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E3 2009: Nintendo's Announcements

Posted by Anthony Dickens

New games announced for Wii include Wii Fit Plus, New Super Mario Bros, Metroid, and Super Mario Galaxy 2, for DS we'll be seeing the new Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and WarioWare DIY.

Reggie and co took the stage earlier today to announce the latest games and gizmos that we'll be yearning over for the coming twelve months.

Wii Fit Plus (2009)

Wii Fit™ attracted millions of new players to the world of video games, and now Wii Fit Plus offers a range of new features and enhancements, along with exercises and balance games designed to keep workouts fun. Players will find an additional dimension to the Wii Fit experience as they easily set their own customized daily workout routines or choose 20-, 30- or 40-minute workouts based on how much time they have available. Users will also be able to choose from specialized workout routines that help players strive toward specific objectives, like toning tummies, tightening arms or even reducing stress. Workouts combine the original Wii Fit activities and selections from 15 new balance games and six new strength training and yoga activities. Wii Fit Plus will come packed with the Wii Balance Board™ accessory, and also will be sold separately as software for people who already have a Wii Balance Board at home. Both will be available in fall 2009.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii (2009)

Developers at Nintendo have dreamed of creating a simultaneous multiplayer Super Mario Bros. game for decades. The Wii console finally makes that dream come true for everyone this holiday season. Now players can navigate the side-scrolling worlds alone as before or invite up to three others to join them at the same time on the same level at any point in the game for competitive and cooperative multiplayer fun in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. With the multiplayer mode, the newest installment of the most popular video game franchise is designed to bring yet another type of family entertainment into living rooms and engage groups of friends in fast-paced Super Mario Bros. fun.

Wii Sports Resort (2009)

Wii Sports Resort is an immersive, expansive active-play game that includes a dozen fun resort-themed activities. It maintains the wide-ranging appeal that attracted millions to the original Wii Sports. Wii Sports Resort is easy to pick up and play, but comes coupled with deeper levels of play that are sure to challenge even the most experienced gamers. Wii Sports Resort whisksplayers away to a resort that’s full of action, while introducing an unprecedented experience inphysical reality. Wii Sports Resort comes bundled with a Wii MotionPlus™ accessory to provideplayers the most realistic, immersive experience possible – the slightest tilt, turn and twist of the Wii Remote™ controller is recognized. From the moment players skydive onto Wuhu Island, they’re presented with a huge selection of fun activities that everyone can play.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)

This upcoming adventure for the Wii console marks the first time a second 3-D Mario game has arrived in the same console generation. In the game, Mario rides his trusty dinosaur companion, Yoshi™, to new stars and the fantastic worlds found there. This 3-D platforming adventure provides longtime video game fans with a fresh round of out-of-this-world challenges in the style introduced in the critically acclaimed original. The game is planned for 2010.

Metroid: Other M (2010)

Nintendo showcased a trailer for a new installment in its acclaimed Metroid franchise for the Wii console. Metroid: Other M marks an unprecedented collaboration with world-renowned developers Team Ninja, and provides fans with high-energy, action-packed game play as it delves deeper into the back story of famed deep-space bounty hunter Samus Aran. This game is scheduled for release in 2010.

Wii Vitality Sensor (TBC)

Nintendo’s newest groundbreaking product, the Wii Vitality Sensor, expands the appeal of video games. It will initially sense the user’s pulse and a number of other signals being transmitted by their bodies, and will then provide information to the users about the body’s inner world.

Then for Nintendo's handheld console Nintendo announced a few new features, such as Facebook photo integration and some details about some new games:

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (2009)

Nintendo revealed Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, a new chapter to the popular role-playing franchise that places players into the belly of the beast – literally. Players will get to enjoy trademark hilarious dialogue in the fall of 2009 as they juggle two concurrent storylines. Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story is playable on the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi systems.

