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Texas Hold'em Tournament Gets Patched For Europe

Posted by Darren Calvert

No more stalls. Just in time for North America on Monday!

Good news for poker fans today as we have received confirmation that Digital Leisure’s Texas Hold'em Tournament has received a patch which fixes a bug in the game. To download it simply go to the Wii Shop and navigate to the game, you should now see that it is tagged as ‘new version’.

We have been told that the issue sometimes happened when people were connecting to start a new WiFi game. Depending on how the matchmaking servers placed the newly connecting person, sometimes the connection process would stall a game in progress.

This is perfect timing for the North American launch of the game this coming Monday, 1st June. Now gamers from both side of the pond will be able to show off their poker skills without any problems.

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Popyman said:

Lost Winds needs a patch, I've seen two game breaking glitches, both super easy to do...



Terra said:

Not a big Texas Hold'em Tournament fan, so i haven't bought this yet.

I am signed up to the Telltale Games email updates program, being a member on their website and i was able to get a free gift code for their very first game recently. Telltale Texas Hold'Em, so for now I'm sticking to that.



King_Elemento said:

@1. KnucklesSonic8:
People say patches aren't possible for retail games without an updated rerelease, because the Wii can't write data to discs.



thewiirocks said:

What really needs a patch is Bit Trip Beat. Having to repeat levels is a serious PITA.

@King Elemento - There was a whole flap earlier about how Nintendo doesn't make patching possible with WiiWare. It's not a technical problem, it's a business one. Texas Hold'em must have been really glitchy for Nintendo to actually issue a fix.



Objection said:

Glad that the patch got through. But it sucks that this is (likely) our only Wiiware for this upcoming Monday. I want S&S! Not this average bleh card game...



Stevie said:

This is what i have been waiting for, i can now play this without getting angry (unless i lose)



Starwolf_UK said:

There is the possibility Nintendo of Euorpe is a bit more lax regarding updates to games. That is the only explaination as to why this glitch gets fixed but so many other buggy bits of WiiWare don't.



Chatham said:

Online Texas Hold 'Em? Man, if a game needed WiiSpeak this would be it... wait, it doesn't? and it's buggy? Thanks Nintendo!



mrPlow said:

Hey... nice. They actually really patched (the game sure needed a patch). Time to get my "This is my poker face" shirt on and head towards the tables.

Players from the USA who likes texas hold'em poker, I encourage you to buy this game (we need more players ). It sure looks kinda ugly and could have much better interface etc. but still it's the only poker game available at the moment and it's actually not that bad (also only 500 points). I at least like to play ONLINE poker easily from the sofa.



astarisborn94 said:

Reply to KDR_11k Post 14#: Uh, I think Angelic Lapras King means the game stands no chance of matching the quality of Final Fanasty IV: The After Year. Nintendo Life better update the Texas Hold'em Tournament review for North America. Call me crazy, but I rather wait for the SNES version to appear on the Virtual Console. Which could happen next week.



SKTTR said:

Finally! Now I'm back into the game! Come on!
Everyone, go download the new version so we can have a great match!



jhuhn said:

I'd go for this game since it's got WiFi and I love this kind of poker and I can use my Mii as well.



Vertigo said:

@thewiirocks: I've been holding off getting BTB for that reason but will probably get it now there is a possibility of patch coming. Not today though, it's FA Cup final day and I'm off to the pub



MickEiA said:

I've played around 10 matches including henderson open round 2 never had any freezes that was before the update

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