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Another Code R: A Journey Into Lost Memories Hits Europe this Friday

Posted by Stuart Reddick

Remember to pick up a copy of the game when it launches in Europe this Friday.

For those currently unaware, the sequel to Another Code: Two Memories (Trace Memory in North America), Another Code R: A Journey Into Lost Memories, lands in European stores later this week.

Set two years after the events of the original, a now sixteen-year-old Ashley is invited by her father to visit the campground of Juliet Lake. On her mysterious journey, many memories are dug up, including the origins of her mother's death.

Like past games in the series, Another Code R is a point-and-click adventure developed by Cing. The game plays a lot like its spiritual predecessor, Hotel Dusk: Room 215, and as a result, doesn't have an abundance of puzzles like the original.

Best of all though is that this isn't a short-lived game. From dawn to dusk, you're looking at approximately fourteen hours of stellar gameplay. Cing has been known to give amazing graphic adventure titles that last quite awhile, and by the sounds of things, Another Code R isn't an exception.

The game bombed hard in Japan compared to the past game and other first-party titles, but that didn't stop us from reviewing the Japanese release. Earlier this year, we gave the game a glowing score of seven.

And it's not just us either who seemed to enjoy Another Code R. Famitsu, a very reliable Japanese magazine, gave the game a score of 28/40 (7,7,7,7), while IGN UK gave the game an impressive score of eight. Topping everything off though is the Official Nintendo Magazine's score of 84%. It should appear quite clearly by now that this is one game you don't want to miss.

Finally, if you're wondering if you can play this game, the answer is yes. Seeing as Another Code R is part of Nintendo's Touch Generations line, anyone can pick up a Wii Remote and follow Ashley on her adventure.

Another Code R: A Journey Into Lost Memories launches in Europe on June 26th. Remember to pick up the game and tell your friends about it. The last game sank into obscurity pretty fast and we sure don't want that to happen to this one! The game can be purchased at Amazon for a discounted price of £27.96.

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Mario_maniac said:

Ah, come on Nintendo Australia! Announce that it's going to be released alongside Punch-Out!!, already! (I'm sure there's another game released in Europe that still hasn't been mentioned here, but I can't think of what it could be...)



Terra said:

Damm the luck, I forgot this was out on Friday. Don't get much money but I'd just saved to buy some (Old) 360 games (Halo 3 and Virtua Fighter 5).

Well, time to start saving again.



warioswoods said:

Question - you have Nintendo listed on the info sidebar as the developer for this game, but I thought it was developed by Cing, the company that developed the first game (as well as Hotel Dusk), and merely published by Nintendo. Or am I wrong?



Rum_Rapture said:

@warioswoods: No, you're right, Cing developed it and Nintendo are just the publishers.

I really, really, really want to buy this, I loved the first game and Hotel Dusk. But I just don't have the money at the moment. Perhaps I can convince someone to buy it for me. Maybe YOU.



Machu said:

Won't be getting this on launch as I need to finish some others, but gimme a couple o' weeks n' I'm all over this. Loved the 1st one, and looking forward to this lots.



warioswoods said:

It looks good, but I hope it has better music than Hotel Dusk; that game should have been twice as atmospheric and enjoyable when exploring the hotel, but the repetitive little melodies that played throughout were obnoxious and not at all mood-setting. Otherwise, it was quite an original game.



Incognito_D said:

I would check this out, but I have too many other unfinished games at the moment. Its release seems to have had no hype at all. I might check it out in a few months once I get through my backlog.
Also, that Japanese box art looks sexual, hope they don't mess it up for the EU and NA releases.



Wiiloveit said:

Bit of an odd news article, more of an advert if anything. Also, you claim to have reviewed the Japanese review of the game, which you could do with changing XD

I wouldn't be surprised if many people missed this game altogether though. Nintendo really needs to improve their advertising of lesser known franchises, such as this, Trauma Center and DISASTER, etc...



DreamWatcher said:

Oh wow... My cousin and I loved the first one (she even drew D real quick after a few hours of playing). A sequel would be great to see in the US, and if this has anything to do with D, I'll be happy. [ Edit I say this because it looks like some of those flashbacks were of Blood Edward Island.]
Hey! NoA! When are we getting this?



abe8812 said:

Man I hope NOA doesn't use Europe as a guinea pig to see how well this game sells like they did with Disaster: Day of Crisis. But then again this is a Touch Generation game so maybe this game has a chance for a NA release regardless of sales.



slambert215 said:

I doubt we'll get this.

NOA- "You guys don't want hardcore puzzle/mystery solving! You want Personal Trainer games!"



WolfRamHeart said:

I really hope this comes out in the U.S. because I really enjoyed Trace Memory and Hotel Dusk!



Mqblank said:

Another Code DS was the reason I bought a DS in the first place and I was umming and ahhing whether or not to pre-order this game. I played through the original again over the weekend and then had to pre-order from Game on Monday. I also ordered Hotel Dusk and am renting Little King's Story. I've gone Cing MAD!



Bass_X0 said:

I never did find out the full story about D in the first game. By the time I got to the end I couldn't be bothered playing it again and have long since sold it.



Sneaker13 said:

Just received word that my pre-order has been shipped. Can't wait. The DS version was great.




I would've preferred a game with a huge amount of text on the DS personally. Its a bit impractical hogging the family tv when the young kids will probably not enjoy watching it, lol. I played Another Code DS and quite enjoyed it (I would rate it about 85%). Once you play through one of these games, it holds no replay value at all IMHO...I think I'll wait a bit till the price goes down and when I have fewer games to play.

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