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Prepare To Gnash Those Teeth: Perfect Dark May Be XBLA-bound

Posted by Damien McFerran

Leaked screenshot suggests that Rare is porting the classic N64 FPS to the 360

Website Destructoid has been sent an image from an undisclosed source that gives a pretty solid indication that former Nintendo cohort Rare is porting its beloved Nintendo 64 title Perfect Dark to Microsoft's console.

Given that Microsoft owns Rare now, this is hardly a massive shock (also, it's worth noting that both Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie are available on XBLA, and Perfect Dark's sequel was a 360 launch title) but it makes us sad to think that this N64 classic won't be gracing the Virtual Console.

Time to bust out those N64 consoles, guys.


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Bass_X0 said:

It doesn't pay to be loyal to one company's consoles these days. I had to get an X-Box 360 a few months ago just so I could play Street Fighter IV. I'd rather get a new console to be able to play it than stick with Nintendo alone and never being able to play it and because of that I was able to sample the other games that the 360 has to offer that won't ever appear on Nintendo.



naut said:

Stupid Rare! TRAITORS!!! Here's what I don't get. How is it legal to port and N64 game to XBLA. Sure the game itself might be Rare's but it's still published by Nintendo. And then, how did the DKC series not end up XBLA? Geez. Ah well. Guess Perfect Dark and the Banjo series are just a couple more carts I need for my N64.



Drake said:

I don't get anyone who says Rare are traitors, Nintendo sold them



Wiiloveit said:

Oh, for effs sake! On the bright side, maybe we could end up seeing more games from other consoles in future? I know that it's not as likely since Nintendo doesn't own a big developer like this (to my knowledge), but who knows? Crash Bandicoot, plz (even if it's only a console remake, although that's straying a bit far from this topic).



TourianTourist said:


The DKC series doesn't end up on XBLA, because the character Donkey Kong is intellectual property of Nintendo.

Well, I'm not a fan of the XBLive service and one good game on it won't change this fact. But Nintendo should have never sold Rare in the first place.



Knux said:

Why am I not surprised? But I have a Xbox 360,so I'm not upset at all. I just recently bought Banjo Kazooie,Banjo Tooie,and Indigo Prophechy and I'm enjoying these games big time. Nintendo made a BIG mistake when they sold Rare.



zane said:

Nintendo sold rare with good profit they're basically poo nowadays i don't care!



GameCube said:

I wish they would give Conker's Bad Fur Day the same treatment they gave Kazooie and Tooie and put it on XBLA. Or at least put Live and Reloaded on Xbox Originals. I don't understand why they haven't done that yet.



naut said:

They really shouldn't have sold them. (Thanks for notifying me that they're not traitors XD) Banjo, Bond, and Dark would've been awesome VC additions.



Bass_X0 said:

Rare's last few Nintendo console games weren't really worth bothering with anyway. They had completely lost the spark that they had during the N64 era. If we still had Rare, there new Wii games wouldn't have been anything worth shouting about I would imagine.



Dark_Jinjo said:

That's why it pays to have both a 360 and a Wii. All I really want though is Donkey Kong 64 on the VC.



warioswoods said:

Selling Rare was a fine decision as far as the prospect of future games, as Nintendo must have recognized the fact that Rare's glory days were behind them, and now all of the big talent has long left the company.

It is highly unfortunate, however, that selling Rare meant giving up the rights to any Rare games that didn't feature Nintendo IP. It's really a travesty that something like Banjo Kazooie is on XBLA; that game's origin is in the close relationship between Rare and Nintendo during the N64 days, and like most of Rare's games on that console, they were essentially just following Nintendo's lead in a genre but adding their own clever innovations along the way. Banjo Kazooie emerged out of Mario 64 the same way that Diddy Kong Racing emerged out of Mario Kart 64.

Rare was ingenious at distilling the best gameplay from Nintendo's latest series and then working it into something with plenty of new ideas as well. Those games are really a part of the history of the N64 and what it made possible; you can't just rip them out of that context. Unfortunately, Microsoft and the last remnants of Rare will be more than happy to do so whenever possible.

