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Toki Tori Merchandise Coming Soon

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Own your very own Toki Tori!

A while ago Two Tribes expressed their desire to create Toki Tori merchandise. But it was all up to fan demand if they would actually be made.

It's now official though, there will be Toki Tori figurines, with perhaps other merchandise to follow. They're not for sale yet, nor has Two Tribes revealed any details on when we can expect them to be, or how much they'll cost, but at least now you know that you can show your Toki Tori love to others soon enough!

If you haven't yet bought Toki Tori on WiiWare, why not? Check out our Toki Tori review if you need further persuasion.

Now let's speculate on what else there could be - Perhaps Toki Tori-brand eggs?


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TwilightV said:

I'm still contemplating buying this game in the future. It looks all right to me.



Bass_X0 said:

You should buy it. Its quite fun and one of the best early WiiWare games.



Ricardo91 said:

I'll take 20!

Oh, and to anyone who hasn't yet bought Toki Tori, do it now! It's still one of Wiiware's best games!



Olimar_91 said:

Awesome. Toki Tori is such a great game. I'm still rooting for a sequel. wink @ twotribes



Party_On_Dude said:

Those little Toki Tori figures look so cute!
Where did someone find that front page image of them BTW?!



cyko said:

it's funny they talk about Toki Tpri because I bought this game yesterday.



Objection said:

I don't really need a sequel but I would like Two Tribes to put something else on WiiWare. And those Tokis are cute...



Andor said:

These figures look really cool. I love this game and I'm still playing it since it's release, lol.
I can't beat all hard levels! I get stuck for weeks in some of them!



Party_On_Dude said:

Has anybody tried using any YouTube walkthrough's?! I've been subscribed to 2 special guys video walkthrough for quite some time; & they helped me out greatly!



Wiiloveit said:

I remember this discussion before, and I'm saying what I said last time. I WANT A PLUSH TOY.



Victoria said:

It is a fun game, and the chick is so cute. I wish it was on the icon for the WiiWare game instead of the words Toki Tori

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