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Conduit Release Date Slips in EU

Posted by Sean Aaron

Expected 10 July.

The Conduit, everyone's favourite fantastic-looking first-person shooter featuring the All-Seeing Eye, was due to be released next Friday, completing a triumvirate of top Sega titles within the next ten days with Virtua Tennis 2009, Let's Tap, but sadly it's just been pushed back until Friday, July 10th.

Apparently the delay is due to localisation issues, although Sega reported to IGN that this will not affect the North American release date, due next week.

It's only pushed back by a couple of weeks, so panic is not required at this time


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Machu said:

Dagnammit whats going on? This is the second slip in as many weeks

Oh well, gives me some time to finish other games eh.



sirgrim said:

I heard it's so they can replace all the blood with jello, and aliens with fluffy bunnies.



Sean_Aaron said:

I was very much looking forward to getting this next Friday. I don't regret buying Wii Speak though because it was such a good deal.



Machu said:

@5. sirgrim

Don't even go there dude. I'm still surprised Madworld didn't feature spouting rainbows.



Shortay said:

Meh, I might have cared more if the game looked less generic and samey. I was really looking forward to it until I saw a substantial amount of media on it and now I probably won't even buy it.



nice_shirt said:

From what I've read about the game my enthusiasm has been substantially reduced to luke-warm. Looks like I'll be sticking to COD for my online face blasting or maybe not, we'll see how the final product turns out.



warioswoods said:

@Shortay, nice_shirt

Agreed, the level design does like pretty bland from everything I've seen, as the enemies look corny, and the story, etc. I'll probably wait off for a bit (even though I'm in the US and could get it pretty soon), see how the reaction is to its various online modes, and then consider a purchase. I'm not really an online-FPS kind of person anyhow, but having one good game of that genre with enough play modes -- assuming it is received well -- might be worth it eventually.



Sean_Aaron said:

I've used the delay to justify buying Captain Rainbow and another Classic Linker so it's not all bad!



Wiiloveit said:

@Sean Aaron: Nice idea! Now I've got the money to buy something else... maybe Tiger Woods or Virtua Tennis... or Klonoa!

ADDED: Just realised that Tiger Woods isn't even out here for over two more weeks. ROAR. Virtua Tennis it is, then...



MrPanic said:

I'm not in panic yet, but I am worried. This could be a start for more delays.



Ian_Daemon said:

"I heard it's so they can replace all the blood with jello, and aliens with fluffy bunnies."

@ sirgrim: I'd love that as an "easter egg" or an unlock!



nice_shirt said:

With the wii as my only next gen system I have to get this game no matter how bad it might be.





From the reviews the Conduit, it sounds like a "good" but "very generic" shooter to me. Still good to have it amongst the Wii game library I suppose



PhillepinO said:

You guys have got to be kidding me.

This game's full of hardwork and dedication by its developers. They deserve my support and I don't really care if it's "generic." I only care for the gameplay (which it excels in) and the robust online multiplayer.

The graphics I really don't care about, even though it's one of the best looking games on the Wii.

Unique weapons that can only be made possible for the wii is in this game. Wipe some "generic"ness of this game! Because it is less generic than other gamepad FPS shooters cough



Shortay said:

@PhillepinO: "I only care for the gameplay (which it excels in) and the robust online multiplayer" - I assume you've played the game to make a comment like that then. In that case, how are the multiplayer modes, especially the free for all ones? If the online's good I may consider this. Also, what makes the gameplay so good? The motion controls, or is the level design just really good?



Croz said:

All FPS = Generic (exceptions, Metroid Prime series & Timesplitters 2)



mrPlow said:

Damn, I was really looking forward for this, nobody likes delays

Chatham wrote:

@Sean (and all UK/EU peeps)
I'm sorry that I now have a huge upper-hand for online.

Thanks man, that's very kind of you to feel compassion... wait a minute! I smell sarcasm, we'll show yee in July



JimLad said:

It's getting closer to Wii Sports Resort, which to be honest excites me more.



timp29 said:

I woder if this will affect australia? Localisation shouldn't be an issue here since English is the only language they need to worry about...
EDIT: Nope Australian release is delayed as well. Too bad nintendo australia's official site is too neglected to have the release date changed.



burning_love said:

Yay!!! I feel sorry for Europe!!!!
now not much people are online!!!!!!!!
but i should start on the storyline first.....



Nero said:

The good thing is that I've seen on a few places that it will be getting a nice package and some other goodies. From

Box Contains
Embossed and silver-effect slip case.

20 page hints and tips guide which will be packed into the slip case alongside the standard boxed game
3 unlockable items, the codes for which will be printed on the back of the hints and tips guide.

  • Re-skinned all seeing eye
  • Agent skin for multiplayer
  • Drone skin for single player




I didn't say don't buy it ffs. I didn't say it "wasn't" good either did I?! A lot hard work goes into a lot of games that aren't really worth buying don't they?

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