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Nintendo To Stop Taking Brawl User Content

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

No new stuff after June 30.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl, a game absolutely packed with content, is about to lose a nice little feature soon.

Over at the official Brawl site, this nugget has appeared:

As of June 30th, 2009, the current service that accepts user-generated snapshots, stage designs, and replay data will no longer be available. Please note, however, that we will continue to distribute such data after that date.

It's unfortunate to see this part get cut, but at least we've all got a month to finalize our masterpieces. Better get those compromising Mario/Sonic snapshots in sooner rather than later, folks!


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Twilight_Crow said:

Who cares?, It wasn't such a great feature anyway, and I can't even play the game on my wii now, nor on my best friend's wii, nor on his girlfriend's wii, seriously that Dual-layer game knows how to break a first edition wii.



Ricardo91 said:

I was wondering why I stopped getting levels and photos when I went on Brawl's online a few days ago. I don't care really though. It was cool seeing people's levels and insane videos, but you couldn't save any of them, and they were gone after a day...



AVahne said:

ugh damn,i never really used it that much but it was a nice little feature,they better somehow make the servers a lot better in compensation for this thing



Terra said:

Oh well, never really used the sharing features. Doesn't matter much to me.



koopa85 said:

Huh. SSBB is so packed with content that I didn't even realise this feature was in the game. I couldn't give a fig that they are taking it away. Those of you who are whining about Nintendo taking away this service need to read the community rules, says Prosody



TourianTourist said:

Well, you can still download custom content to your SD card. If you're looking for stages and that stuff go for example to



Objection said:

I'm surprised that so many people are indifferent or oblivious to this feature. You even play the game? Anyway, it's not a huge deal but I don't see why they need to cut it. The game's only a year and some months old.



Big_A2 said:

I knew it had to happen sometime, they couldn't do this forever, but why so soon?



Adam said:

I can definitely live without these features, especially since they'll still be updating it with already submitted content. The only thing I still check on rare occasion is the daily stage, and usually I don't like it anyway. It's hard to make a fun level. The best stages are the simple ones, but those look boring when user-created due to the lack of theme.



wanderlustwarrior said:

@koopa85: nobody's whining.

This was a pretty quick removal of the service. Maybe it would've lasted longer if they didn't highlight stages/photos that suck, or maybe if they showed epic fights in the replays. target test and home-run were old news. I hope the online servers are somewhat better, otherwise i don't see the point.



JohnshiBRPG said:

Randomly selected content by the big boy? I do not think it is such a good idea, and thank goodness we have our own fan-dedicated sites with download-able stages.



Twilight_Crow said:

Thanks for the advice, but right now here in Mexico that service is expensive, I had problems with Brawl since I got my pre-ordered copy of the game, so I send my Wii immediately after I heard about a "temporary wii's free service for people having trouble with Brawl", it returned working perfectly, but now after several months, mine is having problems again, and my friend's Wiis just started to have them, currently the only game my wii can't read is Brawl; as it seems the maintenance will be needed periodically, so we all were gonna wait, but, sadly, my best friend's Wii suddenly stop reading any games; he'll get it repaired, as soon as he gets some money.



Bensei said:

Come on, it was available for just a year (seeing it from Europe's side)!

But I have to admit that it wasn't the best feature...



Mario_maniac said:

It's a shame they're cutting this feature, but I never used it anyway... so I don't really have the right to complain. Still, I don't see why they've cut it this soon.



Starwolf_UK said:

The worst thing when you think about it is South Korea never legitimately (in the eyes of Nintendo^1) got the chance to submit anything since the game isn't out there yet (its not clear if/when they'll get it the release schedule is that wonkey over there I mean they just got Mario Kart Wii and are about to get Wario Ware Smooth Moves)

^1-Imports and pirated copies are easily available there if you know where to look (well, pirated copies are easier to find...)



Wiiloveit said:

I used to love sending in my stuff with the hope that one day others would recieve my goodies... however I stopped recieving new things months ago, so I haven't seen the need to play every day like I used to do. Hmm... I suppose I'll try and get back into the habit for these final 31 days... although at least we'll apparantly still recieve new stuff afterwards!



Ark said:

Er? The Dojo announcement made it sound like
A) It's going down for only one day
B) They'll be fixing the service/expanding it in someway
Please note, however, that we will continue to distribute such data after that date.
Are they really shutting it down..?



Pikamander2 said:

The stages were always boring, and the snapshots were never anything special. It's not really that big of a loss.



Rally said:

I have Brawl, but i dont havez intrantez.




Ian_Daemon said:

Honestly, that feature wasn't much of a big deal. I play Brawl online all the time, but I won't miss the watered-down "Nintendo approved" user stuff...

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