Also, the modern-day Rare really doesn't have any bragging rights over Perfect Dark after their attempted sequel proved just how little continuity in quality the company has maintained.



Dark_Jinjo said:

I feel that it is a little short-sighted to call Banjo Kazooie on XBLA a travesty. We all love the game and it is great to play it with a dual-analog setup and in high definition. While I wish it was available for all the nintendo loyalists out there who just own a Wii, it is fantastic that you can play what is essentially a perfect version of it on the 360.



Dark_Jinjo said:

Also, as many of you have stated already, the modern Rare definitely lacks the talent that made these N64 games so great.



WarioFan63 said:

NO! NO! I HATE articles like this that imply that we should be mad this isn't going on the Wii or something like that. I'm not angry because its going to XBLA, I'll happily buy it again. I'm angry that I'm being told I should be angry its going to be XBLA when its nothing to be angry about!



Damo said:

I'm not so sure that the Rare of today lacks talent; Nuts and Bolts is a lot of fun and if Viva Pinata was on the Wii, I'd guess that people would make a LOT more fuss about it. Also, the DS version was brilliant.

I think the problem is that Rare is still making Nintendo-style games on the 360, and the sad fact is that most 360 owners ignore them.



Rapadash6 said:

You all should have made peace with this a long time ago. I know I did and this news doesn't bother me in the least, especially sinse I had the forsight to keep all my Rare developed N64 cartridges. In terms of Virtual Console, specifically it's appearent neglect here in North America, I have enough to worry about the service already without thinking about games that I was smart enough to realize would never come from the beginning.



Terra said:

I did like PDZ a lot (While i also agree that it could have been fairly better), so I'm looking forward to when they release PD on the XBLA, which IMO is pretty much certain as the evidence seems to strongly favor a release for the game

When it comes to the subject of Rare when they were sold to Microsoft, I personally have mixed feelings. Not necessary to start going into them greatly but i have to say IMHO that i think it was the better option. I'm not too sour about it for 3 reasons. Firstly, it's just Video games, they're not everything to me. Secondly, i have a 360 as well so i can still play their games. Thirdly, they're just not what they used to be and, as a gamer in some ways it's disappointing, but we have to move on from back then. They're different now, accept it. I wish they could recapture that former glory but i don't see it happening. I also don't see them going further downhill either, so that's something (For me anyway).

Who knows, things may have been different if Nintendo hadn't sold them. Still, I do look forward to what they have in the works, as i still like their games generally but they're just not as good as the games back then. Really wish they'd just hurry up and actually show us something.

I would like to see some of their older works made available like they did with the Banjo games, like the Killer Instinct games, Battletoads, and more Jetpac in particular through the XBLA (realistically). I hope they could just sort out the Goldeneye situation, but I'm not holding my breath for something to happen there.

Thinking about it like that, I have to agree with you there. It's rather unfortunate that some of their works are ignored like that.

Opinions are always going to be divided on this subject. Never mind, just one of those things



Betagam7 said:

Bass X0: You are totally right. Provided you can afford it then two consoles is always the way to go. Loyalty to a multi-billion pound company is frankly daft when you are basically cutting yourself off from a great selection of games in the mistaken belief that your "loyalty" is appreciated by Nintendo.
As someone who owns both consoles I'd much rather have PD on the 360 because XBLA is genuinally interested in giving you more than just the original game, unlike Nintendo's Rom factory that often can't even be bothered to give us a decent PAL conversion.
As critical as its possible to be of Microsoft, XBLA doesn't deserve to be bashed. Not only is it great competition to keep Nintendo on their toes its to be hoped that they can aspire to make the VC more like it. Result: A better experience for all of us.
As Pixelman has said, maybe this competition will wake Nintendo up to the great games it is just sitting on and could be making money on now.



cagool said:

I think Perfect Dark will be great fit with XBLA. I'm just glad it's being re-released and there will be people enjoying its amazingly ahead-of-its-time multiplayer mode again.



