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"Wii Smile" Not Smiling Much Anymore

Posted by Damien McFerran

Swedish Dentist is forced to change name by Nintendo's crack team of lawyers

It's a classic "David vs. Goliath" battle. A small dental surgery in Malmö, Sweden up against a multi-million dollar video game giant.

Sadly, in this case, Goliath won.

Nintendo has taken legal action to force the surgery in question to change its name - which was previously "Wii Smile". Before you cynically assume that the firm was established in order to benefit from the enormous popularity of Nintendo's console, it should be noted co-owner Christer Wihlborg picked the moniker because his surname starts with "Wi" and there are two owners.

Sadly for him, Nintendo registered their trademark over the name "Wii" in 2006 and Wii Smile only started up in 2007. Epic fail.

In a final twist, Nintendo is adamant that it's taking action not only because the name is the same, but because its "Wii" trademark also applies to dentistry.

Could the Big N be planning a dentist simulator for the Wii? Stranger things have happened...


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Nanaki said:

The sad tooth of the matter is that Nintendo are greedy about the Wii brand...



Objection said:

That last part has me scared/excited. Let's rip some teeth out, Trauma Center style!!



odd69 said:

umm nintendo has every right to do cost money to register the "wii name" so they have every right to tell this man that he cannot use it. they own it, it belongs to them case closed.



Starwolf_UK said:

Does Nintendo really need to flex its legal muscles like this? I'm really not impressed. I do agree the dentist should have been more careful with the naming.



Pastry said:

It would be cool to have a Dentist Simulator.
The Final Boss could be a 5 year old kid who has never brushed his teeth.

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