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Teyon Announces Two DSiWare Puzzlers

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Polish development studio bringing new puzzlers to DSiWare.

Polish game development studio Teyon has just announced that their two brand new puzzle titles, Robot Rescue and Ball Fighter, are headed to the DSiWare service.

Below is a snippet taken from the press release announcing the two games, along with the official promotional media for both titles.

Teyon announced today their plans to enter the DSiWare with two absorbing games: Robot Rescue and Ball Fighter.

Robot Rescue:
A puzzle game with plenty of little robots that need to find their way to escape the tricky labyrinths. A player has to be very careful because all of robots move at the same time and there are many traps waiting for them. 45 stages shared on 3 levels of difficulty bring a lot of fun for both adults and kids.

Ball Fighter:
An arcade game where a player has to remove colorful spheres before they reach the bottom of the screen. Constantly increasing tempo of the game and more and more colors of the spheres make this task more difficult than it seems. There are also many special combos to perform like Rocket (destroys several spheres at the same time) or Brush (allows to change colors). It is easy to play, but difficult to master!



As usual, we'll have more information on Ball Fighter and Robot Rescue as it becomes available, as well as a full review of both titles when they hit the DSiWare service.

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thewiirocks said:

/me looks at ads... thunk Owwww...

Truly, the DSiWare service is the very epitome of quality.



Syr said:

Ball Fighter..... this is why I bought a DSi? Honestly, the only game there has been to look forward to on the DSi is Mighty Flip Champs. Everything else that has been half way decent (I'll reserve my judgment of these) has been stripped out of another game.

Where is the top notch first party software which Nintendo has built their name upon? I don't think clocks are a viable future for them..



Starwolf_UK said:

For an idea of how Ball fighter plays I suggest checking out Magical Drop on the Neo Geo (and a few other systems) as from the screenshots it looks a lot like that.

I don't think clocks are a viable future for them..
What about calculators? Or organisers? Or other features that really should have been bulit into the DSi but Nintenod will give you for 200 points?



Objection said:

Oh...DSi...and how I thought I'd want, looks like waiting for a price drop will be easier than I thought.




I love puzzlers. Good news. Hope they turn out to be good

Japanese DSiware looks quite healthy. If that's generally the games or quality of games we are going to get; them I'm happy. The games I've downloaded so far (all the art styles, dr mario, real football, pyoro) have either been superb or at the very least good. What more could I want so far?!



warioswoods said:


You're doing it wrong -- you closed the rant tag at the start of your post instead of the end, implying you were previously ranting then stopped.




Philip_J_Reed said:

Who on Earth would build a robot with teeth?

"Where is the top notch first party software which Nintendo has built their name upon?"
I think that the WiiWare/DSiWare platforms are Nintendo's way of intentionally stepping back and giving smaller, independent developers their chance to shine. You'll notice that with few exceptions (Dr Mario, Pokemon Ranch, Art Style) Nintendo has stayed out of the services completely.

Which I think is good. Nintendo can obviously afford to design/release games on a much larger, global scale. The downloadable market is primarily for developers who can't.



thewiirocks said:

Chicken Brutus sez... Who on Earth would build a robot with teeth?

The same people who would design them with floating eyebrows, duh.

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