Golden Sun DS (2010)

After going dark six years ago, 2010 will see a new dawn. Golden Sun DS updates the popular portable Golden Sun role-playing series with an impressive graphical style. This installment follows the story of the previous heroes’ descendants and immerses players into the magic of its adventure by pushing the boundaries of intuitive touch-screen controls. Golden Sun DS is playable on the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi systems.

WarioWare D.I.Y.

This game, which puts the concept of user-generated content on center stage, allows players to design their own micro-games from scratch. Every element, such as the characters, the environment, the actions and even the purpose of the micro-game itself, is controlled entirely by the player. Players will then be able to share their completed micro-games with other WarioWare D.I.Y. owners. The latest game in the WarioWare™ series is playable on the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi systems.

We'll be updating this page very shortly with all the info direct from Nintendo.

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seanehawk said:

Words cannot describe how dissapointing that conference was. some parts were enjoyable though.



noname said:

i miss a new zelda for the wii but there is a new super mario, metroid prime, super mario bros and warioware so i'm happy (i already have mario and luigi rpg 3 sow i didn't care for that)



Caliko said:

Words can't describe how disappointing hardcore gamers are.

I say screw these crybabies. Games should be announced when they're ready.



KDR_11k said:

Well, a lot of that stuff was known beforehand so there were few surprises...



Caliko said:


These "T3H HardC0r3Z!" are a bunch of crybabies. I've been excited since last E3!! And Zelda will be announced when it's ready.



pixelman said:

Wow. The Metroid trailer was insane, Galaxy 2 looks amazing, New Super Mario Bros Wii looks fun.

Now whine and complain about no Star Fox and Zelda, idiots.



Knux said:




Caliko said:

Haha @ pixelman these idiots think if it's not announced at E3 it doesn't exist. Half of these games have been in development for years(New Metroid/Mario)



WolfRamHeart said:

Okay, while the news of 2 new Mario games, a new Golden Sun and a new Metroid game is certainly way beyond awesome, the rest of Nintendo's E3 conference left me disappointed and wanting more! Is it really wrong to want more of a good thing?! For me there was no real surprises just what everyone was already expecting from Nintendo. This year's conference was definitely better than last year but clearly not their best. I was hoping Nintendo would blow both Microsoft and Sony away but sadly I don't feel they accomplished that this year. I will always love Nintendo but they just let me down this time! Oh well, at least there is still plenty of great games coming out this year from Nintendo!



Starwolf_UK said:

New Mario and Metroid is disappointing?
Mario Galaxy 2 is likely to be a world away and the Metroid game I need to see more to be convinced it isn't Ninja Gaiden with Samus. As for New Super Mario Bros 2, I can imagine it won't have Wi-Fi (they'd have mentioned it otherwise).

Though this is coming from someone who hasn't played Super Mario Galaxy or New Super Mario Bros so maybe playing those would get me excited...

Also not everything was shown at the conferance (where was Sin & Punishment 2). Also there might be surprised with the Nintendo media briefing (which won't be live streamed).

No real surprises!
You mean you saw the Wii Vitality Sensor coming



Gavin_Rozee said:

A new Metroid! That looks incredibly cinematic and epic.


Plus a Galaxy sequel!? YEAHHHHHHHH!

Where was Miyamoto at?



Drake said:

I don't see how people can call it disappointing when Galaxy 2 was announced. This is the first time ever that there's 2 3D Mario platformers on a Nintendo console!



pixelman said:

The Metroid game looks like its Samus's origins. Plus she talks! VO ftw. It looks insane, I can sooooooooo not wait.



Atlantis1982 said:

Its nice to know that some of you gamers are never going to be satisfied. Honestly, (Censored) off.



Caliko said:

"Mario Galaxy 2 is likely to be a world away..."

Funny thing is you "H@rdC0r3" gamers want news sooner than it should be unveiled. Hypocrisy at its finest.

""the Metroid game I need to see more to be convinced it isn't Ninja Gaiden with Samus."

