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BioWare Interested In Wii Development

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

CEO finds the prospect "intriguing."

With an install base of 50 million people world-wise, the Wii has become an increasingly difficult market for developers to ignore. Elder Scrolls and Fallout 3 devs Bethesda Softworks recently declared their interest in a game for Ninty's machine, and now another big dev is eyeing the potential money train.

BioWare, known action role-playing heavy hitters like Mass Effect, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and also DS title Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, find the prospect of a Wii game to be increasingly alluring, according to Ray CEO Muzyka.

We'd be intrigued by the idea of developing on Wii but we have nothing to announce right now. We do have some unannounced projects that we're not ready to talk about yet, and they are different from some things we've done in the past... Our goal, really long-term, is to broaden our base and continue to differentiate and have diversity of choice on different platforms, because we know there are different audiences on platforms like mobile and Wii, and different geographic markets and distribution and business models.

Maybe once they're finished hammering away on Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2 the company will reveal one of those unannounced projects and send some Wii owners into a fit of giddy.


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Tails said:

BioWare Welcome To Nintendo Hope yall can bring in some awesome Sales for the Wii



Edwin said:

"Our goal, really long-term, is to broaden our base" = make games that young children will like



hobbes said:

This could be good. I've enjoyed their DnD infinity engine games in the past and Neverwinter Nights. And I am currently playing KOTOR which is an excellent game in every sense of the word. I'm interested to see if the announce anything for Wii in the near future. If they do, I will definately follow the project.



brandonbwii said:

What's wrong with making a game young children will like? Speilburg did it and Nintendo does it all the time. Hitman creators are making Mini Ninjas and it looks far better than some of their previous works.



Adam said:

Did Edwin say it was a bad thing...? Personally, I think a good game will appeal to young children and adults.



brandonbwii said:

If he didn't mean as a bad thing then my apologees. Typically when someone posts on forums about games geared towards a young audience they're usually saying it's going to suck.

I do think a Wii game will be very different from the Bioware norm, but if you look at other big devs (Square Enix with MyLaaK and Crystal Bearers), different doesn't always equal bad.



Edwin said:

I didn't say that it would be bad, I just implied that I would be disappointed if this was the case since I generally don't like games that young children like.



Atlantis1982 said:

Wait a minute, Bethseda is now interested after making that remark about Wii being a toy (I know it is, but it was a demeaning comment)?



Sean_Aaron said:

Low outlay + potentially big sales = hard proposition to pass up.

I will be interested to see what both companies bring to the table; hopefully they'll take some of the cost savings from developing a title on the Wii and put it into marketing!



brandonbwii said:

Bioware has also said the demeaning Wii is only "sort of" a game console, as did Square Enix. That's just how they feel. Hopefully won't affect their future projects.

Most games on Nintendo platforms are geared towards kids 1st but end up appealing to a broader audience. I understand what you mean though, games for kids specifically are usually pretty bad.



danih said:

My god, something is moving here
I already fantasized about somebody making an RPG based on for example high voltage's quantum3 engine (conduit, grinder etc), but this might be even better!
Bioware and Bethesda both interested in this fills me with great hope!
I'd love an Elder Scrolls game for the Wii! No KOTOR though as I am sick of it, but something else from BioWare
Anything that is "normal" rpg and not that anime jrpg crap the wii keeps getting!



SD28821 said:

lets hope for a good traditional rpg and not the shooting game crap that most of them look like



Crazed said:

Oooh... I would love a KOTOR or Bioshock for the Wii, but something else new (and a bit less violent) wouldn't be that bad at all.

EDIT: Did Bethesda do Bioshock?




Bioware are the best devs out there. The storylines in their games are more complex and involving than any movie or book.

@Crazed: You've got things mixed up a bit. Neither Bethesda or Bioware made BioShock (or the SystemShock games).

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