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Some Red Steel 2 Sword Worries Squashed

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Cut people up wherever you please!

Ubisoft? They listen to their fans, they say. And a big thing people whined and moaned about in Red Steel was how the katana worked. See, people didn't want to be locked into place for sword duels; commando or bust!

Said Jason Vandenberghe, the game's creative director, to Nintendo Power via Nintendo Pad:

That was the number-one most requested feature from people who played the first game. And we couldn’t agree more.

Thankfully, Ubisoft has decided to go katana commando for the sequel. In fact, your steel will be available for killin' whenever you'd like, just swing away. When you point at the screen and hit B, you fire your gun. Easy peasy, right?

It's like they beat Capcom to the punch for a first-person Devil May Cry. Are you just gonna take that, Capcom?


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Stevie said:

It's like they beat Capcom to the punch for a first-person Devil May Cry. Are you just gonna take that, Capcom?

HaHa - Thats fighting talk where i come from !!!

Capcom have been served and its ON !!!!



bbb7002004 said:

That sounds really awesome, I can't wait to see some gameplay and find out how well everything works.



wanderlustwarrior said:

hmm... if it actually is like a first person DMC, I might be interested. I haven't played either series before, but it sounds fun.



Ricardo91 said:

Yes! The one thing I hated about the first Red Steel was how you were always forced into sword fights, rather than just shooting the chumps in the face. This is starting to sound a LOT better than the first Red Steel.



Supermarioman said:

Damn, the sequel keeps getting better and better, I really did like the first one, but this one promises to be everything more than the last one was.



Kid_A said:


That always annoyed me too. I mean, I'm going to kill them after the sword fight anyway, so why waste time?
This game is shaping up to be pretty darn impressive.



ToneDeath said:

Aside from running out of ammo, why would you use a sword if you have a gun anyway? Perhaps for stealthy kills if you lack a silencer, but if players don't need to rely on the sword and it's no longer integral to the game, won't the name 'Red Steel' become redundant?

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