay for Luc!

Also, I can't help but laugh at one or two of the user responses in that thread he linked -- people complaining about the high price of Five Dollars. And I thought I was tight with my money!

Rest assured, I'll buy this game for more than $5 if necessary when it comes to a Nintendo console.





Buy an iPod touch 2G. It works better than any of the iPhones for games (except the upcoming iPhone 3G S), and is a lot cheaper. There are no expensive data and cell plans to be forced to sign up for. The only downside is that you lose the mic, 3G (which costs $30 a month on the iPhone though, and you are not able to buy one from a store without signing up for that plan), GPS, and the phone functionality, but you get pretty much everything else.

If you like the DSi, you would LOVE a Touch.



AlexSays said:

So trust me they will be coming faster than EC

It's not hard to travel faster than a speed of zero.



Pegasus said:

"...people complaining about the high price of Five Dollars. And I thought I was tight with my money!"

No kidding. Every now and again I browse through the app store catalog for the heck of it - I may get an iPod Touch eventually; probably when it gets its next update - and it is fairly common to see those kind of comments for games selling for more than two dollars. How much again did they pay for their fancy toy? Spoiled brats.



DaVeMaN99 said:

Hm i might get this for my ipod Touch.
Just downloaded Peggle, iDracula and Doodle Jump, so far all fantastic.
And for people with iphones or ipod touches, Peggle is only 99 cents, went down from 5 dollars. What a steal though seriously. I think price is only 99 cents for couple more days, so instead of buying that chocolate bar, get Peggle.
"Ad over "



Tannman42 said:

If the game looks this good on the ipod touch I wonder how good it'll look on WiiWare and DsiWare?



Hardy83 said:

I need an Ipod touch.

People can bash the game quality all they want, but it's a million billion times better then DSiWare and always will be, considering the best DSiWare games are mostly on the App store anyways.



Kidpit said:

Seems interesting, I'll have to pick it up once I get an iPod touch (which, given my finical situation, may be for a long time).



Kim_Jong-Il said:

@ Yossarian
I was just pissing off Kawaii. He has this principle hatred against the DSi because it's a stopgap system. I'm not buying a DSi either, because they cost more than double was a (second hand) Lite does.

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