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Lead the Meerkats Coming To WiiWare

Posted by Corbie Dillard

New WiiWare title to simulate the life of the Meerkat.

Lapland Studio and Inaria Interactive have just announced that their new title Lead the Meerkats is on its way to Nintendo's WiiWare service.

A snippet from the official press release can be found below, along with the official trailer for the game.

Inaria Interactive® today revealed Lead The Meerkats(TM), the first game to simulate the exciting life of meerkats. By taking advantage of Wii(TM) and its unique and intuitive controllers, the player is trust into the lively and endearing world of meerkats. As a pack leader the player enjoys the company of these curiously interesting creatures and all their trials and tribulations. The game offers extremely fun and engaging gameplay experiences for Wii players of all ages.

In Lead the Meerkats(TM) you are a young meerkat and you have a lot to accomplish. You have been separated from your pack and the time has come for you to form your own meerkat pack. Name your pack and meerkats. Dig a network of burrows and enlarge your territory. Forage for food and grow your pack size. Stand guard and be ready to make quick decisions on the run. Run to the safety of your burrows or stand and fight your enemies. Go head to head with a rival meerkat pack. Lead your pack to victory and rule the savanna. Are you ready for the challenge?

"We are excited to unveil the first details of Lead The Meerkats", said Ilkka Immonen, CEO of Lapland Studio. "We have been very happy to work with Nintendo on this project and we continue to work hard with this game to create something different that is fun and rewarding to play. Inaria Interactive has perfectly positioned to make this a success and we already planning the release of new exciting news about ourselves."

We'll have more information on Lead the Meerkats as it becomes available, as well as a full review when the game hits the WiiWare service.

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SpookyGirl said:

Awwwww that looks adorable!! If the gameplay is fun, i'll definitely throw some Wii points at this...



Philip_J_Reed said:

@Jerichoholic Josh:'re kidding, right?

Either you've never played Pikmin, or you've never played an animal sim. Either one needs to be rectified immediately!



Link79 said:

Dig a tunnel, Dig Dig a tunnel. Quick before the Hyena come. Ha ha reminds me of Lion King 1 1/2. Finally a game starring Timon! But where's Pumba?



Sean_Aaron said:

That does look much better than I would have imagined -- this is a WiiWare game? Sounds nice!



FroguinZX said:

Umm... I expect there will be a HEALTHY amount of options, right? Or you will definitly lose me.



jpfan1989 said:

Its Meekat Manor: THE GAME!!
It does look cute something I might look into... after FF4+DLC, Sword and soldiers, Icarian and Cave Story



accc said:

The music in the trailer sounds extremely similar to the music in Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter.



Crazed said:

The video actually made me intrigued. At first, I thought this was going to be a horrible juvenile version of Meerkat Manor, but the video made me re-consider. Hopefully it becomes quite good, since I know some people in my family would absolutely love it.



y2josh said:

@Chicken Brutus:
Never played an "animal sim" before. First time I've ever seen another point and click game so close to pikmin's point and clickiness



Atlantis1982 said:

I wouldn't call this a Sim, but I wouldn't call it a Pikmin ripoff, but I can some potential. Am I interested in getting it? No, but it has potential.



Djungelurban said:

Odd one there. At first glance it kinda reminded me of SimAnt which honestly isn't a good thing really. But it doesn't seem to suffer from the same control issue that plagued that game so I don't know, maybe it'll actually turn out kinda decent.



SeniorDingDong said:

This game has potential. I just hope there is a zoom funcion to get a better view on that cute meerkats.

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