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Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom Coming to US, Says Nintendo Power

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Latest issue of Nintendo Power spills the beans on Capcom's elusive fighter.

U.S. fighting fans and non-Japanese speakers, rejoice, as the Japan-exclusive Capcom fighter Tatsunoko vs. Capcom may grace your non-modded console yet!

A scan from the latest issue of Nintendo Power via Kotaku via a NeoGAF poster reveals that the game is indeed breaking out of the motherland.

Presumably the game will keep it's name, as the article uses it, despite Tatsunoko's characters having been in bed with over a dozen companies in America. An official-official announcement is expected for E3, which leads us to believe this was indeed one the two secret games Capcom is set to unveil.


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MDee14 said:

This is amazing!!!! i'm so excited, now all i hope is that they add online play. Please add Online play



Tails said:

Who Cares Street Fighter 4 prepare to meet your maker if this has Online Play. Microsoft & Sony will really be mad. Nintendo your making me very happy now very happy indeed



Popyman said:

@Tails: Nintendo didn't do anything...thank Capcom for not giving up!

I'm sooo getting this, Viewtiful Joe FTW!



Caliko said:

MAANN!! WAAY too many good games coming. Wii Sports Resort, The Conduit and now this!!
And E3 isnt even here yet!



opeter said:

Can someone tell me, what Tatsunoko is? And why are there some Street Fighter figures/characters on this picture above? Because of the "Capcom" name in the title?

Will this be available in the EU? Thanks.



Outrunner said:

Great for you guys. Does Capcom care enough about it's European fans to release it here though I wonder. I certainly hope so.



Cheesy said:

@MDee- Well, "We Love Golf" had online play added in PAL and NA versions. So, the same might happen with this.
@Malnin- The seahorse is Tatsunoko's company symbol/logo.
@Opeter- Tatsunoko is a Japanese animation company. They own all of the "mysterious characters" shown above. However, in NA, they're own by different companies. There are SF chars. because this is a fighting game between Tatsunoko and Capcom characters.

Anyways, I'm glad I have money saved up so I can buy this ASAP.



DaVeMaN99 said:

Great news, buying it for sure.
On another note, it seems as if Nintendo Power reviewed The Conduit and gave it a score of 6.5. It might be fake or real though. Someone scanned it over at gamespot.



AVahne said:

THank YOU Capcom! now i''ll finally get another fighting game besides Brawl



astarisborn94 said:

FINALLY! A solid fighting game that'll supplement Super Smash Bros. Brawl! Even if it doesn't have onine play, I'm getting this game for Christmas! Thank you Capcom for releasing the game in North America! We should have a party! Let's hope European/PAL will get it too! This game will be awesome.

And "The Conduit" only got a 6.5 in Nintendo Power? I was hoping it was going to be amazing. What a shame.



Supermarioman said:

I don't see how this is possible, they just released there last issue about a week ago, how can we already be even close to releasing a new one. I'll keep my hopes up though that we will get Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom soon as well as Captain Rainbow.

As for The Conduit "supposedly getting a 6.5" will see if that is true, I bet a lot of people will still get it.



Steamboat_Willie said:

I have to get it as soon as it comes out because this game is going to become very rare due to of all the licensed characters.



Mayhem said:

Just the fact if it comes out over in the West at all will be a triumph... I've seen plenty of videos, so I might give it a whirl even though I prefer one on one fighters and not the sort Capcom did with CvM etc.



Atlantis1982 said:

I would really like to get this, but I do limit my retail game purchasing. So I am currently filled for Tiger Woods (I really do want a golf game plus I can get it with the M+), Red Steel 2 (I liked the first, get over it), and maybe Sin and Punishment 2 assuming its coming at late '09, but if not then this will be next on the list.



Rm88 said:

Wow, I'll buy the American version too, this game is fantastic.

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