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E3: New Wii Mario Game In The Works?

Posted by Damien McFerran

Plus more Wii Fit for you old timers

The E3 rumour-mill is in full swing now and one of the more interesting bits of speculation is related to an all-new Mario adventure on the Wii.

Japanese news service Nikkei has reported that everyone's favourite Italian plumber will be returning to the Wii before the year is out. The report also claims that a new version of Wii Fit is on the way which promises online fitness battles with other users and "gentle exercises" for the elderly. Sounds like a hoot!

We'll be bringing you more E3-related goodness as the news starts to break. Keep those eyes peeled.


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MegaMan3Dude said:

if not then this mario game will be the new mario game for wii 2 the samething happend for mario 128



Starwolf_UK said:

Well one day (fine! 1 day and 7? hours unless its shown at the Miyamoto + Nintendo Presentation then its like 36 hours...) until we know the truth.

Still given the source is Japanese one thing comesto mind: Ever heared of Chinese Whispers?



xesbeth said:

I don't care about a Mario 73574!

Where are F-Zero (Wii) and Metroid (2D on DS)? Not good sales for Nintendo? This E3 is going to be an another disappointement to me...on Nintendo's side.



KDR_11k said:

Noone knows what kind of Mario game this'll be, most likely it's one of the spinoffs.



jkgatling said:

a new mario game sounds good.

but then again a new starfox or maybe a ressurection of the DKC series would be a whole lotta better



pixelman said:

LOL if Mario is announced, everyone's like "What about Zelda?", and if Zelda is announced, its "What about Mario?"



Mike1 said:

About time Nintendo decided to work on a Mario or Zelda game instead of the usual soccer mom crap.



Adam said:

We already had a Mario built for the Wii. I don't think it's unreasonable to say What about Zelda? Hopefully they'll at least show a video of the new Zelda or tell us something about it.

Also online exercise battles? What?



Lotice-Paladin said:

It's good to hear a new Mario game but what about the Kirby franchise? It's been too long since he's had his own game.



Nintendophile said:

We haven't seen two Mario games in one generation since the original NES! I'd love to see this happen!
(Note; Handheld gaming notwithstanding.)



Megumi said:

I'm hoping it could be a Super Mario Bros.
But they said a sequel to Galaxy so it's gonna be another 3D game, ah well...that's fine too. lol



minimario_man said:

It might be a spinoff, since mario & luigi 3 has been released in japan, I wouldn't be suprised if it was a mario rpg. Also for all we know other clasics like zelda and f-zero could be anounced at E3. I am personly looking foward to an original concept, I want nintendo to amaze me like they did with pikmin.



The_Fox said:

Let's hope it isn't another Mario Party title. That series has sucked for years.



deadly_by_design said:

I'd like something a bit more traditional, or at least with the 2p doing more than shooting stars and ruining jumps.



astarisborn94 said:

Actually, I like to see another Mario Party. If they've been working on the next game for two years, this could actually be an decent entry that we'll keep playing. Personally, I think Mario Party 9 would be an great game to show off at E3, at least it isn't every year this time around.



mariofan5000 said:

If this is Mario Party 9 then Mario Party 1 should come out for the VC soon. This could also be Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games.



Viral said:

I tried to keep my eyes peeled but it hurt when the eyelid almost came off.



Kid_A said:

If Nintendo are truly concerned about boosting sales, it will be a Mario platformer. I've never heard of anyone buying a Nintendo console just to get mario party.



rustythekid said:

wii fit mario? that's something....

EDIT: I misread it haha.

Ok, I want mario again... please be a 2.5 platformer. PLEASE!



Modern_Legend said: not really excited, rather see zelda or new ips (especially new fps ones outside of HVS...)more than mario. I really just want a good local multplayer fps, i think ive said this too many times here lol

EDIT: I actually would want to see any good local player games, fps is best right now since thats the least, but ya a new f-zero with 4 player damo....wud be lookin good, don't forget starfox! Starfox could integrate dogfighting in the air, and fps action on the ground, and tank battles xD maybe having all that would be too gud xD



Kizzi said:

Yes! I hope its a sequel to Galaxy.
Mario Party 9 would be cool too.



calculon said:

Looking at IGN's curtain snapshots, you can bring out what looks like Super Mario Bros Wii with a strong contrast filter applied - the other image appears to be a I'm going with a 2/2.5D platformer.

But the real question (other than to appease everyone whose brain is stuck back in the 90's) is WHY? Unless of course it's a WiiWare title - after all, Nintendo did drop something about expecting games that we wouldn't usually see on the service. Maybe Super Mario Bros Wii is Nintendo's first attempt to push a large scale (i.e. bigger than 344 blocks excluding DLC) title for the service. How cool would that be?! It would certainly attract a lot more people to make use of the service too.




Mario Galaxy is sooooo good, it may be a little hard to top so soon after it's release. I really hope they continue the retro trend that they had with WarioLand Shake It. I would love a new 2D Super Mario Bros. with some shake, point, and tilt controls to make the game feel new.

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