SERIOUSLY DUDE?? Were you even paying attention?? ITS TEAM NINJA, instead of Retro. Y'know the guys who created Viewtiful Joe/ Dead or Alive.



nagareboshi said:

Hmm. Sadly no exact release date for Flipbook Studio and WarioWare DYI. Always taking way too long.



Ricardo91 said:

Pretty good conference if you ask me. It sucks not to hear more details about Zelda Wii or Sin & Punishment 2, but I like what I see. New Mario Galaxy and new (assumedly 2D) Metroid? HEEEELZ YEEEAAAH!!

@Caliko. Ummm... Clover made Viewtiful Joe, bud.

@Wiiboy. Thanks for sharing that with us.



Atlantis1982 said:


You could of just said Hypocrisy and that would define these whiny gamers.

They wanted a new Mario game, they got four new ones coming and they still bitch and moan.

They got a new Zelda game, and they bitch and moan.

A VERY unexpected collaboration with Team Ninja for the next Metroid game, that most want anyway, and they still bitch and moan.



pixelman said:

Woah, what's Retro Studios doing, then? Perhaps we can expect a Star Fox teaser later this week?



McGruber said:

I thought the press conference was good. Would have been even better had most of the games already been confirmed before the press conference. Metroid M and Mario Galaxy look amazing. We will get another Zelda eventually. I still want to see innovative new Kirby, Star Fox, Donkey Kong, Pikmin, and F-Zero games.



Caliko said:

@ Atlantis

Well last year they were like "Zomg!! No NEW MARIO?!?!? I HATE YOU NINTENDO!!"

Just because it isn't announced at E3 doesn't mean it's been abandoned. You know how much money Nintendo makes off Zelda and Mario?? And your gonna tell me they aren't working on those?

This year a new mario is announced and they still cry. I'm sick of these people.



Caliko said:


Unfortunately they might have been let go. This is a trend at Nintendo and one you should expect.

First Rare, then Silicon Knights and now Retro?? Possibly.

But nevertheless Nintendo always hires a REALLY incredible 2nd Party and Team Ninja is incredible.



Ricardo91 said:

@People who think this conference was a disappointment. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU PEOPLE WANT!?!?

@Caliko. Fanboys are always finding something to complain about. That's why they're fanboys. Nintendo could buy back Rare and they still bitch about it.



Knux said:

I"M SUPER HAPPY,WOOT!! If you don't like what Nintendo announced,you got a problem!!



Starwolf_UK said:

I'm not whiny I'm just not super exited like you people are. Maybe I'm too old for this...

SERIOUSLY DUDE?? Were you even paying attention?? ITS TEAM NINJA, instead of Retro. Y'know the guys who created Viewtiful Joe/ Dead or Alive.
I'm sorry you cannot read. Take a look at this list:
CTRL+F Ninja Gaiden

Now do you get why I'm saying Ninja Gaiden with Samus?

They got a new Zelda game, and they bitch and moan.
Firstly "they" didn't know what they wanted. Personally, I can see why a sequel to what is generally percived as the worst Zelda game isn't setting the world alight.



Gavin_Rozee said:

Metroid Other M looked like a mix of 2.5D sidescrolling, 3D 3rd person adventuring and 3D first person shooting. I seriously cannot wait. Maybe you even get to play as Zero Suit Samus ala Metroid Zero Mission? Lot's of hot female characters in that trailer. Incredible.



SwerdMurd said:

Team Ninja rocks. Ninja Gaiden DS is absolutely one of the best DS games i own, and in terms of action-games, it's far ahead of the pack. Anything they touch turns to gold (loooooved heavenly sword, especially on hell mode where you actually could get killed! )

Them + Metroid = permagasm



Atlantis1982 said:


For the core audience, it is an improvement, but I still feel '06 was their defining year, but this was a good conference.

I am once again hyped for Wii Sports Resort, and I FINALLY have a 1st game to really look forward (err second party): Metroid Other M.



