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You're Gonna Need Wii MotionPlus To Enjoy Red Steel 2

Posted by Damien McFerran

Ubisoft makes its high-profile sequel dependant on the new add-on

The original Red Steel was a great idea that was sadly let down by a terrible control system. While people were quick to blame Ubisoft for coming up with such a half-baked concept, the latest news regarding the sequel might shed some light on why the previous game was so poor: the Wii's control system just wasn't accurate enough.

Speaking to Nintendo Power, Red Steel 2's Creative Director Jason Vandenberghe has confirmed that the sequel would only be playable with the new Wii MotionPlus add-on:

It's a huge risk. We have no idea what the penetration rate for Wii MotionPlus will be. We assume high. We would like it to be high.

Vandenberghe also confirmed that his team had tried to incoporate 'standard' Wii control, but it just wasn't good enough.


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Adam said:

Probably for the best. It's okay, Ubisoft. I'll have Motion+. That's all that matters.



bbb7002004 said:

Just get Nintendo to bundle it with the game. There doing it for EA, I'm sure they'd do it for Ubisoft as well.

And Red Steel was not bad because of the Wiimote, it was bad because their was no debugging on the later levels, and the game design overall was flawed. The sword play perhaps, but you cannot blame the glitchy IR or the terrible bounding box idea on the Wiimote.



MrDanger88 said:

Thats fine with me. I'm getting Tiger WM+ Bundle Day 1 (WM+ + Disk Golf + Robust Online = GOTY Contender) and this game is shaping up to be great. Can't wait.



Adam said:

Tiger has disc golf? Awesome. I might have to try it. I don't care for normal golf, though.



Stuffgamer1 said:

There goes my theory that nobody would make a game that REQUIRES Wii Motion Plus...

Still, it's probably just as well for this title. I didn't have as big a problem with the first game's controls as a lot of people, but I know they weren't as good as they should have been to make the game great. Actually, though, I just didn't like the game all that much in general. I never bothered to finish it because I wasn't interested, not because it frustrated me with bad controls. So I probably won't get this one.

Does anybody know if Wii Motion Plus somehow improves the Nunchuk motion control as well? Two-sword fighting STILL won't be perfect if it doesn't...



Stevie said:

@ stuffgamer - i posted a few weeks back with an idea that for some games you could use 2 x wii remotes instead of 1 + nunchuck, Ubisoft may aswell go crazy and require every person that buys the game to own 2 x Wiimotes both with motion plus & add balance board requirement just for good measure



sirgrim said:

Sounds good. Now get back to bringing me more Broken Swords, Ubisoft.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Stevie: I think that requiring Wii Motion Plus is a bit iffy in the first place. Requiring TWO of them, and two Wiimotes, of course, still seems WAY out there. I don't know enough about the motion sensing tech in the Nunchuk to know if the Wii Motion Plus could affect it. I know it doesn't have its own visible infrared port, which suggests some level of its sensing is based on its position relative to the Wiimote (I wouldn't know how that works, though). If anybody knows a lot about this stuff, feel free to explain it to us!



Devastator said:

I think it would make sence if Nintendo sent out the Wii motion plus add-on to all the companies who make games for them. They would know what to expect from it, and know the limitations if it has any. I think a really gorey game where you can cut limbs off should be developed for the Wii. It could be set in the past before guns were used.



SwerdMurd said:

This actually makes me want to buy the game...I can respect this type of risk taking, especially since it involves potentially harming sales in the name of making a better game. I'll do all I can to offset that.



Objection said:

RE: "You're Gonna Need Wii MotionPlus To Enjoy Red Steel 2" -Dammit. And yeah, it seems foolish to release such a game depending on a peripheral that's only been out for a few months with no option for those who haven't purchased it (yet.)



Linkuini said:

If this game is awesome enough to make up for Ubisoft's disgraceful "Imagine" series (and I think it will be) it'll be worth every penny.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@LegendofPasta99: You DO know that Ubisoft uses money earned from the "Imagine" series to fund games like Red Steel 2 (and more importantly imo, Beyond Good & Evil 2), right? Besides which, Ubisoft has a good reputation for relative quality in their "casual" games. It may not interest you, but it's still what I would recommend over some other company's similar title.




There will be enough wii motion plus owners by then. I expect Wii Sports Resort to sell incredibly well. I mean, Im pretty sure every wii owner has played Wii Sports, and most of them enjoyed it. Im buying it for the sword fights alone. XD. Though I guess this could sell better if it bundled.



NeoNight said:

Well if it takes full advantage of the peripheral... well why not make it a requirement!



mjc0961 said:

"I know it doesn't have its own visible infrared port, which suggests some level of its sensing is based on its position relative to the Wiimote (I wouldn't know how that works, though)."

As far as I'm aware, the Wii Remote's IR port is soley for the pointer. It has nothing to do with the motion sensing. Block the IR port (or unplug the sensor bar) and you should still be able to play Wii Sports, but try to play Link's Crossbow Training and you'll lose.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@mjc: Well, you've got a point there. Don't know why I even brought up that point, as it should be totally obvious that the IR doesn't always matter simply because you aren't always pointing the Wiimote at the screen in much of anything! It's kind of hard to swing a baseball bat, tennis racket, etc. if you don't move the Wiimote, after all.



Sean_Aaron said:

Interesting move; if the game is good enough I could buy Motion Plus for this; no other reason for me to get it currently...



bbb7002004 said:

Wii Motion plus is a device plugged into the bottom of the Wiimote that increases its ability to determine motion.

Speaking technically, the current Wiimote has two sensors it uses, the IR camera on the front and an accelerometer built inside. The IR camera tracks IR light produced by the sensor bar to establish what you are pointing the wiimote at, and the accelerometer detects what direction the Wiimote is tilted as well as the force of movements such as swinging motions. However, the accelerometer inside the Wiimote is not capable of understanding both tilt and swing force at the same time.

Wii Sports baseball illustrates this point. Before you swing, you can twist of spin your bat by moving the Wiimote, but when you make a quick swing motion, the game plays a canned swing animation, not following the actual motion for the Wiimote.

What WMP does is add a gyroscope to the Wiimote. This gyroscope picks up the tilt of the Wiimote, but is not effected by swinging, allowing the accelerometers of the Wiimote to focus solely on swing speed and power. This means that Wii games can now incorporate both kinds of motion at once, which was impossible for the regular Wiimote, allowing for close to 1:1 motion in games designed for it.

This has no effect on older games and also does not effect the nunchuck, which picks up motion with its own built-in accelerometer.

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