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Exclusive Red Steel 2 footage

Posted by James Newton

Get your eyes on the real-time opening for Ubi's new title.

If you've read our exclusive hands-on preview of Red Steel 2, you'll know I came away very impressed by the game's cel-shaded graphics. Nothing beats the ability to watch them in action yourself though, and earlier today Ubisoft revealed the game's opening scene to the public.

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Until the fade-to-black this is all in-game footage, with the player's viewpoint easily moveable even whilst being dragged behind a motorbike. Smooth, fast and high resolution - it's impressive to see this level of detail on the Wii. What do you think of Ubi's update to the series?


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WolfRamHeart said:

WOW!!! Awesome!!! Great footage and great job on getting this for us Nintendo Life! You guys rock!!!



Damo said:

You've got James to thank for this. He visited Ubisoft last week and has been in constant contact with the developer, working hard to secure assets for all you lovely people. Enjoy.



ToneDeath said:

Is this REALLY real-time? I mean, GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY!
Finally, third parties are making Wii games with Wii graphics. Who woulda thunk it? Shame Factor 5 never got a stab (assuming they're really dead).



Modern_Legend said:

also a shame that such a good game has no local multiplayer meaning i cant share the fun with friends or have a will to buy it



Chatham said:

This game has no multiplayer at all! But the graphics clearly explain why split-screen (and even online) isn't possible. If that was truly in-game, my Wii might catch fire if those same graphics were online!



Modern_Legend said:

@chatham ok ya i understand but i meant local not online, i mean 4 people at my house like at my birthday in a few weeks playing an fps beside me so i can headshot and laff at that type of thing, no game other than quantum of solace is allowing me to have that glory. i really wish the conduit had it, gudness howcome every other console gets it, they have a surplus of local, we have none for fps



James said:

Before the week's out we'll have exclusive interviews with the game's Creative Director Jason Vandenberghe and and Lead Game Designer, Roman Campos Oriola.

As for the graphics - yes, they are 100% real-time until it fades to black about 2:07. In fact, you get your reticule on screen and have to shoot the rider off the motorbike yourself! On the huge TV I played it on, it looked amazing. Very, very nice looking game.

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