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Nintendo Has No European ExciteBots Plans

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

For now, at least, the racer's release is up in the air.

Well, this is disappointing for impatient European fans of arcade racing and shenanigans.

German game site Videogames Zone has received word from Nintendo that they have no plans for an Excitebots: Trick Racing release on the continent.

While this doesn't sound very promising, keep in mind that just because there're no plans for a release yet doesn't mean it will never happen. Still, it's discouraging, and since the game didn't do very well in it's first week on sale (which in Wii-ville doesn't necessarily mean flop) in the US, Nintendo just may not see it being worth the cost to bring it over.

Since the Web site is in German, I had to Google Translate it. The results? Well, I've pasted them below to remind us humans that we aren't obsolete yet, and to have something funny to think about when the machines eventually do take us over.

Excitebots: Trick Racing: So far, no Europe release of the Wii-Racers planned

How Nintendo is now confirmed that there are no plans yet, the funny Wii racing game Exxcitebots: Trick Racing in Europe to publish.

Fans of the super-groomed tree sacrilege must now tremble: The successor to the Wii Excite Truck Hits gra could possibly not only for us on the shelves up. Nintendo bestäigte us that the racer yet has no date and a release in Germany on the dump is. Because sometimes appears a brilliant game for high score for the hunter Schüttelkonsole and then sowas! Fingers crossed - maybe it is still something! Whoever the genius predecessor has not yet, may be different from the quality of the Wii-pearl convince and Excite Truck for the sensational price of 11.40 euros at bestellen. We are certified by the U.S. version of the way, an equally outstanding playability. Which allowed you to our great pictures stretch convincing. Please, Nintendo, have a heart with your German fans!


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Hardy83 said:

This sounds about as stupid as NA not getting Disaster Day of Crisis.



Stuffgamer1 said:

"Fans of the super-groomed tree sacrilege must now tremble"


Seriously, though, this sucks, but isn't entirely surprising given the low sales of the game thus far. I agree with the article saying that the game isn't necessarily a flop just yet (I remember how poorly Professor Layton sold at launch, only to get popular a month later and stay that way for over a year!), so there may still be hope for ExciteBots in Europe.



Corbs said:

This title's apparent lack of sales success staggers me. And now the possibility of it not being released in Europe is even worse. This one gets my big WTF award for 2009.



Objection said:

"Fans of the super-groomed tree sacrilege" is one of those quotes that goes down in history. BTW, we'll trade you Excitebots for Disaster? Awesome, it's a deal. See, this is why the Wii needs to be region-free like its portable cousin/



SmaMan said:

Owch! Now this is a title I would suggest getting a region free booter for if it doesn't get to EU.



Stevie said:


Interested in this i had just got, untill Nintendo super-groomed a tree. Now Iwata must tremble and prepare for the hunter Schüttelkonsole and then sowas! Pretty it will not be!!

Exitetruck i will buy for das sensational price of 11.40 euros



Toddr said:

"I feel for you guys once again...."

I don't. They still have Swords and Soldiers.



Alfred_ENG said:

Thank you Nintendo. I am now going to buy a Sony PS3. Dam you!. Burn in hell. You “suck” as the yanks would say.

p.s PS3 is region free for games.



Metroid133 said:

D: This sucks! I have the game and it is one of the better games I've played as of recently. No one should be deprived of a chance to play this game.



zane said:

If all people could stop stealing maybe both europe and america will get their games.... Bloody pirates. Walk the plank...



Jack_Package said:

I'm gonna read that as a stock "no date set, so can't confirm release" comment from Nintendos press office, and keep my fingers crossed...



StarDust4Ever said:

Wow, that is one impressive piece of Engrish What'd you use, Google translator???

My condolences to my friends across the pond, whom have to wait like nine months for smash bros brawl, although we did wait two months for Mario Kart Still though, when brawl came out in North America, there were "no plans" either for Europe, so that might offer a little bit of encouragement for you guys...



ToneDeath said:

"Fans of the super-groomed tree sacrilege must now tremble"
Sounds like a quote from a Zero Wing/Yoshi's Story hybrid.

Maybe it's sold poorly because it just came out of nowhere, and to most non-Nintendo fans or new gamers it probably doesn't look very appealing.

Punch-Out!! should do well because it has an excellent advertising campaign for a 'lesser' Nintendo brand game (ie not Mario or Zelda), along with the nostalgia driven hype and good reviews. It won't match Wii Fit, Brain Training, Mario Kart or even Smash Bros. in sales, but I'd be surprised if it 'flops.'
Most loyal Nintendo fans (like those who had the N64 & 'Cube) would buy ExciteBots, but perhaps Nintendo feel that's not enough to justify bringing over something they can't sell to their 'new' audience.



MrPanic said:

Burn in hell Nintendo. :S

If this game doesn't release this year in eu, I'm gonna bomb their hq.



Chatham said:

Until US get Disaster Day of Crisis, you guys don't get this... Lol. A hostage situation...



