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Square Enix Confirms Dragon Quest Wars For DSiWare

Posted by Damien McFerran

More top-notch RPG action coming to the DSi

Famitsu magazine has revealed that Square Enix is to release Dragon Quest Wars on the Japanese DSiWare service some time in June.

The game appears to be a mixture of turn-based strategy and a traditional board game. Both local and online multiplayer modes are expected to feature.

Development duties are being handled by Intelligent Systems (Advance Wars, Fire Emblem) with Yuji Horii acting as the supervisor. Naturally, with this being DQ, Akira Toriyama will be doing the character designs and Koichi Sugiyama will be in charge for the music.

Dragon Quest Wars will retail for a very reasonable 500 DS points. There's no word on a western release as yet, but we would be very surprised if it didn't happen.


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Makoto said:

DSiWare is so slim still... once it gets support like the iphone then I'm upgrading. This looks like it would be one of those impulse buys when I have nothing to play.



Metroid133 said:

Very nice! Also developed by Intelligent Systems! Hopefully a NA release comes this summer.



Digiki said:

New Dragon Quest is
Developed by Intelligent Systems is
Going to be available on DSiWare for 500 points is very worrying

Enix and Intelligent Systems haven't let me down before, although then again since I won't get this they won't be letting me down if it is a poor game.



warioswoods said:

You can never go wrong with a game developed by Intelligent Systems -- is this their first game published by Square rather than Nintendo? That seems rather odd to me.



Hardy83 said:

Anything is better then that crap DSi has right now, though Real Soccor is a decent game.



MegaMX4 said:

I didn't have any reason for upgrading to the new handheld....until now. Still, it would absolutely clinch it for me if VC for DSi were announced! Still have my fingers crossed.



Stuffgamer1 said:

This looks pretty cool! It's nice to see more announcements for REAL games on DSiWare, even though it's hard to have to wait through so many "bleh" weeks to get to them (though today's release looks cool for a change).



DarkLloyd said:

this will probably be my first dsiware game still hoping for some kind of vc announcement soon for the dsi because thats what i was truly saving my points for



Olimar_91 said:

As an avid Advance Wars fan, I find myself salivating at the prospect. Can't wait for this one. :^D



Curt said:

If the DSiWare games continue like this then I might consider buying one.



Kenji510 said:

I love these type of games and hopefully it comes to the US soon.. definitely gonna download this game when it hits the DSi Shop.

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