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Rampant Speculation: What's Nintendo Showing Off?

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Mystery game doing the press rounds

To avoid a crapfest of an E3 show, tons of companies are doing pre-event events to show off their wares to the gaming press. Activision's got one, EA has one coming up, and apparently Nintendo has a card up its sleeve on this front too.

According to the latest IGN Nintendo Voice Chat podcast, editor Craig Harris is supposed to be shown a "mystery game" of Ninty's later this week, and it's so secret that they won't even tell him what it is.

Nintendo a while ago told retailers to reserve a bunch of shelf space for this holiday season, so obviously they've got a big gun or two in the pipes. Could it be the fabled Kid Icarus revival? F-Zero Wii? ExciteFox? Pikmin 3?

What do you think it is?


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Cheesy said:

For once, I think it's going to be a game worth its hype. Maybe that's why they've been making all of this crap. However, a part of me is saying that it's going to be "Wii ______".

Also, furst.



Edwin said:

Nintendo has said that the Zelda team has been working on a new Wii Zelda. Plus, Twilight Princess came out a year before Galaxy, so I think it's Zelda's turn to have a sequel.



WiiGuy said:

Nintendo did say that there is mario and zelda games far we've seen Zelda.....



irken004 said:

i want a starfox or f-zero game

heck, i'll b happy with a new Kirby wii game!



Objection said:

I'd be so happy if either or especially both Disaster and Fatal Frame IV were announced for a NA release. That alone would be so great. New games, how could you forget StarFox? I expect first details on the next Wii Mario/Zelda which will be supah different (prolly) but most any new title in a Ninty series would be great. I need something really excitig for the DS: there currently aren't any upcoming titles I want for it, even though its my current favorite system.



JaredJ said:

I'm hoping for a new Mario but I didn't care for the whole Galaxy theme. They should try going back to the Mushroom Kingdom, IMO.



Corbs said:

If it's not Kid Icarus, I'm packing up every Nintendo console and game I own and listing them on eBay.



Modern_Legend said:

I dunno wat it is BUUUUT think about it....there hasnt been a starfox out on wii yet...if nintendo still does starfox...i cant remember. But anyway, starfox on wii is sumthing ive been hopin they wud release, so it cud be it



Token_Girl said:

@ Chicken Brutus
Very funny. I deleted the double post...Safari has not been getting along with this site as of late.



naut said:

StarFox DEFINETLY needs a revival. Kid Icarus just doesn't seem like a game that would be revived. The problem is, however, is that the previous StarFox game (Command) had multiple endings. (i.e. Krystal joining StarWolf or not). An online F-Zero would be nice too. And where's my Smash Bros. DS?



jangonov said:

While all that is nice, I want mario party 9 with wii motion plus controls. I want another mario party consider Ive beaten and unlocked EVERYTHING in mario party 8



super-nintendo said:

Kid Icarus' 3D debut...c'mon he has been left behind while all his bros. have their own 3D game...even Luigi has his own 3D game.



Philip_J_Reed said:

@Token Girl:
You ruined my joke! You will pay dearly for that one...

Also, I'm thinking that a Kirby, Pikmin or Kid Icarus game wouldn't really require much holiday shelf-space. No offense, but those franchises only really have "must buy" immediacy for a subset of Nintendo's gamers. In other words, even among Nintendo fanboys, there's a load of people who don't give a crap about them.

I'm thinking it'll be a big one. Zelda is the most likely, as it doesn't have a true Wii title yet, though it's also possible we'll see the future (ie: non-Prime) of Metroid.

Mario would be awesome, but I don't think we'll get another one yet.



metakirbyknight said:

As I sit here and hope it's SSBDS, I know it won't be and if it isn't Nintendo I will go buy on of those evil game piracy devices that apparently can only be used for piracy and download SSBR (ya know that legal public domain homebrew SSB remake for the DS, yeah that one.



Knux said:

Mario & Luigi RPG 3 localization or Pokemon Silver/Gold remake?



Objection said:

@Chicken Brutus-Edit that comment! Now its aimed at me and hurting mah feelin's! (Both of them!)
I'd almost forgotten about Mario and Luigi 3. It'd make sense for that to be one of the titles announced...meh. I never cared for the GBA one.
EDIT: More than wanting a Galaxy 2, I need to go through that sucker again...and actually 100% it this time!



HOT-ROD said:

I think it will be a mario game, since Nintendo was quoted telling stores to reserve more shelf space. The only games that would do this would be either a Mario game or Wii _____. Zelda I am pretty sure won't happen. F-Zero, Star Fox, Pikmin 3, any of those won't sell enough to demand more shelf space. Honestly, it is tough to say. I personally hope for a new legit donkey kong game =)



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Adam: Mother 5?!? You sure you didn't mean to say "4"? One thing at a time, right? Even if it was announced, though, we wouldn't see it released until 2015, and even then, ONLY IN JAPAN!

Everyone seems to be acting like Nintendo only wants shelf space cleared up for one game. Ever think they might be releasing several? Maybe the relative lack of new games now is due to Kirby, Pikmin, Star Fox, AND F-Zero being delayed until Christmas! Well, they'd be released over the period of October-December, of course... Anyway, I'm pretty sure that all of those games together would require PLENTY of shelf space!

As for what I PERSONALLY expect, the answer is "nothing." I'm tired of expecting things from Nintendo, because they just don't deliver very often anymore. Alternately, I just don't want to get my hopes up for ONE awesome game, only for them to announce a DIFFERENT awesome game. Better to stay ready for anything, anyway, imo.