Shortay said:

I won't grit my teeth; I shall look forward to finally playing this on XBLA.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Like Drake said, Nintendo sold Rare. Perfect Dark is a great game though, so it´s a pity for those who don´t have a 360. Or a N64. Congratulations to the 360 owners!



TwilightV said:

I agree with WarioFan63. Also, wasn't Rare it's own company? I don't ever recall Nintendo actually owning it...



Kirk said:

It makes sense,

I mean Rare own Perfect Dark and Microsoft own Rare.

It's just a pity we won't be seeing a remake of Goldeneye anytime soon.



Kelvin said:

Oh well, they get Perfect Dark, we get Mario Kart and (hopefully) Yoshi's Island. I think we get the better deal.



Junkface said:

Herracy! Gather your pichforks and torches, meet me in town square. We gonna burn this mother down!



yoda87960 said:

What I don't get is why Goldeneye couldn't come out. Weren't we told it was Nintendo who stopped it from being on Xbox live? If they had any say in it, couldn't they prevent this one from being released, too?



Cheesy said:


But Nintendo has disappointed (like everyone else here). I'm saving up to buy a 360. In fact, I'll sell my Wii on E-Bay and use that money.



The_Fox said:

Post 35: Rare owns the rights to Perfect Dark, and is now owned by Microsoft. Nintendo couldn't stop them if they wanted to. And Nintendo didn't really stop Goldeneye from being rereleased, it just seems to be stuck in a legal limbo due to the 007 license.



jpfan1989 said:

Only played Perfect Dark once. I didn't really care for it. Never liked Banjo Kazooie either.



AVahne said:

well its best to just bust out the old N64 or buy one and get a copy of Perfect Dark and play the way it was originally meant to play



TwilightV said:

They should release a Banjo game on the DS. It's not impossible since he made a cameo in Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise.



Supermarioman said:

I love Rare back before the 21rst century began to set in, everybody knows what I'm talking about to.....Grabbed By Ghoulies, a god awful game. The only reason I ever played it was that it was free when I booted up Progect Gotham 2. But this sucks the big one. I love Perfect Dark with a passion, but I don't want to have to buy a 360 just to play some Perfect Dark, my game cart quit a little while a go. With Banjo already on there console maybe my decsion for PS3 over 360 wasn't the best idea, I still love Metal Gear Solid, Little Big Planet, and Blue-Ray with the PS3 though.



dangermouseuk78 said:

@bass x0

I see what you say about not loyal to one company but i would by a console to play a game i like street fighter but its not worth gettin a new console..

As for Rare i cant see why people make a big deal their the same company as when they were with Nintendo shame they sold them but as i remember clearly and its the same now they only release a new game once in a blue moon. Only way they can up their output is rereleasin older games its a shame they done some classic but they have been few are far between it takes them forever to do a game.



Objection said:

Time to go to my game store and buy the 64 cartridge for $8 (used of course.) Seriously guys, if you have an N64, it's cheaper to play it on that anyway...



feba said:

Why would any Wii owner in their right mind want to play this?

Virtual console games do not get new control schemes. Just mappings. That means not only are you playing an FPS that isn't dual analog, you're playing it on an N64 control scheme mapped to a Classic Controller. There is no possible way that would be good.



BlueFlameBat said:

I have the original game, but the control sticks on my controllers are kind of worn. I'll consider buying this if it's not too much, which most-likely means I won't be buying it since it'll probably be 1200 MicroSoft points (appx $15). I don't usually pay more than $10 for old games I already own, especially when they're download-only.



JonWahlgren said:

It's worth noting that Bean, also shown in the list, is rumored to be GoldenEye but with all the Bond references pulled.



Nathan said:

If Perfect Dark is going to have multi online, it will be worth purchasing again.



brooks83 said:

I saw this coming so I'm not too dissapointed. Not that I can afford either, but I need to decide what to get to go with my Wii. Either a 360 or PS3. If Sony would pick up their pace on the PSOne classics, I would lean towards the PS3, but as it stands X360 is releasing the best classic games on XBLA.