Starwolf_UK said:

I must say it was one of best Nitnendo's E3 conference IMO.
I prefered 2006. This year would have been better if some of the surprises weren't spoiled (namely New Super Mairo Bros Wii), some definitve dates (eh? at no moving memo date...its only the most requirest bit of DSiWare).

I'm looking forward to seeing what Nintendo didn't show at that conferance.



thewiirocks said:

I'm sorry, I laughed out loud when Iwata presented the Vitality Sensor. I just imagined saying to someone, "Here, stick your finger in here! Trust me, it's fun!"

New Metroid + 2 New Marios + Mario & DK isn't bad. Unfortunately, I came away feeling like there was nothing I really wanted. All the properties they announced have been tread and retread on the Wii & DS. Where's some of their other stuff like Star Fox or FZero?

No Wave Race or Pilot Wings, but I'm more convinced than ever that they're coming. Anyone see the parachute sequence? That was exactly the type of thing I had in mind when I said Wii Sports Resort would have flying games. i.e. The stuff that you'd expect to see in Pilot Wings.

Nintendo probably wants to wait until Resort sells like hotcakes before offering Wave Race and Pilot Wings.

The bow and arrow were very interesting. Shadows of a new Zelda title? Maybe?



Caliko said:

That's like saying since Nintendo makes Zelda, Wii Sports Resort might just be another Zelda.

far from the truth.



TheEmulationZones said:

Yes! Finnaly News About Mario & Luigi RPG 3 Wich Is Mario & Luigi : Bowser Inside Story ?! I Thought Mario & Luigi : The Chronicles Of Three
(would be mutch better) SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2 ??!! NMBS FOR WII ? and i already knew about the new metroid! When is The New Wario Ware coming to europe ?



RevolverLink said:

Where on Earth were Pikmin and Retro Studios?

sigh Still, it was an improvement over last year and it's not like I didn't get to stuff that appealed to me. Galaxy 2 and Metroid look particularly awesome (as does the archery game in Wii Sports Resort).



thewiirocks said:

@Starwolf_UK - Cammie did say that Moving Notepad (excuse me, flip book something something) is coming out this summer. So sometime within the next 3 months. That's firmer than we had before.

Speaking of Cammie, she did a better job this year. Getting rid of the creepy fake smile helped a lot. Her biggest problem was that she kept doing the robot rather than gesturing. (Get your elbows away from your body, woman!)

And she needs to drop her arms when not using them. She looked like a maitre'd, walking around with a cloth hanging from her arm. Especially in that (surprisingly stylish) white suit.

As I said, she did better. But Nintendo could really make an effort to train her better. Clothing makes the woman, but it only goes so far. Coach her a bit and she could actually (gasp) be an effective presenter.



Starwolf_UK said:

That's like saying since Nintendo makes Zelda, Wii Sports Resort might just be another Zelda.
What an excelent analogy. Where do I start? Prehaps it would have worked if Wii Sports Resort had a similar look and feel. You're trying to use apples and bananas to prove that oranges and oranges wearing power suits are not oranges.

I'm seirously hoping it isn't Ninja Gaiden with Samus and how do we find out? Gameplay impressions Roll on the show floor (if it is even playable)



PopeReal said:

I don't really care about the presentations or all that stuff, I'm just interested in what games are announced. And the new Metroid looks epic.



PopeReal said:

I don't really care about the presentations or all that stuff, I'm just interested in what games are announced. And the new Metroid looks epic.



Starwolf_UK said:

Here is a list of games on the show floor:
Yeah Picross 3D, Line Attack Heroes, Professor Layton 2 and a whole bunch of others I thought were lost in localisation. Still I bet there will be big lines Animal Crossing™ Clock

Can't help but think, couldn't they have crammed some trailers for these into the conferance somewhere...



