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Sony Deal Pushes Wii And DS Ghostbusters Further Back into '09

Posted by Damien McFerran

Euro PS3, PS2 and PSP versions in June, other formats later in the year

It has been revealed that Sony has signed a deal with Atari which will allow the company to publish Ghostbusters: The Video Game on its PS3, PS2 and PSP formats.

The release of the PS3 and PS2 versions will tie-in with the Blu-ray 25th anniversary release of the original 1984 movie.

It has also been confirmed that the agreement will involve a period of exclusivity over the other versions currently in development - and that obviously includes the Wii and DS editions.

There's been no solid news on the release date, but VG247 has been told that it's likely to be later in 2009.

While such a move is unlikely to endear Sony to Nintendo fans, it's worth remembering that Ghostbusters is a franchise owned by Columbia Pictures - which, in turn, is owned by Sony.

Talk about protecting your own interests.

EDIT: As several people have reported, Atari has clarified the situation and the Sony deal only affects Europe. Atari will be publishing the game across all formats in North America.


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Objection said:

Is that really the only reason? Let's hope the delay makes those versions better and kicks Sony in the butt for doing so!



get2sammyb said:

This is crazy. I'm kinda shocked they've done this. From a business point of view it makes perfect sense because they're readying the release of a blu-ray.

But still. Crazy.



Betagam7 said:

I'd rather have a release date pushed back with more time to iron out flaws than have a release date pushed forward (ala madworld) and end up with a rushed, botched conversion.



Ian_Daemon said:

Now take that extra time and make "Ghostbusters" for the Wii even better! Remember "Resident Evil 4" for the PS2?



Damo said:

I'm not sure the delay will result in a more polished game experience, TBH. From what I can see the Wii and DS editions were on-course to hit their expected release dates.

This delay is purely because Sony has secured exclusivity for the PS3, PS2 and PSP versions. It has nothing to do with the Wii and DS versions being 'rushed'. The PS2 version is expected to be the same as the Wii version but just without motion controls, and if that is finished for a June release then I can't see the developer spending more time on the Wii code.



KDR_11k said:

Didn't Sony recently claim that MS sucks for giving out so many moneyhats for exclusives?



Wesbert said:

It makes perfect sense from Sony's perspective to use all their money and influence to gain an edge over it's rivals, even if it might seem a little unfair.
That's called business sense.
It makes perfect sense from my (the customer's) perspective to not support or reward such practices by buying the PSP, PS2 or even PS3 versions but rather wait until the versions I had originally planned to pick up arrive.
That's called common sense.

Secretly, I'm quite glad that Ghostbusters has slipped, since June was looking a little cramped with The Conduit and Another Code R and Indiana Jones anyway



get2sammyb said:

@KDR_11k - not to my knowledge but I'd be interested in reading a link if you have one. Something they've always stated is that they'd rather develop their own game, than pay another company for exclusivity. It gets a similar result (i.e. an exclusive game) except, they're fully in control of the IP and the game; which usually one of their second/first parties will make.

This is slightly different because of Sony's link with the Ghostbusters brand as it is. Whether this had happened or not, essentially Sony would have made money from every version of the Ghostbusters game sold -- I think I'm correct in saying that?



Wiiloveit said:

THE CHEEKY F**KERS. This was my second most anticipated game of the next couple of months (behind The Conduit), and it's been due for ages. To delay it at this late stage is taking the f***ing p**s.

And no, I'm NOT happy.



SmaMan said:

Yep, Sony's getting scared of Nintendo. This seals that statement. I mean think about all the offhand statements they've been making lately about Nintendo like the "closet line" and that other one they've made about the DSi.

They realized they've made a mistake, the PS3 is too expensive and doesn't have enough must-buy exclusives, (I once again refer to the fact that they've been advertising the same games since launch.) so they want to keep something exclusive and good for at least a little while... but wait, they're releasing it on the PS2 also? That just further admits that they know not enough people are buying the PS3. Isn't it weird how Microsoft and Nintendo have safely moved on to other systems? Haha Sony, you make me laugh.



maka said:

At other sites they're saying the deal is for Europe and other PAL regions. On the US all the versions will be released on schedule. BTW, they're also not talking about a delay, and hint at the uncertainty of the game being released for the other platforms in Europe at all...



madgear said:

ARRRRGGGHHH!!!!!! I'm now going to dedicate my life to bringing down Sony! I feel like one of those nerds who goes on about large corporations being evil - but Sony generally really do wind me up!

They seem to treat customers like idiots who actually buy from them and, those who don't, they try to punish. Well I won't have it - Sony, I was never going to buy a PS3 but now I'm also going to go out of my way to never buy any of your crappy TVs, DVD players - anything. I'll go watch Ghostbusters 3 at cinema but that's all the money you'll get from me.



Terra said:

Not too surprising from a business perspective, i suppose but still quite annoying for those who want the game on a console other than a Playstation (Enter number or letter here). Still, the game hasn't really grabbed me yet, so I'm not too fussed about the delay. There have been much worse delays in Video Game history.



Vendetta said:

Anyone read Maddox's rant about Sony? Hysterical, and NSFW case you decide to look it up.



WolfRamHeart said:

This move by Sony doesn't really surprise me. I actually was planning on getting the PS3 and Wii versions of this game. I like how the Wii version looks like the cartoon while the PS3/360 version looks like the movies. Kind of a bummer if you don't have a PS3 but this game should be worth the wait!



TwilightV said:

Wait... does this mean... could it possibly be... score one for North America? OH HECKS YEAH!!!

Disclaimer: Sorry, I just needed to do that.

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