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Oh, So That's The E3 Dead Space: Extraction Demo

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

First level walkthrough, release dates and control scheme revealed.

We've heard details about "guided first-person experience" Dead Space: Extraction, but so far not all that much in the way of actual gameplay footage outside of the game's teaser trailer a while back. Lucky day then, because a video walkthrough of the E3 demo has hit the intarnets, along with the game's control scheme and release dates for North America and Europe.

The demo lasts about 18 minutes and reveals a few game mechanics, like an active reload system that seems to be vital to master if you want to keep your digits attached. The HUD is sparse but doesn't seem too complicated, and the new weapon, the Arc Welder, shows off it's electric glory. While it's only the first level, there's a definite Umbrella Chronicles-in-space vibe going on, instead of more traditional lightgun fare like House of the Dead: Overkill. If that's your cup of tea, you'll certainly dig this one.

Extraction will be released nigh-simultaneously in North America and Europe, on Sept. 29 and Oct. 2 respectively. Telekinetically click your way over to IGN for the full demo, and check out the game's control scheme below, courtesy of LiveGen via GoNintendo:



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SwerdMurd said:

second the "i cant wait to buy this!" my rail shooters, and love capcom making them



Hardy83 said:

Fifth! Maybe. lol I dunno. I was dissapointed with House of the Dead Overkill, but this looks like it'll have a story that wasn't written by a horny teenager.



Smoke39 said:

I d'know, this game looks even slower than UC. Like playing Metroid Prime with the exploration replaced with rails. :/



Clint_Eastwood said:

Gotta agree with you, Smoke, this is just too slow. The completely wrong approach for a light-gun game, if you ask me (or Sega =)).



calculon said:

Sixth through ninety-ninth! I love Umbrella Chronicles and this looks infinitely more polished. Will also be getting Darkside Chronicles when it arrives.

Agree with Hardy83 about Overkill too except I wouldn't consider the script writer to be any older than 11.



SwerdMurd said:

@Panda: !? Wow didn't realize that...thank for the info, my desire-meter just dropped a few notches...probably still gonna get it...just haven't had great success with non-Capcom light gun games...I'm looking at you Target: Terror. I wish I didn't have to look at you, or even know you, but I'm looking at you.



Sean_Aaron said:

This looks like it's going to be excellent and not simply an arcade lightgun game. I especially like that you'll see the story unfold with places of story exposition rather than just moving non-stop from room to room.

Very nice, very novel and hopefully something we'll see more of.



Jockolantern said:

Haven't cared for this game since they decided to put it on rails. Just not my cup o' tea, if you will. I may give it a rent just to play a co-op run with a friend but I can't say as I'm particularly thrilled about the rail shooter decision. A free-exploring game would've been a much smarter and decidedly more scary choice.

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