Modern_Legend said:

@Stuffgamer1: You're right we shouldnt get our hopes up for nintendo. Ive been disappointed with a lack of fps's and good games for a while now. But like a said before and shout to nintendo-naut for agreeing, Star fox definitely needs a revival, f - zero would be ok but to me it doesnt seem to be a big enuf SHOCKER like the marios or zeldas or star foxes



Chrono_Cross said:

If a Kid Icarus revival is in the works then how will it play? Hmmmm!? Kirby`s Air Ride 2 wouldn`t be bad or F-zero Z on Wii wouldn`t be bad either.

I want dibs on your stuff

Nintendo-Naut wrote:
“StarFox DEFINITELY needs a revival”

StarFox was never dead and if you`ve been up to date lately, theres no StarFox coming out anytime soon. There`s even no one even working on a future title as of right now and won`t be for a while. So it seems.



Eclipticalis said:

Personally I'm hoping that a new Zelda for the Wii is what we're going to see shortly. The fact that Twilight Princess was originally a Gamecube game makes me think that they've been hard at work on a new Wii title. This is Nintendo we're talking about, however, so it's quite likely that we're all wrong.



Kid_A said:

New Play Control: Super Smash Bros. Melee

Just kidding. Tried to think of the most pointless thing they could possibly present. See, if I keep my expectations low, I won't be dissapointed. Worked last year.



Twilight_Crow said:

It will be a hole new franchise that everybody is gonna underestimate at the beginning but then after we play it, we'll admit that is so revolutionary that's gonna change the way we play videogames forever...

, just kidding, I'm with StbAn and Load Runner, it's Pikmin 3.



RJay said:

I don't know why people think this is Zelda or Mario, considering how much Nintendo has disappointed its hardcore audience lately



CodyRBurns said:

I agree with Atlantis1982... Although it won't appeal to EVERYONE, I wouldn't underestimate the power of the Pokemon franchise, and a Gold/Silver remake wouldn't surprise me... Although I'd rather go for a new kick@$$ Wii title!



Shiryu said:

Id love it to be F-Zero/Starfox/Pilotwings on the Wii, but I haven't been very lucky as of late...



CBattles6 said:

Definitely need a DK game...DK 64 was one of the best games for that needs a good sequel.



Wiiloveit said:

@Objection Blaster: That would be cool if you got them, but it probably won't be this big secret game.

Could it be the fabled Kid Icarus revival? F-Zero Wii? ExciteFox? Pikmin 3?
Hows about all four? Okay, we know that they're all in development (crosses fingers), but if it's not one of these games then look on the bright side - that means there's FIVE big games in development!

@tkubas1: I would buy that JUST to see Rosalina with a machine gun.



jorenmartijn said:

@rkubas1: lol. True, very true.

I personally would like Mario & Luigi 3, Pokémon G/S/C DS and ExciteFOX (note the emphasis). Maybe a Pikmin 3, too.



Artron said:

I think:

  • Luigi's Mansion Wii
  • More "New Play Control Games" and remakes... :S
  • And Pikmin 3, hell yeah!


Airola said:

New Play Control: Super Mario Bros.

"You can now play the classic Mario Brothers game with a completely new way to move Mario in his quest to save the princess! Shake your remote to make Mario run. The more you shake the faster he'll run! Time your jumps right with your Balance Board while swinging the Nunchuck to throw fire balls! All this is presented in awesome old-school 8-bit graphics you used to love!"

Jokes aside, I'd really like to hear some info about new Mario and Zelda games.



Chunky_Droid said:

@Airola: The way you describe that makes me want to play it, sadly... just to show off, lol.

Mario games tend to not have as long a development time as Zelda, also Zelda games traditionally get delayed 3 times before they hit store shelves. I'd be actually willing to bet on New Super Mario Bros. 2, or Mario Galaxy 2, as all they really need to do is different levels and features, rather than building a game from the ground up.



Kaeobais said:

I'm placing my money on Pikmin 3.
I don't think it's going to be Exite___ since ExiteBots just came out

Sin and Punishment sounds likely too.



Crazed said:

Hm...maybe my prediction for something completely new isn't as far-fetched as it sounds... ah well, as long as it's original, I'll be happy.



WolfRamHeart said:

I wish we could get a new StarTropics game! It wouldn't be the type of game retailers need to reserve shelf space for during the holidays but it would be darn cool!




Link and Solid Snake in the Paralympic games!
Metal Gear and Zelda unite as you compete as disabled versions of your favorite characters in over 7 events!!!!!
"creator of MGS4 walks into the ocean in midnight as far as he can"



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Airola: Except Nintendo is very adamant in telling use to NEVER jump on the Balance Board.

@WolfRamHeart: That would be AWESOME! True, it wouldn't take up much space on its own, but it would probably also be released alongside other games.



Modern_Legend said:

hmmm knowing nintendo, it might not even be a great hardcore game, its prolly sum dumb casual game to excite more non nintendo fans...but since that was last year it cud very well be a gud hardcore. maybe a new branch on an already existing character, like Super Mario Wars



Dokenzz said:

I want a Star Fox Wii... with voice chat, so you can do online co-op and talk to the other pilots. Theres nothing more satisfactory than making the distortion sound and sending your message over. Sigh.



Bensei said:

I'm glad about any new annoucnement from Nintendo that doesn't include "Wii" at the beginning or "party" in the title

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