Supermarioman said:

E3 was really great, well it still is since it is still on. I am extremely excited about several new Nintendo games. Here is what I now have to look foward to now officially Super Mario Galaxy 2, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Metroid: Other M, Sin and Punishment 2, Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, Final Fantasy Crytsal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, Golden Sun DS, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Redsteel 2, Dead Space: Extraction, all of High Voltage Softwares projects, and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Damn those are a lot of great titles. The casual games were a little upsetting to me, but why in the hell do they need to show Wii Sports: Resort again????



Kirk said:

That conference was so boooooooooooring and slow.

There were a couple of decent games shown and Wii Sports Restor and M+ looked really solid but other than that zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

And WTF was up with dedicating any time at all to that stupid Vitality Sensor, especially when they didn't even have a game to show us why the hell it might be good to use it in a game!



SD28821 said:

so Nintendo showed only the games they them selves are developing and yet some how this equals the only new wii games



SwerdMurd said:

would ninja gaiden with samus really be a bad thing? metroid style gameplay, coupled with a long-range-centric, more involved combat system? you're taking a great company and a great franchise...i'm not even leaving room for pessimism!

oranges wearing power suits have extra nutrients btw, you should try them. just be careful, if you crouch down, not to try to crouch a second time, or you'll end up in a ball...really hard on the spine!



MDee14 said:

You know NIntendo has a lot of ground to cover, they are literally a company that takes care of every gamer, from hardcore to newcomers. They actually told each gamer of each category, what games are coming for them. They are even bringing good qualities games next Monday, which no one saw coming, like Mario vs Donkey Kong for the DSiWare. Unlike the other companies that dish out one style of game, that would kill the interest quickly, Nintendo is showing you new things, that can relate to everyone. Soon enough everyone will have a ds or dsi and then you can play with someone on the bus or in the park.



minimario_man said:

This is not dissapointing, how can anyone say that when new mario, samus and golden sun was anounced! The casual games look cool aswell, I like the look of the wii balance board platform game!



Starwolf_UK said:

would ninja gaiden with samus really be a bad thing?
Probably not but it should give Team Ninja a chance to try something different so at worst it is a missed opportunity. With it not playable on the show it'll be a while yet until we find out how it plays.



abe8812 said:

New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2 announcements really got me all excited.



Pj1 said:

Sounds to me disappointing E3! the Mario titles sound good so does Metroid but we knew that was coming, So no DSi VC, no different coloured Wii's. I wonder if New Super Mario bros Wii is for Wii-ware or it's a separate title, if it's as good as the DS version it'll be excellent on a TV screen. Hopefully N-gamer and ONM will give E3 good coverage the picture becomes a bit clearer.



Dwarfer said:

I respect everyone's opinion, and of course everyone is entitled to their opinion. But I must say:

Wow. Some of you can simply not be pleased. Lighten up and stop complaining and moaning about every little thing Nintendo do. Golden Sun, Mario and Donkey Kong coming to the USA NEXT MONDAY, Wario Ware DSi, motion plus and Wii Sports resort being shown in all their glory, TWO new Mario games for the Wii and... A NEW 2D METROID (Nintendo fans have been begging for this for years). *If none of that interests you then it begs the question why you're on a website called Nintendo Life, maybe Playstation or XBOX Life would be better suited to your tastes?

Also people are complaining about no Wii Zelda, no Pikmin 3, no DSi VC etc. Let's face it, Nintendo aren't going to show everything all at once are they? In an alternate dimension Nintendo just showed the gaming world Pikmin 3, DSi VC, Kid Icarus and Zelda Wii. In that same dimension Nintendo Life visitors are moaning about no new Mario games and no new Metroid.

*Made somewhat in jest.



SanderEvers said:

2 new Mario games.. awesome.
New Metroid, really awesome!
New Golden Sun... wait.. BEYOND AWESOME!




4 mario games announced. Not even another trailer for ST, and no sign on the next zelda wii. wtf nintendo.



astarisborn94 said:

I myself was very pleased. I understand if you guys don't like it. Just please don't complain so much about it and/or make a Youtube video about Nintendo E3 2009, okay? We've seen enough of that ******** in responses on Nintendo E3 2008. Defindently a step up from last year, this confrence was very good, even better then E3 2007. Sadly, most hardcore gamers are going to be furious over the littlest things. However, I will be reviewing the confrence in the forum. Look forward to it!