Mario_maniac said:

Hm... even though I own a 360 myself, I dislike how Rare's bringing all these titles over to it. T'would be awesome if they brought out this and the Banjo games on BOTH the Wii and 360. = / Rare could only benefit from doing such a thing.



Esposch said:

Meh, it's not a good game anyways. Well, it WAS, but now it's just been outdone time and time again (unlike SNES games, Ocarina, Mario64 etc.)



SanderEvers said:

@Mario maniac, MS wouldn't let Rare do that. Ah well, I have an XBOX 360 and I even have Perfect Dark Zero (I also have a Wii, guys )
@feba: VC 64 games are played best with a GameCube controller.

And offcourse, Nintendo should have NEVER sold Rare to MS.



Betagam7 said:

@Dangermouse 78

You say its not worth buying a console to get one game but how many people bought a NES to get SMB, or a SNES to play SMW or SF2, or an N64 to play Mario 64.
People buy consoles for one key game all the time. They're called system sellers. That's why bundles exist.
Bass may have bought his 360 for SFIV but I doubt thats the only game he's going to enjoy on it. I bought mine for GTAIV but I knew there'd be plenty of other good games I'd be able to play at the same time. games I knew I wouldn't be able to play on Wii. It's not like the 360 doesn't have a range of good exclusives.



MegaMX4 said:

I have two opinions on this.

While I myself might own all 3 current gen systems, this is terrible news for non-360 owners and old-school Nintendo die-hards as well. Do you buy a new system, or do you suffer without?

Secondly, while Banjo's re-release on XBLA has updated its look and features (a wonderful thing IMO), it's a shame that at some point in the future I might own every N64 title released on VC except for the Rare-developed games. If I want to play Ocarina of Time, I can turn on my Wii...but when I want to play BK it necessitates a switch to the 360. Not only will my VC collection feel incomplete, it's just plain inconvenient to have to switch back and forth.

Final Thought: I think I'll stay optimistic in the long run. Rare did make a name for themselves on the N64, and demand for their games has not died since VC's inception. Both Rare and Nintendo must know by now that fans are dying to get their hands on the original 64 versions of these games....that's money in the bank for both of them. The way I see it? Rare will re-release their classics all remixed and purty-like for the 360, and when sales die down they'll look to Nintendo to broker a deal....pleasing those who wish to have the originals perfectly emulated on the Wii. It's only a matter of time.



Kelvin said:

@cr00mz, because Super Mario Kart and Yoshi's Island are superb games, while Perfect Dark is merely an okay follow-up to the much better Goldeneye. I think the Virtual Console gets the better deal there.

I loved Perfect Dark when it came out, and played it to bits, but you know what? When we finished it, we put it away and went back to Goldeneye.

The thing is, the X360 version is going to be better than any Virtual Console version because it's going to be online, and it's going to have all sorts of other bells and whistles. The original game on Virtual Console would be fun, but if I want to play it on Wii, I'll just grab one of the Timesplitters games, as they're the same under the bonnet. The real shame is we're not going to get Timesplitters 4.



City_Of_Delusion said:

Frankly, not surprising. They've been hinting at it for months, and there's nothing stopping them, since it was 100% Rare, unlike GoldenEye.

Actually I just thought of something: why didn't Nintendo complain when, say, Banjo-Kazooie was released when they blocked any chance of GoldenEye being released...



Ricardo91 said:


Joking aside, I don't mind. I have 2 friends who are willing to give me their N64s, and I'm getting a 360 soon on top of that.



Clayfrd said:

@Damo - "I'm not so sure that the Rare of today lacks talent; Nuts and Bolts is a lot of fun and if Viva Pinata was on the Wii, I'd guess that people would make a LOT more fuss about it. Also, the DS version was brilliant.

I think the problem is that Rare is still making Nintendo-style games on the 360, and the sad fact is that most 360 owners ignore them."

I agree 100%, the 360, as much as I like it, is a console that is absolutely saturated in FPS fans. Most unfortunate. Oh, and Nuts & Bolts is fantastic.