Wesbert said:

Actually, the horrible Engrish is partially due to the fact that the original site uses horrible German, replete with typos and made-up words.

EDIT: I have attempted a liberal, not literal translation:

"Excitebots: Trick Racing: So far no European release planned for the Wii-racer

Nintendo confirmed that it had no plans so far to publish the fun Wii-racer in Europe.

Fans of big-time carefree tree-crashing [It’s the closest I could get to this accumulation of nonsensical words] beware: The successor to the Wii-hit Excite Truck might never make it onto our shelves. Nintendo confirmed to us that the Racer has no release date as of yet and a release in Germany is still uncertain. Finally they make a brilliant high-score-hunting game for the waggleconsole, and then this! Keep your fingers crossed – perhaps things might yet change! Whoever doesn’t own the brilliant predecessor yet can experience the quality of this Wii-gem for himself and buy Excite Truck for the sensational price of 11,40 Euro at We can guarantee that the US-Version [I take it they mean Excitebots] delivers a game experience just as extraordinary. As you may see for yourself in our great slide-show. Please, Nintendo, show your german fans some love!"

Sorry for the bad quality, but I have a heaqache (specially after trying to translate or even understand the meaning of the term "gepflegter Super-Baumfrevel").



Big_A2 said:

I'm more concerned about Punch Out!!'s Australian release. It's been reated by the OFLC but... no release date?



RGVEDA said:

LOL Great Translation I demand a german Newsman for this site These Google Translations aren´t very good lool



Esposch said:

@ Everyone in PAL regions who actually cares: GeckoOS, HBC + Bannerbomb = region free (99% compatibility).

But seriously, my reaction was a big fat meh.



opeter said:

Actually I'm quite happy, the here in the EU we got MadWorld. Now we only need Conduit and Red Steel 2 and I will be happy. BTW: the transtlation is fabulous



Starwolf_UK said:

About the game not released in Europe. Two titles America got which Euopre didn't:
Mario Super Sluggers - This sold basically a million in North America. My guess as to why Europe didn't get it is Namco being responsible for development and their stance seems to be to hate Europe. I'd imagine someone would say something like "It is impossible for Europeans to understand base...ball?"
Chibi Robo Park Patorl - This sold very few units due to that stupid Wal Mart exclusive idea...

Conclusion: Maybe NOE do look at poor sales performances. Doesn't explain Disaster Day of Crisis though (I guess they released it too soon after Japan so couldn't see the fact it sold the best part of 80 copies...). Maybe other companies in NOE collabarations are able to prevent Nintendo from publishing titles. Excitebots is a collaberation with Monster games...

Still I wouldn't lose hope now. Most likely what happened is the random German site asked the Nintendo rep and the Nintendo rep was "I have no information on this subject" which seems to be how it goes with NOE. I'm hoping in a few months time we look at a release schedule and it'll be sitting there.

Remember how overblown these things can get. "Super Smash Bros Brawl in September anyone?"



Sean_Aaron said:

I cannot see this not getting a release in Europe. If a game doesn't sell well (see Let's Tap! in Japan, which I was sure would never get a global release), it seems some publishers look to selling it abroad to try to recoupe the money now. If the publisher is big enough, why not? I cannot imagine much would go into localising outside of manuals and inserts -- at the very least they could bring it out in the UK unchanged.

Given the state of the schedule for other disc releases and downloads I cannot say my wallet will be sad to have to wait a bit longer for this game!



Mayhem said:

It is a bit strange as to why not, how did Excite Trucks do in Europe? Actually I could have posted this news last week as a mate of mine contacted Nintendo personally and got the same reply, much to his amazement (both in getting a reply and finding no release for it here). Thankfully he's enjoying a US import copy at the moment. I liked Excite Trucks and have been considering picking this up (have a US Wii here), so maybe if it's about when I visit the US in July...



Starwolf_UK said:

It is a bit strange as to why not, how did Excite Trucks do in Europe?
Quickly looking through the chart-track archives. It was in the Wii charts for a good 5 or 6 months from the looks of things. It debuted at number 3 and rose to number 1. As for all formats. It charted at 36th before rising to 21st.

I guess you could say it was a slow, steady selling title but lacking in legs when compared to say, Wario Ware Smooth Moves. I hope Excitebots turns out to be slow and steadily selling too...



David77 said:

It's sad for them. That's an amazing arcade racing game. And there no game like it on the market. My favorite Wii game.



Sean_Aaron said:

@SmaMan: If you've got the HBC installed you don't need BannerBomb, just download GeckoOS (currently 1.9.1) and stick it on an SD to launch it then pop in the disc.

The only caveat is that I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo deletes it in a future update after they're satisfied they've locked down the ability to easily install it; now that BannerBomb has been released, it's possible they'll try to tackle that next so there could be a reprieve for another couple of updates.



Kojak said:

I want this game since i saw the videos!
Its really hard to be a nintendo-fan these days!

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