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Exclusive: The Conduit Wallpaper

Posted by Anthony Dickens

SEGA throw us a bone with an exclusive The Conduit wallpaper for you all to enjoy.

We know you know all about the game, it's due for release shortly and we're all starting to get quite excited. A number of our staff have now played the game (briefly) and expect great things when the finished game finally hits our Wii. For those whom are oblivous to the whole thing, here's a recap:

The Conduit takes players into a dark story in Washington D.C. after a vicious alien invasion has rocked the country. An organisation called the Trust has sent in Secret Service agent, Mr. Ford, to go up against the insect-like alien race known as “The Drudge.” Armed with an array of futuristic weaponry and an intelligence-gathering device simply called the “All-Seeing Eye,” players follow an intricate maze filled with conspiracy, shady government activity and terrifying aliens.

Spooky. Now here at Nintendo Life we recognise that nearly every cool computer screen needs an equally cool wallpaper, in fact did you even realise we HAD a wallpapers section. No? It's true, we've neglected it recently, but intend to throw up a heap load more over the summer to make up for it.

In the mean time, take a break from those scantily-clad women and treat yourself to a lovely The Conduit wallpaper available in 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1280x800 and some others.

Our thanks to SEGA for making it possible!


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paulcmnt said:

Uuu, a wallpaper.
Anyway, can't wait for this game, but I guess it's going to take another month until it arrives here. At least I'll get a chance to get a component cable and enjoy the game at its full potential.

(I wrote this on the Internet Channel -- this takes forever.)



antdickens said:

@diego_pmc, I know it's not very exciting for everyone but SEGA giving us exclusive assets and goodies is good recognition for our hard work



Mik said:

I've read a few reviews of this recently, and I've got to say that I'm bitterly disappointed. I've seen high 70s and low 80s and nowhere near the classic status that's been hyped up. Albeit, I'll still get this game, but not as it comes out. I even cancelled my pre-order



paulcmnt said:

@pHaT-aNt_ Don't get me wrong, I like it, but you know...
@Mik I only know of the Nintendo Power review, which gave the game an 8 (which is pretty good). Even though the story isn't going to be that great, I'll still buy this just for the multiplayer alone.



Wiiloveit said:

On a slightly related topic, I wish my screen wasn't 1280x800. 1280x720 would be much better, since I won't get borders when viewing widescreen movies and whatnot. Anyways, nice wallpaper. I got the, erm, Mario Kart one

EDIT: One problem I have with this wallpaper is that the stuff on the bottom gets half covered up by my start bar. I wish people would think of this when creating wallpapers.



sirgrim said:

Yeah Nintendo Power called it the best FPS on the Wii. Obviously it's horrible! That, and NP hates everything but Pokemon. I suspect we'll see a few 9 at least. The 6.5 review was fake.



Betagam7 said:

Has anyone at Nintendo-life been able to determine whether the PAL version of this game will have a 60hz version and won't be a horrible bordered 50hz mess like the PAL version of Madworld was. Until I see confirmation I won't be preordering any SEGA games for Wii.



Corbs said:

Mine is 1280 x 800 as well, and my Mac Dock covers up the bottom portion and my menu covers up some of the top. I had to edit my Starfy wallpaper a bit to make it look just right.



antdickens said:

@Betagam7, we can try and find out for you if you wish. Remember that MadWorld and Conduit are completely different games from different developers, both are only published by SEGA. We're pretty sure it'll have proper 60hz support.



Ian_Daemon said:

I pre-ordered The Conduit and I hope that the single player mode is decent. (Of course the multiplayer [online deathmatch] is almost worth the purchase price alone.)

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