KDR_11k said:

Aw, no Dynamic Slash. Some guy at Go Nintendo claimed it was confirmed for the US but it seemed he was joking and now I'll have to kill him.



Starwolf_UK said:

I think watching it live made it worse. It felt empty, the 6 people that showed up on stage (Iwata, Cammie, Reggie, Treehouse #1,#2 and #3) felt like robots scared to show emotion or passion. It is a totally different vibe to Microsofts and Sonys conferances.

Also the release schedule of the games is upsetting. While not everything you show has to be coming out soon Nintendo seemed to be extremely soon (Next week for Mario vs Donkey Kong) or sometime or other next year. The other conferances made up for that by showing third party games being live demoed by the people that worked on them. All Nintendo showed was trailers for a handful of them.




Nintendo-published games available to play on the show floor:


  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii™
  • Wii Fit™ Plus
  • Wii Sports Resort™
  • Sin and Punishment™ 2
  • Endless Ocean™ 2
  • Line Attack Heroes™
  • Span Smasher™


  • PictureBook Games™: Pop-Up Pursuit
  • You, Me & the Cubes™
  • Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
  • Icarian: Kindred Spirits
  • Sword & Soldiers
  • Military Madness: Nectaris
  • Cave Story

Nintendo DS:

  • The Legendary Starfy™
  • The Legend of Zelda™: Spirit Tracks
  • Fossil Fighters™
  • Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box™
  • Mario & Luigi™: Bowser’s Inside Story
  • Pokémon™ Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky
  • Style Savvy™
  • Glory of Heracles™
  • Golden Sun™ DS
  • Picross 3D™

Nintendo DSiWare:

  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong™: Minis March Again!
  • Flipnote Studio™
  • Animal Crossing™ Clock
  • Animal Crossing™ Calculator
  • Photo Clock
  • Mario™ Clock
  • Mario™ Calculator
  • Six in One Translator (working title)
  • Crash-Course Domo™
  • White-Water Domo™
  • Hard-Hat Domo™
  • Rock-n-Roll Domo™
  • Pro-Putt Domo™


Starwolf_UK said:

NOE put up a little bit about E3. Here is an except:
Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again! will be available in the Nintendo DSi Shop towards the end of the year.
WHAT? I thought these things were behind NOE.



Cthuloops said:

My main concerns here are Super Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid: Other M, Sin & Punishment 2, Icarian, BIT. TRIP: CORE, Cave Story, DJ Hero, and MAYBE Golden Sun DS. I'm one of the VERY few people it seems that didn't care much for Golden Sun, but I'm willing to give it another go.
I'm surprised that Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver didn't show up here like I expected. Then again, it's still only the 2nd day at E3.



RevolverLink said:

Hmm, looking at that list of Nintendo-published games, I wish Nintendo had talked more about Cave Story, Spirit Tracks, Picross 3D, Starfy and Professor Layton (as well as the Gold/Silver remakes). I'd have much rather spent my time hearing/seeing something, anything, about those games instead of the minutes wasted on Wii Vitality.




Wait a minute. Mario vs Donkey Kong 3 on DsiWare as well as all the other great stuff? What? Oh dell yes!!! YYEEEEAAARRRGHHHHSSSSSS!!! (Sorry)



WolfRamHeart said:

I want to thank Nintendo Life for all the great coverage of Nintendo E3 2009! Great job everyone!!!



siavm said:

How the hell was this one dissappointing? Not one, not two, not even three, but four mario games. And a really impressive looking metroid. This was a good one to me.



i8cookie said:

New SMB Wii, and multiplayer cooool!! Mario Galaxy 2, with yoshi CooOOOool!! Metroid might be alright, will have to see... but, no F-Zero... lame



IAmNotWill said:

E3 was great this year. 4 mario games! A metroid! Golden Sun! Im not even dissapointed about Zelda Wii.

