Rampant Speculation: IGN Teases New 'Hardcore' Title

It's blurry, but it's apparently 'mature'

Here's one to keep you up at night:

Matt Casamassina over at IGN has teased on his blog of a new, exclusive, ground-up Wii game with a very blurry picture.

I'm not a photographic scientist or anything -- not sure the profession even exists, and if not, it should -- but at the very least, there seems to be a lot of red in that blurred-out picture. And you know what fuzzy red means, right? Yep -- teh maturez.

To me, it looks like two beasties squaring off with some kind of lightning sword.

Whatcha think?


UPDATE: Maybe this will put things into focus. How's that for kiddie?


[via blogs.ign.com]