E3 2009: Wii Vitality Sensor is Revealed

Nintendo - inventing ways to play that you never knew you wanted.

If like Master Higgins you find yourself constantly running low on vitality then this might be a must-have Wii Remote add-on for you. For everyone else it might seem a little pointless.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed the contraption at this year’s E3 but he neglected to reveal what application it would be used for, he just muttered something about it being used to gain information relating to a person’s “inner world”. No mention of a release date was made, perhaps it will ship with the inevitable release of Wii Fit 2 or something?

Anyway here are some press shots featuring some beautifully unblemished, wrinkle-free hands. What applications do you think the Wii Vitality Sensor could be used for? An Eternal Darkness Wiimake springs to mind.




[via kotaku.com]

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