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Dragon Quest IX Local Multiplayer In Action

Posted by Damien McFerran

Slay those monsters with the help of your closest pals

Japan is getting ready to be gripped by Dragon Quest fever with the upcoming launch of the latest instalment in the best-selling series, and as a result we're getting to see more and more of the game in action.

One of the most exciting aspects of the RPG title is the multiplayer mode. While it's only possible to play with friends locally using the DS wireless connection, the gameplay does look pretty enjoyable, as this video shows:

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There's still no word on a Western release, but the huge delay might have a positive outcome - perhaps Square Enix will add online multiplayer for us lucky westerners?


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NuevoVida said:

I'm very excited about this game and I hope it will come to the USA soon along with the UK. Hopefully it will receive a U.S. release in the Autumn. I'm also hoping it will have online game play via the Nintendo Wi Fi Connection.



pixelman said:

Graphics are great, and the gameplay looks fair. What is up with the angel things though?



Noire said:

Sweetness. Four-player RPG goodness? Sign me up. I do hope it gets online multiplayer in the West, though. I don't know anybody else who would buy this, unfortunately.



WolfRamHeart said:

This game looks SWEET! I don't play multi-player games too often but this will definitely be an exception!



CanisWolfred said: I can't imagine only controlling one guy in a turn-based game while you wait for everyone else to do something as being any fun. Unless you consider making everyone else wait as fun.



Slapshot said:

Sweet Im really looking foreword to getting this game. I just hope its not around $70 here in the States because if it is... I will be skipping out on this one

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