On to my own comments:
Let me make one thing clear: Microsoft owns Rare, Rare owns the intellectual properties behind BK and BT, therefore, by extension, Microsoft owns Banjo-Kazooie. Why don't people get this? I've read at least a comment or two that displayed absolute ignorance to the mere concept of ownership. So, here's my list of responses:
@MegaMX4- Nope, MS owns Rare, so that's not going to happen. Handheld releases are the exception because MS is not in that business.
@Betagam7- Well... I'm not targeting you. I agree with you. I bought the 360 for SFIV, GTAIV, and Rare products. There are lots of other games I ended up playing, though.
@TwistedVivid - Nope.
@Cheesy - They were sold.
@yoda87960- No, none of them own the rights to Bond; that's why it wasn't released.
@HARDCORE-NINTENDO-FAN - Chill on the caps. Also, it's spelled traitor. Additionally, have you tried any of their other games, or are you just too insecure... ahem... I mean grown up to play Banjo?

In closing, would it kill any of us to just get a 360? Just this one game wouldn't justify it, but there are plenty that would.



Nathan said:

@MegaMX4: If you have both consoles setup somewhere in your home, why complain about having to switch over from one to the other? Things are already very convenient in the gaming department. All I have to do is pick up my 360 controller and hold that X-logo down for a bit and voila, I have quick access to my XBLA games, which include the Banjo games. With the VC, it's just a stretch of the ol' arm to pick up the remote in my small tv cabinet to play the VC games...
I understand your point for those with only the Wii though.

But oh man... Perfect Dark online multi on the 360 will be cool. I only wish I could plug in an N64-like controller to it..



Devastator said:

There is a copy of Perfect Dark for the N64 at a pawn shop by my house. I should grab it up before its gone.




Screw 'em sideways (pardon me, won't you)....

If I got an Xbox as well, my games spending would be I'm not getting one...I'm a ninty man through and through...



Kid_A said:

Nintendo needs to buy rare back. Nintendo needs them, and Rare needs Nintendo.



Mike1 said:

Nah, Rare is simply a skeleton of it's former self. Nintendo doesn't need them. I also hate FPS games so I could care less about Perfect Dark and 007. Plus, I got the Banjo games on my N64 so I don't care if they come out either.



Chunky_Droid said:

To the people who say Nintendo made a mistake selling Rare: Tell me a game they made for Microsoft that would be worth playing had they made it in the later Gamecube stages or on the Wii.

Conker: Live and Reloaded basically sucked, it was so toned down compared to the original it lost all point.

Nintendo doesn't need to own an entire company just to release 5 games on Virtual Console.



ttplayer92 said:

Wow your two statements contradict each other. Conker Live & Reloaded would of been worth playing (to you atleast) because it would of kept the profanitaty. : Also N&B and Viva Pianta look like they were made for the Wii remote.



ttplayer92 said:

Wow your two statements contradict each other. Conker Live & Reloaded would of been worth playing (to you atleast) because it would of kept the profanitaty. : Also N&B and Viva Pianta look like they were made for the Wii remote.



PSL977 said:

I just want to clear up the reason why Rare was sold (other than money)
Rare, was 2 brothers who owned 51% and Nintendo owned 49%.
The 2 brothers (who have both left rare, hence all the posts about the talent leaving) sold the 51% stake to microsoft, this led to Nintendo selling its 49%, because they couldn't really be minority shareholders to a major competitor.



dagreenone said:

This is Awesome news! I can't wait.

Perfect Dark was one of my all time favorite games.



Kelvin said:

@PSL977, quite, and the two brothers had little to do with the Goldeneye engine (as used in Perfect Dark); those developers went on to form Free Radical and create Timesplitters, so if you want to play these games on the Wii, you can... sort of.



JimLad said:

It is painful to watch Nintendo published games, shaped by Nintendo hardware design (sticks, triggers) and in the case of Banjo Kazooie: majorly influenced by Mario 64, becoming exclusive downloads to Xbox Live. Especially this, my favourite game of all time.
Even so I am intrigued to see what it would be like online, and with dual analogue, and at a smoother framerate. If they could re-add the removed camera option as well that would be impressive.

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