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Tecmo Announces Family Fun Football for Wii

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Party in the end zone with friends and family.

Tecmo has just announced their brand new Family Fun Football title for Nintendo's Wii console. If you're looking for Tecmo Bowl, you've come to the wrong place with Family Fun Football. This game has animals, aliens, and robots and isn't your typical pigskin experience.

Below is the official press release for the game that provides a little insight into what this quirky game will bring to the Wii this fall.

Video game developer and publisher Tecmo® today announced Family Fun Football™ for Wii™. In this fun, arcade-style casual sports game for everyone to enjoy, play against friends and family in vibrant themed football stadiums, or perhaps even in space!

Choose to be one of the game’s quirky characters, featuring animals, aliens and robots, or unlock the mode to play as your own Mii. The ability to coach teams with a simple offensive and defensive playbook coupled with intuitive Wii Remote™ controls makes the game appealing to all ages for a fun pick-up and play party experience.

  • Simple Playbook: Catering to the casual gamers, Family Fun Football offers a coaching playbook that makes it easy for everyone to learn and understand the game of football.
  • Colorful Stadiums: There will be a total of five stadiums that include a fun mix of realistic and fantasy worlds such as a space themed stadium.
  • Power-ups: During gameplay, each player can be rewarded with a power-up from a slot-style system that can enhance certain attributes including speed, strength, passing, and interception for a limited amount of time.
  • Mini-Games: Ten fun and simple mini-games can be played with up to four players.
  • Teams: Ten unique teams with their own attributes that players can choose to play competitively with.
  • Mascot Mode: Players can play as their default character or their team’s mascot in Mascot Mode! Mascots include animals, aliens and robots and additional, unlockable mascot heads.
  • Mii™ Compatibility: Unlock the ability to play as your Mii and load in your own caricatures and play against your friends’ and family’s Miis for a more personal experience.

Developed by Seamless Entertainment, the Wii exclusive Family Fun Football is scheduled for a fall 2009 release. The game has not yet been rated by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB).

We'll have more information on Family Fun Football as it becomes available, as well as a full review then the game hits the Wii later this year.

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User Comments (25)



Objection said:

Does every title have to have the words "family" "fun" or "party" now? This is getting a lil ridiculous...the trailer makes it look decent though...



Modern_Legend said:

Anyway, this actually looks really gud to me for sum reason. i think this is better than paying extra for all play, but il wait for the review cuz judging from that trailer it sounds like the commentator cud become very VERY annoying: "TOUCH DOWN TOUCH DOWN FIRST DOWN FIRST DOWN!!" urrrrgh, but i have hope for this



Modern_Legend said:

OOO WAIT NEVER MIND!!!!! TO THE SLAUGHTER HOUSE WITH THIS! i thot this was for wiiware, thats wat the quality looked like. I now side with objectionblaster



Wrenski said:

Wow, way to go Tecmo. You could put out a football game that would have stood out for being football and arcadey, you've got a whole series that means a lot to tons of lapsed gamers.. And you wuss out and put out something shallow like this.



astarisborn94 said:

As long as it lives up to it's promise and give us online play, I'll conisider getting this game. Then again, I'll probably ignore it.



Mik said:

@AlexSays are you kidding me?! The Madden franchise is as strong as ever and the new gameplay features enhance it year upon year! That's just my opinion, but renowned critics' opinions are very strong... Madden NFL 09 All Play on the Wii has a Metacritic rating of 82, which is fantastic!



-TR said:

Do a Rugby version. It won't be crushed by Madden or another EA franchise, AND it'll sell liek hotcakes in Wales.



RJay said:

Yes! Now I can enjoy this game with my mom. Thank you Tecmo, I have become closer to my family



Hardy83 said:

Meh, who cares if it says family or party on every game. I mean almost every game in the 64 era had... 64 on it. Same thing.



Megumi said:

Awwwww, no Family Fun Super Bathroom Party or whatever that guy called it, lol.



pixelman said:

I refuse to buy any game that has the words Family or Fun in the title anymore. This is getting ridiculous.



RadioShadow said:

Doesn't football involve using just your "foot" to kick the ball! Funny looking game of football!



Rm88 said:

The concept is funny, it would have worked for a NES/SNES game with the wacky characters and stadiums ^^ I could ignore the ridiculous name, but I don't like the sport at all.



naut said:


Over here in America, the sport you see there is called football. The sport you're reffering to is a game we call soccer.

I agree with Objection_Blaster to a tee.

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