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Car Jack Streets Coming To DSiWare?

Posted by Damien McFerran

iPhone GTA clone could be making the jump to Nintendo's handheld

Mobile phone developer Tag Games has posted an entry on its Twitter account which reveals that its Car Jack Streets title is coming to the Nintendo DSi.

The Grand Theft Auto clone - which has previously appeared on mobile phones and the iPhone, to much critical and commercial acclaim - would be a pretty good fit for DSiWare, although the poor retail performance of GTA: Chinatown Wars throws some doubt onto whether or not this is a smart business move.

It's not known if it will be a fully-blown retail release or a downloadable title, but the developer's mention of 'DSi' as opposed to 'DS' would suggest the latter.

We'll let you know as soon as we hear any more information.


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Objection said:

Hmm...this article is the FIRST in a while to remind me to get Chinatown Wars.



Hardy83 said:

I should've just got an Ipod touch. I was hoping for virtual console on the DSi and games that weren't paid demos and iphone ports... DSiWare has been an utter joke save less then half a handful of games.......Shame Nintendo.



KDR_11k said:

2D GTA was pretty fail but anyway, DSiWare probably doesn't have to do numbers like a retail game anyway.



PopeReal said:

Ummm, how long as the DSi been out again?

I don't know how you would expect more than a handful of games at this point.



J_K said:

Eh Chinatown Wars sucks unless you're into the endless Rockstar copy&paste game play and stages that just use a new coat of paint. I can't stand them anymore and got rid of the game as I got bored as it felt like I was doing GTA Advance again or something.

While this looks much the same, the handling of how it works and all can make a huge difference. I mean like Saints Row 2 is a good GTA like ripoff, but it does so much different and so well it's definitely not a bore, but it's also more approachable too.



Slapshot said:

GTA DS is the the first GTA ive enjoyed since San Adreas and Andreas was the first since London so This looks kinda cool especially if its only like 5 bucks.



Pegasus said:

Chinatown Wars was the first GTA I've enjoyed since the original two games. I just was never sold on these full-on 3D titles.



brandonbwii said:

It's interesting you feel that way about dsiware. Someone like me is only interested in about 10 games (if that) a year for all platforms. To me, liking "half a handful" is pretty impressive for a service that has only a handful of titles.



mjc0961 said:

Do not want. When I want to play a bastardized piece of crap, I'll pick up my cell phone. But when I want to play some actual video games, I'll pick up my DS. Why would they even consider putting crappy cell phone games on a real gaming system?

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