They will probaly be announcing more stuff at TGS. And I heard that Nintendo was supposed to hold a Post E3 conference. I havent lost hope of DSi VC yet! But, why does everyone want a Kid Icarus. Its a old game, with not a big chance of being revived. I didnt even enjoy the game.



MarkyVigoroth said:

In my opinion, due to the tons of appeal of the new content (plus the fact that Made in Watashi Ore/WarioWare: You Made It! Made in Me Myself DIY got a real name), I do not find this E3 disappointing (as far as I know, given that I know little of this event and the E3 news caught me by surprise).

(I hope I can get DIY before my birthday...)

P.S. Due to the reports I have read, I wonder if DIY would get DSi adaptability...



aaronsullivan said:

Miyamoto shared a little bit about Zelda Wii behind closed doors with a select group. IGN says, "Most mature Link ever" Whatever that means (in his 40's or something? lol.) Most advanced swordplay yet, and may very well require Motion Plus. Miyamoto said something to the effect of "Think of Zelda while playing sword and archery in Wii Sports Resort."



aaronsullivan said:

Oops. Yeah... ahem. Refreshed this old page to see if anyone commented on the new Zelda, but there's a whole story for it here. Sorry bout that.



GamerZack87 said:

NintendoPurist and Daisy stand in the Birabuto Desert

NP: What's up with Mario?
Daisy: Oh, he's under pressure right now.
NP: Why?
Daisy: Well, he was hoping Nintendo would announce Game Boy games for the DSi Shop at E3 so he could rescue me from Tatanga again.
NP: It is a neat idea, after all. I mean, playing Link's Awakening again? Yes please, with a side order of Pokemon Sapphire!
Daisy: Yeah...anyway, Nintendo hasn't announced it yet.
NP: Still?
Daisy: Yeah.
NP: Never mind. I'm sure they'll launch the program outside Japan eventually...poor Mario, he looks like he could crack at any moment!

Mario runs into the Chibibo. A few seconds later, he appears next to NintendoPurist and Daisy.

Mario: DARN IT! That's what I get for eating five-thousand island 1-Up Mushroom salad last night!
NP: Calm down, buddy. I'm sure you'll get your chance to save Daisy again by the middle of next year.
Mario: You know, you're right! I'm gonna go home and eat five-thousand island 1-UP Mushroom salad till my stomach swells to celebrate! Thanks, NintendoPurist!

Mario dashes for the nearest Warp Pipe.

NP: Uh...won't that make him unfit, causing all the players to keep failing as though they'd never mastered the game in the first place?
Daisy: Yeah, but it'll probably be blamed on not playing the game in years.
NP: Guess so.

So don't despair gamers, for we should eventually have Game Boy games in the DSi Shop. It may not be now, but eventually, we will be eating five-thousand island 1-UP Mushroom salad...uh, that is to say...we will get our chance to relive Game Boy's finest moments again, and also for the first time in some cases!

I can't wait to try Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland myself!



Starwolf_UK said:

And I heard that Nintendo was supposed to hold a Post E3 conference
I believe it was confirmed that it was for Japanese retailers so that basically means no new news



greyelephant said:

Great job Nintendo. You covered plenty in the alotted time. If this is any idea with just how many great looking games are to come, you'll be #1 throughout 2010 as well.



Noire said:

Everything Nintendo showed looked great (with some exceptions cough Vitality Sensor cough), but Golden Sun DS absolutely blew me away. Really, Nintendo's conference could have been Reggie coming out and saying "Golden Sun DS confirmed" and that being the end. I still would have been exstatic.



Mario-Man-Child said:

Incredible E3 from Nintendo. 2 new mario games for wii. We already knew about Wii sports resort another must have game.
@Caliko - Not sure you totally understand what a hardcore gamer is because these games are for the hardcore Gamer.

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