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GameCenter CX To Hold 24-Hour Gaming Marathon

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Show taking fan requests.

Shinya Arino, star of Japanese TV show GameCenter CX (which served as the source material for the stellar Retro Game Challenge), is no stranger to long and torturous gaming sessions. Good thing then, because he's got another one coming up! A really long one.

According to the show's official blog (via Kotaku):

Finally... Really... Truly... a live 24-hour broadcast has been decided.

So far, no details of what games he'll be playing are set, but the show is taking fan requests for what to put him through. Poor guy.


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Adam said:

Simon's Quest, though unfortunately he wouldn't have the bad translation to slow him down.



Machu said:

The only game I managed to play for 24hrs was Wind-Waker, but I cheated n' had little naps whilst on the boat (waking up to cannon-fire or a tornado).

They should give him 'lets catch', see how long before his arm falls off. Why's he doing this btw?



Pastry said:

He should run through Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga or maybe Super Metroid.



Starwolf_UK said:

I take it he has already done all the obvious kousage (sp?), otherwise I can bet you he'll end up playing at least one of them



Sean_Aaron said:

@Machu: Well he's a comedian and therefore a bit of a celebrity, so I expect anything that keeps him in the public eye and therefore bankable is a good thing, no?

Certainly beats going to a jungle with a lot of has-beens and put through torture just to get on telly!



Machu said:

Yeah, or 'singing' on stage in the hope of fame.


EDIT: Good luck to him, if I could make money doing that, i'd be sorted!!
EDIT EDIT: If you need a game-slave NL, wink wink, nudge nudge.

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