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Swords & Soldiers Wages War in Europe Next Week

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

The first WiiWare RTS will be available very soon!

It's been a long wait since the game was first announced back in August last year, but if you live in Europe, you'll be able to enjoy Dutch developer Ronimo Games's promising strategy title Swords & Soldiers very soon - Next Friday, in fact!

With a whole bunch of game modes (Including a campaign, skirmish and local multiplayer), 25 achievements and three different factions to play as this certainly looks like one of the best WiiWare games yet, content-wise. Let's hope it's every bit as good as the other WiiWare game made by Dutch developers, Toki Tori! The game's price point has also finally been revealed - 1000 Wii Points isn't too shabby.

There's no exact date for North America yet, but Ronimo Games says it will "follow soon." If you want to read what the developers had to say about the game shortly after it was announced you can read our Swords & Soldiers interview.


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Bass_X0 said:

cool but not for me personally. if you were waiting for it, then thats great for you.



Golgo said:

Excellent news. I'm well into my PopCap 'Plants versus Zombies' now, and this looks like it'll complement it nicely.

@BassXO: don't you know you're meant to say 'FIRST'? You'll only upset people if you don't observe the correct etiquette...



Drake said:

Good to see someone else on NL bought Plants vs. Zombies, I bought it when it was released a few days ago and it's probably my favourite PopCap game yet.



Golgo said:

@Drake: terrific fun, aint it? Hope it gets the DS treatment like Peggle did. Love to be able to play it 'on-the-go'.

Anyway, don't want to detract from S&S...



Knux said:

I'm jealous of Europe. Because you guys get this and other great games while we get Penguin Party. But I'm glad you guys get to play it next week.



Wiiloveit said:

Good to see someone else on NL bought Plants vs. Zombies, I bought it when it was released a few days ago and it's probably my favourite PopCap game yet.
I noticed you've been playing that quite a lot over the past few days!

As for SaS though, RTS isn't really my thing, but it's great that we finally have another big WiiWare title in our hands - it feels like ages ago since we last had one (even though, to be fair, we have just recieved Bit.Trip BEAT in Europe).



Adam said:

Finally! Also, I like that Europe is getting more games before us now. It forces me to wait until after the review to decide if I want to buy it instead of impatiently going on impulse -- which is often a bad idea.



SilentJ said:

I totally agree with you. I'd probably get this without thinking so I'm glad I'm going to have to wait until after the review is up before I actually decide to download it. I just hope they don't take too long to release it in America if it gets a good score.



Corbs said:

Good to see more Plants vs. Zombies fans. I picked it up yesterday.



Bahamut_ZERO said:


.......for Europe. Europe sure has been lucky these past few weeks, and this tops it off. This is my most-anticipated WW title, and I can't wait!

And the best part is, Corbie isn't gonna review it, meaning that it'll get more than a 7/10! Huzzah



Bahamut_ZERO said:

I switched my avatar back to good ol' Geno

The only bad part it seems is lack of online, but hey, it's WiiWare.



Machu said:

Europe lucky!?!

Yeah, except for flappin Excitebots which is the one damn game I wanna play right now



Junkface said:

Ooh ooh I want this bad. Hope this hops across the pond soon. The lack of online sucks but if its half as good as it looks I'm gettin it anyway.



Sean_Aaron said:

Nice; pleased to see that my "in the post" points cards will have something to be spent upon!



Atlantis1982 said:

I can see us NA'ers are NOT GOING TO GET THIS on Monday. Instead we'll get something that we never heard about, and crappy.



Objection said:

There's been a real "turnabout" of releases in Europe Vs. NA. Good for you guys! Hope we get a good Monday though. Hey, does this perhaps mean that S&S will come out this following Monday with our 300th VC title? Now that'd be a killer week!




There's still quite a few titles that NA have that we should've had by now. The balance was tipped against Europe for a long long time. Having said that this weekly update schedule for Europe is brilliant and we can't complain about our updates recently! As for S&S it isn't my kind of game, but this looks like a potentially great game



Party_On_Dude said:

Glad some of you are happy with this news; I too just bet S&S will come out around May18th or May 25th... maybe June if it takes too late!
But I've never been interested in the game; its a big huge turn off to me because of the lame graphics!



SanderEvers said:

Pikamander2: there was simply no time to put WiFi in it. The sequel will have WiFi though And this game is perfect even without it. I'll give it 11/10

It's released in Europe first because it was created by Dutch people, which are Europeans.



KDR_11k said:

Yay! Been wondering, when it would come. I do think people are a bit too fast to throw 10/10s at it though, we have no idea how it actually turned out.

PvZ is indeed awesome and I wonder if they could put it on WiiWare, after all it's point & click, runs at a fairly low resolution (800x600 though, not 640x480), takes about 25MB, costs 10€ and would fit the Wii's audience.

It's released in Europe first because it was created by Dutch people, which are Europeans.

That means nothing. I've seen European-made games appear first in the US quite often.



Corbs said:

_And the best part is, Corbie isn't gonna review it, meaning that it'll get more than a 7/10! Huzzah _

I'm gonna laugh my ass off when this gets a "7" Oh and great to see Geno back. Fits you better.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@Corbie: If it does, then I'm sure all of us here will laugh our asses off.

As for the avatar, I agree, it does fit me better (kind of like how everybody likes the mushroom on Daz better but doesn't admit it due to fear of being banned ).

Plus, I was tired of skipping my posts while scrolling down because I couldn't recognize my avatar



WolfRamHeart said:

I can't wait to play Swords & Soldiers but I guess I'll just have to wait a wee bit longer for it! Also, it seems there are quite a few fans of Plants vs. Zombies on here! Any chance of that game ever coming to Nintendo in some form such as Wii, DS, WiiWare, or DSiWare perhaps?
I too have my eye on Dawn of Discovery! I saw it in the latest issue of Nintendo Power and it looks fun! I'm probably get the Wii version!



cheese said:

"as this certainly looks like one of the WiiWare games yet"
was this supposed to be "one of the best WiiWare games yet".
anyone this game looks great so I think I'm gonna buy it without waiting for the review for the second time



Egg_miester said:

damn depressing news i really wanted the game to be out this weeks nintendo update but i guess i can wait another week



Esposch said:

Wow, I got bored of Plants vs. Zombie in 52 minutes. The game was so slow and easy, I hope this is better.



KDR_11k said:

PvZ gets faster and harder later on though the really hard parts are after the credits (minigames, survival modes)



Drake said:

Yeah, right now I'm trying to survive 20 waves in Endless Survival (Achievement in the Steam version), madness!



touffeboy said:

Serious, Sword vs soldiers really rocks! the game look nice! me too i'm jealous XD

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