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Punch-Out!! Tourney Now Officially Worth Competing In

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Elusive and possibly magical pink hoodie up for grabs

Remember that Punch-Out!! tournament on Saturday at the Nintendo World Store in New York? Well, things just got a little more interesting.

For the truly video game fashion-conscience, GoNintendo unearthed a tantalizing tidbit from the official WVBA Boxing Twitter feed with pictures of Lil' Mac's pink hoodie IRL. Then, two hours later, hopes were dashed for non-competitors:

Sorry folks, Mac’s pink sweatshirt isn’t for sale. Only the most skilled boxers at Saturday’s Punch-Out!! Challenge will win the threads.

Sad pandas for the rest of us, but at least it's a prize worth competing over for the diehard Punchies out there.


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Stevie said:

You would have to have mad boxing skills like lil mac to pull that look off - ie no one would dare insult you !!



Hazuki said:

haha, i just signed up a few hours ago for the tournament, i only knew the trophy and punchout prize...

this makes me have to win! I would so rock that hoodie.



Kid_A said:

Well, of course this isn't the REAL reason you compete--if you win the competition you win the game two days early. That being said, this pink hoody made me wish I lived in NYC even more! All my friends say I look just like Little Mac (mostly because of the hair, and because I'm pretty short), and that pink jumpsuit would be the icing on the cake!



TwilightV said:

The caption under the hoodies should say "Join Club Nintendo today Mac!". He really does say that in the new game. :3



Chunky_Droid said:

Man, makes me wish i lived in America, let alone NYC. Come on Nintendo of Australia, hold a similar tournament dammit!

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