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Two Tribes Announces Toki Tori Contest

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Find a cool way to promote the game and win a buttload of Wii Points

Nintendo Life favorite Toki Tori is turning one year old. Hooray! In honor of the plump bird's anniversary and the game's impending iPhone release, Two Tribes and Chillingo have teamed up for a contest to get Tori fans to do all the marketing.

To compete, come up with a snazzy way of promoting the game and submit it to the contest's official Web site. Photoshopped pics, videos, anything at all really, as long as it has that yellow fella slapped on it somewhere.

First prize nets you 20,000 Wii Points worth of Wii Points or iTunes gift cards, a chicken adopted in your name and a Toki Tori figurine. Nine additional Toki Tori figurines will go to the best runners-up.

Check out the contest's kinda weird video and fairly normal press release below.

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In preparation of the May 22nd Toki Tori iPhone launch, in conjunction with the celebration of the one year anniversary of the WiiWare™ game, Two Tribes and Chillingo are inviting gamers to show off their creative skills in the newly launched Toki Tori Promotion Contest. The contest challenges entrants to think of cool ways to promote the game.

Fans who are interested in participating in this contest can view the official rules and submit their entries at: Toki Tori fans can show off their creativity by showing their original promotional plans in action. Possible examples include dressing up as Toki Tori, pimping out their MySpace page, creating a YouTube video featuring Toki Tori, or organizing a Toki Tori party and showing off the results. Contestants can submit their entries to as well.

The Toki Tori Promotion Contest begins today and ends on June 26. The production teams at Two Tribes B.V and Chillingo will judge all entries and pick winners. The most creative entry will receive the first price consisting of a $200EU iTunes Gift Card or Wii points, a chicken to be adopted in your name and a Toki Tori figurine. The top nine runner up entries will all win a Toki Tori figurine.

The winners and their designs will be announced on June 29th at

About Chillingo
Chillingo are the publishers of popular iPhone and iPod touch titles including the award winning Zen Bound™ that won multiple awards at the recent Independent Games Festival (IGF) Mobile 2009 and the International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA). Their recent title "iDracula – Undead Awakening" zoomed up the App Store charts days after its release. For more information about Chillingo please visit

About Two Tribes B. V.
Two Tribes B.V. is a privately owned company focusing on the development of games for portable devices and downloadable game services. Since 2000 Two Tribes has been operating from their offices in the center of the Netherlands. For more information about Two Tribes, please visit

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Stevie said:

200000 Wii points, thats £1400 worth, pretty good prize !!!!!

Edit - It definitely said 200000 when i read it first time, oh well £140 worth isn't too shabby



Knux said:

Woohoo! $200 worth of Wii Points and free meat!? This has my attention,big time!



Stevie said:

This adopt a chicken thing could end up being like a blind date for a certain NL member.



astarisborn94 said:

Was about to do it, but I'm not going to adopt a chicken after my name. I would like to see you guys do a journal about a person who won a chicken in this event. Then again, probably not.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I'm planning multiple ideas, myself. I gotta buckle down early so I don't miss the deadline like I did with the SatBK contest - I regretted it so much.



Wiiloveit said:

Well, Iwata stopped by the house again yesterday, and we had a chat, and we're gonna skip around town wearing dresses emblazoned with the Toki Tori icon. BEAT THAT.



MetroidMedia said:

Im going to put an ad for toki tori with the review system on google maps
and put them on famous land marks:D

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